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 Post subject: Council of 50 Minutes
PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:58 pm 
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March 10, 1844 (First Date of Minutes)
Record of the Council of Fifty or Kingdom of God—1844—

This Council was organized on the strength of the contents of two letters from the brethren in the Pine Country which president Joseph Smith received by the hands of George Miller and Alexander Badlam on Sunday the 10th. day of March A. D. 1844. The letters read as follows:—

Black River Falls.

February 15th. 1844

To the First Presidency and the quorum of the Twelve of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Dear Brethren, Through the goodness and mercy of God the Eternal Father, and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are permitted to write and send by a special messenger, a concise [p. [1]] account of our lumbering opperations, together with the apparent prospects of the introduction & spread of the Gospel among the Chippewa & Menomanee [Menominee] Indians, and also the projects of our hearts in regard to future opperations in spreading the Gospel South in all the extent of America and the consequences growing out of the same, all of which we beg leave to submit to your consideration, that we may have your concurrence or such views as shall be in accordance with the mind & will of the Lord and govern ourselves in accordance thereto.

Since we have been here lumbering we have had many difficulties to encounter, but the main hindrance to our successful operations was the feeding, clothing and transporting a great many lazy, idle men, who have not pro[p. [2]]duced any thing by their pretended labor, and thus eating up all that the dilligent and honest could produce by their unceasing application to labor, & we have not yet got entirely clear of such like persons. But under all these mighty clogs and hindrances we have been able to accomplish and have in progress, so that we can deliver in Nauvoo about one Million feet of Lumber by the last of July next, which will be a great deal more than what is necessary to build the Temple and Nauvoo House, besides all this we have made valuable improvements here, all the result of much labor done under trying circumstances.
We have recently ascertained that the land from the falls of Black River to its sources is the property of the Menomanee Indians, and the Genl. government having urged [p. [3]] them to move off of the lands in the vicinity of Green Bay onto their own lands. The Indians say they will, provided the Government will remove all strange Indians and tresspassing white men off of their lands—consequently the Agent and Superintendant of Indian affairs are taking such steps as will stop all further tresspassing on the Indian lands, on the Wisconsin, Black and Chippewa Rivers under the penalties of the laws relative to the case.

We sent Brs Miller and [Cyrus] Daniels in company with the principal Chief of the Menomonee Indians over land to the Wisconsin River, to ascertain more about the matter. They saw the Agent, found him a gruff austere man determined to stop all [p. [4]] tresspassing on Indian land. The Indians are willing to sell privileges to individuals for lumbering & cutting timber as they have hitherto done, but the agent is opposed to it. Thus a difficulty arises between themselves. Now as regards the introduction of the Gospel of Christ among the Indians here it will require more exertion to all appearances to check the enthusiastic ardor of these our red brethren untill the full principles of faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ shall be reasoned into their minds, than to urge them on to receive it—They have great confidence in us— The country belonging to these Northern Indians is a dreary cold region, and to a great extent, Cranberry Marshes, pine barrens, and Swamps with a small amount of good land, scarce of game, [p. [5]] and only valuable in Mill privileges, and facilities for lumbering purposes. As to minneral resources they have not been fully developed. There is no doubt as to the abundance of Iron ore, but uncertain as to quality. Now under all of these circumstances, a few of us here have 〈arrived〉 at this conclusion in our minds, (such as can undergo all things,) that as the Gospel has not been fully opened in all the South and South Western States, as also Texas, Mexico, Brazil &c, together with the West India Islands—Having produced lumber enough to build the Temple & Nauvoo House—also having an influence over the Indians so as to induce them to sell their lands to the United States, and go to a climate south west more congenial (all according to the policy of the [p. [6]] U. S. Government) and having also become convinced that the Church at Nauvoo are or in the Eastern States will not build the Nauvoo House according to the commandment, neither the Temple in a reasonable time. and that we have so far as we have made trials got means in the South, we have it in our minds to go to the table lands of Texas to a point we may find to be the most eligible, there locate, and let it be a place of gathering for all the South (they being incumbered with that unfortunate race of beings the negroes) and for us to employ our time and talents in gathering together means to build according to the commandments of our God, and spread the Gospel to the nations according to the will of our heavenly father. We therefore our beloved brethren [p. [7]] send our worthy brother Young, with a few of our thoughts on paper, that you may take the subject matter under consideration and return us such instructions as may be according to the mind and will of the Lord our God. We have thought it best to sell the mills here if you may think it expedient. We feel greatly encouraged to spend and be spent in the cause of Christ according to the will of our heavenly Father.

