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 Post subject: It Works! (so well, you sacrificed your integrity for it)
PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:09 am 
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Here is the link to the It Works! website:

It's an MLM that sells oh, nutrition supplements is the best way I can describe it, and these things called "wraps" that are supposed to flatten the tummy. The wraps do work. They're infused with a bunch of crap ingredients such as green tea, that leech the water out of your body so they temporarily reduce the size of your tummy. :rolleyes:

They also sell things such as "Greens to Go" which is supposed to be all your veggies in one serving of this powder stuff, I assume you toss it in your water bottle so your lazy butt doesn't have to actually shop for and cut up actual veggies and you drink your nutrition.

The company appeals to (guess who?) stay at home mom's trying to make a buck from home on their phone, who are deluded into thinking they're business owners :rolleyes: when really what they are (like every other MLM) is a recruiter for more reps and that's how they make any money at it because once they recruit you they get a profit from the ____ you sell ...if indeed they make any money at all.

So...why do I care? I've been following one person on Facebook who is someone I knew as a child, a Christian girl, okay? I somehow caught sight of her Facebook one day when she was starting her "business". :rolleyes: So, I kept watching to see how it's done. Mainly, because I had been watching others selling Rodan+Fields, Thrive, and whatever the heck else, so I wanted to make comparisons.

She started with a video announcing the launch of her business. :rolleyes: In it, she admits that she hadn't researched the company but was taking the plunge. Oh. my. gosh. It took me like 10 seconds to research the company and also found out you can buy the products on Amazon so if you even wanted the products why in the world would you buy from her if you could Prime them to your house?

More on this later, I digress.

As I've been watching her, a couple of things stood out, which snowballed into me writing this post.

1. The premise is that you can sell from home, become financially free (my butt), pay off your mortgage, pay for your groceries, get those pesky hospital bills out of your hair, maybe buy a new car or whatever, and do it while staying home with your children and never miss a minute of their growth and all your time is quality time! Yay!

Keep reading.

2. She has this one video up where she's hawking her wares from the kitchen and in the middle of it, you can hear her 2 year old calling her repeatedly, whereupon, she turns from the camera and with the fakest smile ever says "Just a minute, sweetie!" So much for spending quality time with your children because Mommy is too busy making a video of her selling her soul in front of god and everybody, so you'll have to wait until she's done so she can pay off the mortgage. :lol:

3. She had a post up last week where she was touting the benefits of selling the product and boy, what a great start up deal I have for you! And when she apparently had no authentic takers (probably because she exhausted her Friends List already and is too dumb to notice), she follows up with this GUILT post about how I bet if I were part of a business (in the real world or something) and told you that you could have this, that and the other thing, you'd jump on it, but when I tell you about this (____ program wherein her only goal is to increase her upline, or downline, or whatever it's called and basically be your pimp and turn you into a pimp yourself that sells out her friendships and her soul at the same time, because what comes around goes around in the MLM world) say nothing. That's right, she had a combination guilt trip and tantrum right on Facebook. Not joking.

4. But...this is what gets to me most. So, she puts up a zillion of these things...I have a great deal on this product, I have a great deal on a start up for you! And one by one, what look like Facebook friends chime in and say things like "Send me the info!" and "I want in!" and ____ like that, right? Only when you click into their Facebook you can see that they're already It Works (!) reps! And not only that, she does it on their Facebook pages too. It's not like they're just saying "Great products!" it's that they are POSING as interested potential customers and/or representatives!

I ask you, how DISHONEST is that? Little liars!

So yeah, this woman, who was a good little Christian girl is faking her way through a sales program that she admitted upfront that she never investigated (keep reading), showing pics of her sitting there with her kids modeling drinking a cup full of green ____ instead of modeling eating actual food in front of them, serving them pizza while she drinks her cup of green ____, basically tells them to shut up while she's filming a video from her kitchen to pay off the mortgage, and she's POSING her butt off like she's an interested customer when she's already a seller...and when the other reps do it on her Facebook she's right there telling them "I'll direct message you!".

You fake ass airhead with no integrity! (Sorry, I broke the 4th wall there for a second).

Anyway, all she had to do was investigate the company and she would have figured out that she's selling quick fixes to overweight women who aren't able to or are too lazy to work out, who have no idea how to eat a normal diet, who are too lazy to cut up a plate full of veggies, and want to drink green ____ in front of their children instead of modeling healthy eating habits and exercise, putting a "wrap" around their tummy for results that last a couple of hours so they can feel better about themselves, that the concept of doing this from home and having all the time in the world with her children means that she'll be shoving her kids into another room to make a video, basically telling them to shut it with a fake ass smile on her face while they destroy the family room, leveraging her friendships (until her friends figure this crap out and get outta Dodge), outright posing as something she is not and playing the game with others who are posing as something they are not to give the illusion that people give a crap about the products so YOU will give a crap about the products, and while she's doing it, her boss (no, dear, you are not the boss) and his wife are sitting on their own island (I kid you not, it's right here: ... 556bdc504a) while she is sitting there telling folks this stuff will lead to financial freedom while get this, she's not paying a DIME to pay off a mortgage because she's married to a member of the US Armed Forces (an officer no less) and they live in flipping base housing which means they also have commissary privileges, free medical, and so why the hell does she need to sell anything to start with? Huh?

What. a. deal, Miss college-educated-Christian-girl-who-is-faking-her-way-through-her-SECOND-MLM- that sells wellness products and is lying-through-her-teeth-to-do -it-for-what-reason-nobody-knows.

Don't get me started on YoungLiving products--stuff you diffuse into the air that cures everything and I'm pretty sure you can eat it, too. So if your kid breaks his arm, you can dab a few drops on it and he'll be fine, forget the x-rays, the cast and that annoying copay. I'm following someone who is selling that, just so you know, and man is there every a story behind that one!

Okay, I feel better now.

Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.
Chinese Proverb

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