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Re: Heavenly Father has a _____ and Heavenly Mother has a __

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:38 am
by Shulem
Amore wrote:Hi SPG! Good to see a post from you! Hope to hear more from you. I hope you’re doing well, my friend.

Hi Shulem, I hope you’re doing well too. You have a good heart, my friend. :)

I'm doing well, and thank you all for your comments!


Re: Heavenly Father has a _____ and Heavenly Mother has a __

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 12:40 pm
by cwald
Shulem, they need your help over on MAD.

Cal Boy wrote: I would like to address this whole issuee of procreaton and being gay. It often comes up in these discussions and some seem to use it as proof that being gay goes against the Plan of Salvation because the whole purpose of the Plan of Salvation evidently is to reproduce. When it has been pointed out that many couples can't rreproduce, the retort is that it will change and they will be able to reproduce in the next life. Yet no one can actually explain exactly how spirit children are created. Only assumptions that it happens like on earth. Yet does 9 months pregnancies sound like the way billions of spirits are created? So we logically know that procreation of spirit children is different in the next life.

Just what does the church command a gay person to do? Live a celibate life. Now just think about that for a minute. The very nature of the solution the church offers is one that is ALSO sterile. How does living a celibate life allow a person to procreate in this life any more than being married to someone of the same sex? As far as I know, no human has ever been able to create offspring on their own.

Now, you might retort that in the next life they will have the opportunity to marry and all will be made whole. Just who will this gay person marry in the next life that will make everything whole if they have no desire to marry someone of the opposite sex? The only conclusion you can make up is that somehow they will no longer be gay. Will someone have to repent for being gay while on earth when they are now no loger gay? Just how does that happen?

The only real choice is to trust God. Allow Him to be fair in how He judges someone who is gay and allow His plan for those that are gay to unfold in the next life no matter what that plan is. Because it certainly is not clear to anyone including leaders of the church just what that plan is and how spirit children are created in the next life. This is not a hard decision for me. I TRUST GOD. And I trust that He will work all this out in the next life.

Storm rider wrote: This is one of the more stupid proposals used when talking about gay couples and heterosexual couples. The infantile logic being used is laughable. A heterosexual couple that is sterile indicates their sexual organs are not functioning for the purpose of creation. Now, read this slowly so that it understandable. A gay couple has no ability to reproduce; their sexual organs are at odds, they are in conflict with one another and in no circumstance can they reproduce. They are sterile, not because of a dysfunction due to age or other issues, but because the procreative act is beyond the capability of chosen use.

bluebell wrote: I don’t know, and I don’t see that the answers really matter. Our doctrine is that only a man and woman who are sealed in the Celestial kingdom can have eternal increase.

If that’s true it’s irrelevant whether or not we can explain how or why. ... o/page/12/

Re: Heavenly Father has a _____ and Heavenly Mother has a __

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 1:02 pm
by Shulem
cwald wrote:Shulem, they need your help over on MAD.

Those ____ at MORMON dialogue & discussion are welcome to come over here on this free speech board and discuss this matter to their heart's content. Let those pussy lickers come over here and tell me all about Heavenly Father's genitals.

Those ____ self-righteous brainwashed cowards. ____ them! Go tell them to kiss my ____ ass. Better yet, tell them to kiss Heavenly Father's white ass, assuming of course, it's white and delightsome.

While you're over there ask those guys if any of them anticipate having a larger penis then Jesus's. Who dare have a larger one then the Firstborn? Who?

I think that's a very good question, quite valid.


Re: Heavenly Father has a _____ and Heavenly Mother has a __

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 5:04 pm
by Shulem
We just indulged in oral sex in the back room.


It felt so good!

Re: Heavenly Father has a _____ and Heavenly Mother has a __

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 5:09 pm
by Shulem
I received a revelation. My penis is longer than Heavenly Father's and fatter than Jesus Christ's.

How do you compare? Get your own revelation.


President NelSatan is proud of his penis size.


Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:48 pm
by Shulem
Behold Elohimette, your Heavenly Mother.

____ me, Elohim!


Slut Mother in Heaven has been ____ by a billion gods