You will therefore after due deliberation send us by the hands of brother [John] Young such instructions as may be the result of your deliberations. Holding ourselves ready under all circumstances in life to try to do all things whatsoever commanded or instructed to do by those [p. [8]] ordained to direct the officers of the church of Jesus Christ. Subscribing ourselves yours truly while life shall endure.

Select Committee to write expression of the views of the branch of the Church at Black River Falls.

Lyman Wyght George Miller Phineas R. Bird Pierce Hawley John Young

Joseph Smith P. C. [president of the church] Brigham Young P. T. [president of the Twelve] Willard Richards Clk. [clerk]

Black River Falls Wisconsin Territory Febry 15th. 1844

To Joseph Smith President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and to the Twelve Apostles, Greeting [p. [9]] Believing a concert of action in all things in this Church to be highly important, we deem it necessary under existing circumstances to make you acquainted with our views and feelings, temporal and spiritual prospects as they now exist. We wrote you last fall a full and complete description of this country as high as the falls on Black River without
exageration giving a slight description of the Pinery.45 With the exception of several renegadoes and false brethren,46 things passed smoothly on untill some time in the month of January when we were visited by three different tribes of Lamanites upon the most friendly terms, receiving us as their councillors both temporal and spiritual. The [p. [10]] names of those tribes Menomonees, Chippewa and Winnebagoes, they informed us that all the land above the falls belongs to the Menomonee tribe, and that the Agents & the Governor, the general Agent in the North West of all the Indian affairs, had agreed with them to remove all the lumbermen from Black River, Chippewa and Lemanware [Lemonware] rivers by their request, but after a lengthy conversation with them they felt to treat us as their friends and not their enemies—
We dispatched two messengers (namely) George Miller and Cyrus Daniels to go immediately to Wisconsin, where they met with the Agent, who give them to understand we could get the timber which is already cut at a [p. [11]] reasonable rate, and for any future prospect, we will be under the necessity of entering into a contract. We calculate the present prospect for lumber betwixt this and the last of July next, will be from 8 to 12 hundred thousand feet, which we deem will be all sufficient to finish the two houses, which will accomplish the mission on which we started to this country.

We therefore as a branch and a member of the body of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints chose the following committee (namely) Lyman Wight, George Miller, Pierce Hawley, Phineas Bird and John Young to correspond with your Revr. council, [p. [12]] giving you our views concerning matters and things and requesting your council on the same— This committee views it inexpedient is to purchase standing timber on so rapid and unnavigable a stream for the purposes of making lumber to gain wealth. The Lamanites owning this land, notwithstanding their great anxiety to receive the Gospel and the book of Mormon have a strong desire, if councilled by us so to do, to go South West where game is more plenty as their only resource here for a living, is the pittiful annuities and proceeds from their pine timber, which timber is the only inducement to the [p. [13]] Government to purchase their lands. This committee is therefore led to take a brief view of the South and Western part of North America, together with the Floridas, Texas, West India Islands and the adjacent Islands to the Gulf of Mexico, together with the Lamanites bordering on the United Territories from Green Bay to the Mexican Gulf, all crying with one voice through the medium of their cheifs. give us an understanding of your doctrine and principles for we perceive that your ways are equal and your righteousness far exceeds the righteousness of all the Missionaries that we have yet become acquainted with, that your conduct with one another is like that of ours [p. [14]] and that all your feasts and attendant ceremonies are precisely like ours.

