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Preach My Exclusions

Post by reflexzero »

Looks like the missionaries are the ones who will be the front line on the Nov 2015 exclusion revelation now that it is in Preach my Gospel.
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Re: Preach My Exclusions

Post by Kishkumen »

Flash forward to June of this year when the LDS Church included the November Policy in its most recent version of Preach My Gospel. This is a guide distributed to every Mormon missionary, nearly 70,000 worldwide.

Jenkins, who served a mission to Madagascar, describes Preach My Gospel as “everything a missionary needs to know to teach someone and baptize them into the LDS Church.”

So sad. So unnecessary. So un-Christian.

Amen to their priesthood.
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Re: Preach My Exclusions

Post by Meadowchik »

Ten bucks this is gonna be even more divisive.

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Re: Preach My Exclusions

Post by Shulem »

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



Oh yeah, baby.


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