Louis Midgley Threatens to "Pay a Visit" to Gina Colvin

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Re: Louis Midgley Threatens to "Pay a Visit" to Gina Colvin

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Welp. Yet another object lesson why Dr. Colvin was wise to avoid direct contact with Louis “gadfly” Midgley. Midge states something about someone here:

“Jack Welch, who was often stealing my book, told me that he and his wife had flown Margaret Barker from London to Paris, and then had her tour the new Temple in Paris. I don't think it wise for me to be the one who mentions what she told those who escorted her through that Temple. But I can say that she loved it.”

only to turn around and contradict himself moments later:

“Since it appears that Margaret Barker has been gabbing in public, I am now inclined to report what Jack Welch told me that she said to him and others who had escorted her though the entire temple and explained it in considerable detail. She said that "everything in this building is ancient, except the light bulbs."“

I’m utterly shocked, SHOCKED I TELLS YA, that the Lounatic can’t control his urge to gab.

- Doc

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