Your servants the Committee have viewed the Colarado River with all its beautiful hills and vallies and fertile soil with deep regret when viewing the countless thousands of inhabitants on either side thereof, without the knowledge of God or the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and say in their hearts, would it be expedient to form a mission of those true and full blooded Ephraimites who from principle and love of the truth have born the most extreme burdens, fatigue and hunger to prosecute the mission to [p. [15]] procure lumber sufficient to build the two houses, to open the door to all the regions which we have named, which regions have never yet had an opportunity to hear the gospel, and to be made acquainted with the plan of salvation; or shall they continue to suffer the fatigues of hunger, wet and cold in a rigid inclement climate for the pittiful sum that it shall avail them after undergoing those hazardous perils. Or shall they, like Timothy and Titus, with Paul, hazzard the perils of sea and land through the Southern States and West India Islands and all the Lamanite world, go forth and proclaim to them the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and teach [p. [16]] them to build up Zion.

Is there not thousands of the rich planters who would embrace the gospel and if they had a place to plant their slaves, give all the proceeds of their yearly labor if rightly taught, for building up the Kingdom, being directed by the President of the whole church to make the right application? We answer yes, we believe they would—— Your servants the Committee are of the opinion that a concert and reciprocity of action between the North and the South would greatly advance the building up of the Kingdom. The Committee is well informed of the Cherokee and the Choctaw Nations who live between the State of Arkansas [p. [17]] and the Colorado River of the Texas owning large plantations and thousands of Slaves and that they are also very desirous to have an interview with the Elders of this Church upon the principles of the Book of Mormon. This Committee is of the opinion that they can choose Soldiers for this expedition who are as undeviating in the principles of the doctrine of Christ and the Book of Mormon as the sun in his daily course, and as indefatigable in their exertions in this cause as the earth is in its daily revolution. This committee views it as a matter of investigation whether would the Southerner with his Slaves and abundance of wealth do better to take them to some slave[p. [18]]holding point, keep them in lively exercise according to his former customs and habits, turning over his yearly proceeds into the hands of the trustee in trust for the whole church;56 or to abolish slavery and settle himself in a climate uncongenial to his nature and entirely derogatory to his former occupations in life.

After having procured the lumber for those two houses the Committee is of the opinion that the preaching the Gospel and raising funds in the South would be a far more speedy way of accomplishing the work than any other that could be introduced at the present time. [p. [19]]
We your servants, therefore will wait patiently the result of your Council and submit ourselves to the same with all cheerfulness, our only object being to advance the cause and Kingdom of God, stand ready to take hold whenever your wise council may consider it to be of the most advantage. This committee view with deep regret the many different teachings this church has received concerning the distribution of their property, such as raising funds for the printing of tracts, evidences of the Book of Mormon, and pamphlets of various descriptions, which we consider has not advanced the cause in the least degree, but has tended directly to sap the foundation of building the [p. [20]] houses, We therefore believe that no person embracing the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, should give any part or parcel of their property without a direct council written or oral from the first Presidency of the Church.
Whereas the Committee having appointed George Miller & Lyman Wight to write the views of the committee, each wrote separate & apart, having laid the same, before the committee, the Committee resolved that both productions be sent without alterations. We the committee conclude by subscribing ourselves your friends and well wishers in the Lord; praying a speedy answer [p. [21]] from your worthy council or the word of the Lord.

Select Committee to write expression of the views of the branch of the Church at Black River Falls.

Lyman Wyght George Miller Phineas R. Bird Pierce Hawley John Young

Joseph Smith Senr. P. C58 Brigham Young P. T. Willard Richards clk.

These letters were presented to president Joseph as before stated in the afternoon of Sunday the 10th. March 1844. Some conversation was had on the subject & a meeting appointed in the evening to be held over the store at early candle light. The Twelve were notified to be present. [p. [22]]

At early candle light the brethren met according to appointment. President Joseph Smith called E[lde]r W. Richards to the chair. The chairman then called Er Wm Clayton to be clerk of the meeting After being organized the chairman called upon the clerk to read the two letters from the pine country which was done. The brethren then began each to express his views of the subject set forth in the letter. It was encouraging to witness the union of feeling which prevailed on the subject and it was plain that although separated a long distance from each other yet the same feelings had run through the minds of the brethren here as was [p. [23]] contained in the letters. Prest. Joseph said he wanted all the brethren to speak their minds on this subject and to say what was in their hearts whether good or bad. He did not want to be forever surrounded by a set of “dough heads” and if they did not rise up and shake themselves and exercise themselves in discussing these important matters he should consider them nothing better than “dough heads”. He gave some good advise which seemed to have due effect. The meeting was prolonged being occupied by several of the brethren speaking their views untill a late hour when upon motion the meeting adjourned untill tomorow at 9 o clock A.M. [p. [24]]

Monday March 11th. 1844

The council met in the room over brother Henry 〈W〉 Millers house at 9 o clock A.M. The brethren continued to express their views on the foregoing subjects and many others of importance. All seemed agreed to look to some place where we can go and establish a Theocracy either in Texas or Oregon or somewhere in California &c. The brethren spoke very warmly on the subject, and also on the subject of forming a constitution which shall be according to the mind of God and erect it between the heavens and the earth where all nations might flow unto it. This was considered as a “standard” to the people an ensign to the nations &c. [p. [25]] E[lde]r Lucian [Lucien] Woodworth was very sanguine for the measure to be carried into effect. He said he had long desired it and now inasmuch as it had been proposed to organize this meeting into a council he was in favor of its being organized on an eternal principle after the order of God, every member of it to be bound to eternal secrecy as to what passed here, not to have the privilege of telling anything which might be talked of to any person even to our wives, and the man who broke the rule “should lose his cursed head”. He finally offered this as a resolution which was passed unanimously and became a law of the council. Prest. Joseph gave much instructions on many subjects & laid down the order of organization after the pattern of [p. [26]] heaven. The following brethren being present they were all unanimously admitted members of the council to wit. President Joseph Smith was received as our standing chairman. Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, Willard Richards, Parley P. Pratt, Orson Pratt, John Taylor, Heber C. Kimball, George A. Smith, Wm W. Phelps, Lucian Woodworth, George Miller, Alexander Badlam, Peter Haws, Erastus Snow, Reynolds Cahoon, Amos Fielding, Alpheus Cutler, Levi Richards[,] Newel K. Whitney, John M. Bernhisel, Lorenzo D. Wasson and Wm Clayton. These brethren were all seated in order according to their ages the oldest member being seated at the right hand of the chairman and forming a semicircle in front [p. [27]] of the chair the youngest member seated at the left of the chairman. Whenever any resolution was offered to the council all the members had to vote viva voce beginning at the oldest and on down to the youngest. Willard Richards was appointed Recorder and Wm Clayton Clerk.80 After this organization and all having taken their seats the chairman continued his instructions. He said it was universally necessary before any resolution could become a law to have the vote of all the members of the council unless some of the members should be absent on business for the council. The most perfect harmony prevailed during the whole of this council and the brethren all feel as though the day of our deliverance was at hand.〈see March 19. close of minutes〉 [p. [28]]

Wednesday March 13, 1844

This morning at 11 o clock the council was convened by order of the chairman. After organization the chairman presented Elders Orson Hyde, Wilford Woodruff, and James Emmett94 to the council for their admission to membership. The letters from Black river were read and the nature and object of the meeting explained by the chairman after which the candidates were called 〈up〉on to express their feelings and determinations and say if they were willing to abide by the Resolution offered by E[lde]r L[ucien] Woodworth. The brethren then stated their determination to abide by the order [p. [29]] and their gratification for the glorious prospects in view. Their feelings corresponded with the rest on the subject touched upon in the letters. A vote was then taken and they were unanimously admitted members of the council.

For the benifit of these brethren the other members were requested to state the proceedings of the previous meetings which was done.

Thursday March 14th. 1844

This day the council was together all day again, and the same subjects continued in discussion: as previously. The name of the council was discussed and the Lord was pleased to give the following Revelation; “Verily thus saith the [p. [30]] Lord, this is the name by which you shall be called, The Kingdom of God and his Laws, with the keys and power thereof, and judgement in the hands of his servants.
Ahman Christ.”

This was read to the council and a vote taken whether the members would adopt that as their name. the vote was unanimous in the affirmative. When this was given there was a general feeling of joy and gratitude ran through the brethren, every heart was satisfied and we had a season of rejoicing before the Lord. It was considered wisdom to burn the minutes in consequence of treachery and plots of designing men.— [p. [31]]

Tuesday March 19th. 1844

Council met at 9 A.M and organized according to order after which the chairman presented Samuel Bent, Uriah Brown, Sidney Rigdon, Wm. Marks, John D. Parker, Orson Spencer, Samuel James, and Orrin P[orter] Rockwell for admission to membership.

The object of the council and its order was made known to these candidates by the chairman, who also gave many instructions on the privileges & blessings pertaining to the kingdom of God. On being called upon the candidates severally expressed their willingness and determination to abide by the regulation of the council, whereupon they were [p. [32]] unanimously admitted members of the kingdom and took their seats in order.

The Chairman continued his instructions on the order of the kingdom of God.

E[lde]r Hyrum Smith followed the chairman and said that the time was at hand when the prophecies should be fulfilled, when the nations were ready to embrace the gospel and when the ensign should be lift up and the standard to the people and he believed if we will set up the standard and raise the ensign the honest in heart of all nations will immediately begin to flock to the standard of our God.

On motion the Clerk read the two letters from black River for the benifit [p. [33]] of the new members. The name of the council was also read and unanimously accepted. after which Er John Taylor addressed the council on the subject of the filfillment of the prophecies of Daniel showing that the time is at hand when the principles of eternal truth & righteousness shall prevail. He next took a view of the positions and prospects of the different nations of the earth. He referred especially to the United States England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Poland, Switzerland, Germany &c. He concluded his remarks untill this afternoon and the council then adjourned an hour and a half. [p. [34]]

2 o clock P.M.

Council met pursuant to adjournment and proceeded to business.

Er Willard Richards presented the following resolution for the consideration of the council— “Resolved that a “communication be made immediately to the General Government through our representative, Mr [John] Wentworth, specifying that General Joseph Smith will protect the Texas and Oregon from all foreign invasion if the General Government will authorise him to raise volunteers in the United States for that purpose”

On motion of Er Rigdon the Resolution was laid on the table to be considered at a succeeding meeting. [p. [35]]

Er George A. Smith made some remarks on general subjects.

Er John Taylor continued his remarks concerning the situation of the different nations of the earth showing that they were ripe to receive the truth and that it is our duty and privilege to put them in possession of it and we are willing to do it.

Elder Sidney Rigdon commenced his remarks by expressing his gratitude for the privilege of addressing the Council under present circumstances. He read Genesis chap 10 and from that chapter entered into a lengthy address on the subject of the kingdom of God. He referred to the character of Nimrod and the kingdom he established and followed the course of the history of [p. [36]] the several kingdoms down to the days of Nebuchadnezar and then to the present day in which we live. He contrasted the forms of the government of the different nations with that which God design’d to establish as spoken of by the prophet Daniel. He particularly referred to the idea that the dominion of Japheth is extended over the whole earth and showed that it was destined to be transferred into the hands of Shem and his posterity.

Er Orson Hyde followed Er Rigdon. He gave a spirited view of the glorious prospects awaiting the people of God, and the certainty that God will establish his kingdom according to the predictions of Daniel. He expressed his utmost delight in the in the work of God and his determination to abide true and faithful. [p. [37]]

Er Orson Spencer followed in the same strain with the preceeding speakers.

Er Erastus Snow referred to some of the remarks of Er O. Hyde and then to the image spoken of by Daniel especially to the toes of the image, showing that 〈as〉 the Iron would not mix with the clay no more would the principles of eternal truth mix with the dogma’s of Sectarianism, nor the principles of the kingdom of God amalgamate with the injustice and oppression of the kingdoms of the world. He next referred to the prophecy of Isaiah where he says as soon as Zion travelled she brought forth her children and inasmuch as the kingdom of God is established it will roll and fill the whole earth [p. [38]]

After Er Snow got through the council adjourned untill thursday morning next at 9 o clock

On Monday the 11th. it was Resolved to draft a constitution which should be perfect, and embrace those principles which the constitution of the United States lacked, and on motion John Taylor Willard Richards, Wm W. Phelps and Parley P. Pratt were appointed a committee to draft a constitution and present it to this council for their approval or disaproval. [5 lines blank] [p. [39]]


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
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I've asked Shades to delete this thread. There are lots of interesting things in these minutes, but I'm sick of the trolls here.


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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Please don't!!!

Just put those guys on ignore - why punish those of us who want to read your very interesting posts??

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That's the problem with this supernatural stuff, it doesn't really solve anything. It's a placeholder for ignorance.

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grindael: Please don't let the 1% teach you about the 99%. Remember the silent majority who really digs your good information.

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Dr. Shades wrote:
grindael: Please don't let the 1% teach you about the 99%. Remember the silent majority who really digs your good information.

Agreed, completely.

grindael, I have learned so much from both your research postings and reading about your research methodology since I joined up here that I probably am only a week's worth of final exams away from my Cassius U. master's degree!

Ignore the trolls, especially the new ones who don't understand probability analysis.

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PLEASE keep these excerpts coming! Very interesting.

Just remember, if your posts are bringing the trolls out, you must be doing something that bothers them.

Good job!!!

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In more than 150 years we have progressed from the Council of 50 minutes to the TV show 60 minutes.

10 whole minutes over 150 years. Is that some kind of record?

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Dr. Shades wrote:
grindael: Please don't let the 1% teach you about the 99%. Remember the silent majority who really digs your good information.

I'm in the same camp. I enjoy the information you present. I might not have had the patience to find it for myself. You are doing great work, grindael. Thank you!

Trimble, you ignorant sack of rhinoceros puss. The only thing more obvious than your lack of education is the foul stench that surrounds you.

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Everybody Wang Chung wrote:

PLEASE keep these excerpts coming! Very interesting.

Just remember, if your posts are bringing the trolls out, you must be doing something that bothers them.

Good job!!!


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Great stuff Grindael!

Couple of questions and forgive my ignorance.

Where are the council minutes located? I was under the impression most of that stuff is hidden away.

Of the stuff you've found, are the blank lines intentionally blank or redacted?

I'm a Ziontologist. I self identify as such.

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Sanctorian wrote:
Great stuff Grindael!

Couple of questions and forgive my ignorance.

Where are the council minutes located? I was under the impression most of that stuff is hidden away.

Of the stuff you've found, are the blank lines intentionally blank or redacted?

They are at the CHL. They are not hidden away, they are open to research although they are not yet being displayed. They will probably do so after the current volume by the JST has been out for a while. (After they put up the digital pictures at the website). Here is the link:

Nothing has been redacted by the JSP. The blanks are original. The Notes are very good, but I have some problems with their interpretation of some things. This comes not from a goal of apology for Smith though (IMO) but because it is the way they (the editors) view Joseph Smith.

Edit: The Notes and pictures, etc. in the book are extremely informative and valuable as a resource so I encourage all to buy the book if you want the historical data and background material that you will find nowhere else. Their research and notes (along with the original minutes) are well worth the price of the book.


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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Thursday March 21—1844

Council met at 9 A.M pursuant to adjournment and opened by prayer from Elder Wm. Marks.
The chairman appointed Elder Saml. Bent chairman pro. tem.

E[lde]r Willard Richards called up his resolution offered on the 19th. inst. which was then ordered to be laid on the table

Er Newel K. Whitney motioned that the minutes of the last meeting be read.

Er John M. Bernhisel begged to offer an amendment to Er Richards motion viz. that the word Texas be stricken out inasmuch as the United States had no jurisdiction over that Territory.

Er [Sidney] Rigdon rose to a point of order [p. [40]] wherefore the motion to read the minutes was decided to be in order which was done and they were accepted.

Er Rigdon asked some information respecting the manner of keeping the minutes which was answered by the standing chairman.

On motion the Resolution of Er W. Richards was taken up for reconsideratin

The standing chairman made some remarks on the resolution showing the necessity and propriety of petitioning government for the purposes therein set forth.

Er Hyrum Smith agreed with the preceeding speaker and was of opinion that if we petitioned Congress they would grant our petition & gave reasons. [p. [41]]

Er John Taylor agreed with the preceeding speakers. Beleived congress would grant our petition. He referred to a speech made made by Mr [Robert Dale] Owen in the house of Representatives on the subject of the Oregon.

Mr Uriah Brown referred to a correspondence between Mr [Daniel] Webster & the authorities of Mexico. He said there was a precedent on record and recommended the sending of the petition.
Er L[orenzo] D. Wasson was in favor of petitioning Congress.

Prest. Joseph Smith the chairman made some very encouraging and instructive remarks on the subject before the council. After which there was a call for the question which was put & unanimous[p. [42]]ly agreed to.

Er Rigdon requested permission to retire on account of his health—agreed to.

The standing chairman read an article from the Congressional Globe.

Er W. Richards offered an amendment to the resolution just passed by adding the words “foreign invasion & savage aggression” instead of “foreign foes”.

Er L. D. Wasson made some remarks on the amendment.

The standing charman resumed instructions

Er Hyrum Smith moved that a committee of three be appointed to draught a petition agreeable to the Resolution offered by Er Richards to present to Congress. which motion was carried in affirmative

Motioned that Willard Richards, [p. [43]] Hyrum Smith and Wm W. Phelps compose said committee—which was carried unanimously in the affirmative.

Er Richards asked if it was designed that this appointment should hinder the one previously made, to which the standing chairman replied they must continue their labors on the constitution at 12 the council adjourned 2 hours.

2 o clock P.M. Council met pursuant to adjournment The chairman called A[lpheus] Cutler to the Chair The minutes of this mornings council was read and accepted.

On motion of Er Richards a letter was read which was written to Col. Solomon Copeland by Er Wilford Woodruff. [p. [44]] and it was ordered that said letter be forwarded immediately.
Er Richards motion for amendment offered in the A.M. was considered & lost.

On motion of the standing chairman Er Orson Hyde was appointed to carry our petition to Congress.

Er Erastus Snow expressed his most sanguine expectations that Congress would almost certainly grant our petition.

Er O. Hyde agreed with Er Snow and expressed his gratification at for the appointment conferred upon him and his willingness to perform the mission.

Er Rigdon made some lengthy and animated remarks on various subjects particularly on the situation of Texas & [p. [45]] her position in regard to other nations.

The chairman pro. Tem. made some remarks on his experience and views on various subjects.
The standing chairman arose to move that brother James Emmett be sent on a mission to the Lamanites to instruct them to unite together and cease their enmity towards each other, to & to be diligent and faithful for that would be pleasing in the sight of our heavenly father.

The motion was seconded by Er Rigdon

Er E. Snow asked a question for information which was answered by Prest. J.

Er O. Hyde was favorable to the mission

Er [Peter] Haws proposed that brother Emmett have someone to go with him.

Prest. J. Smith objected. He considered [p. [46]] it altogether unnecessary.

Er L. D. Wasson asked for further explanation of the nature of the nature mission which was also explained by prest. Joseph.

The question was called for, whereupon the vote was unanimous in the affirmative

Prest. J. Smith proposed that some one be appointed on a mission to Springfield and nominated Er Samuel James

The motion was seconded by Er [Heber C.] Kimball the vote was unanimous in affirmative

Prest. J. Smith moved that Cyrus Eddy be requested to accompany brother James to Springfield, and requested Er O. Hyde to relate an anecdote concerning brother Eddy having a discussion with a Mr Slocum a sectarian priest, which was done. [p. [47]] Prest. J. Smith motioned that Er Erastus Snow have a mission appointed him to Vermont which was seconded by Er B[righam] Young and carried unanimously.

Er Willard Richards moved that the Elders who are sent out by this council, begin their operations & preach from the time they leave this council untill they return.

A motion was made to adjourn till Tuesday next at 9 o clock A.M.

Er O. Hyde arose to ask some instructions which was given by Prest. J. Smith. He also asked whether he should fulfil his intended mission to Fort Madison. Answer’d in the affirmative
Er Samuel James asked a question which was answered by prest. J. Smith [p. [48]]

Mr Uriah Brown made some observations concerning the feelings & views of Mr [James] Semple in regard to the proceedings of the U. S. Senate.

Prest. J. Smith recommended that the Twelve should select men from the Quorums of the seventies and High Priests and send them to preach and electioneer through the different States, and then as many of the Twelve as can, follow these Elders and hold conferences in the various branches of the Church through the States. He then gave Er Orson Hyde some instructions pertaining to his mission. Especially advising him not to suffer any part of the memorial to be stricken out, but if Congress will not pass it in its pure [p. [49]] original State, let them reject it altogether. He did not care whether Congress would grant it or not, it would serve to goad them with.

Mr Uriah Brown moved that a copy of the memorial agreed to this A.M. should be put into the hands of Mr Semple for consideration in the U.S. Senate at the same time that Mr [John] Wentworth agitates the subject in the house. The motion was passed by unanimous vote.
After a variety of observations from the brethren on subjects of minor importance the motion to adjourn was renewed and agreed to. and the council adjourned untill next tuesday at 9 o clock A.M. [p. [50]]


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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Tuesday March 26th. 1844

9 o clock A.M. The Council met pursuant to adjournment and opened by singing, and prayer by E[lde]r L[orenzo] D. Wasson. After which the roll was called and the minutes of the last council read and accepted.

President Joseph Smith in the chair

The chairman then introduced the following persons for admission into the council viz; Uncle John Smith, Cornelius P. Lott, John P. Green[e], Philip B. Lewis, David D. Yearsley, Alman Babbit [Almon Babbitt], Charles C. Rich, Amasa Lyman and Benjamin F. Johnson and gave a short history of what had been done previously by the council pertaining [p. [51]] to missions &c for the benifit of those who had not previously attended council He also gave some instructions pertaining to the kingdom of God. In his remarks he referred to the conduct of Wm Law.

The brethren proposed for admission each spake their feelings & their determination to abide by the order of the council. A. Babbit referred to the course he had taken with Wm Law and the feeling he had for him inasmuch as he was the one who baptized him. He felt unwilling to give him up, but would not sanction nor coincide with his treachery and opposition to Prest. Smith A motion was made that the above brethren be received which was carried unanimously. [p. [52]]

Prest. J. Smith continued his instructions on heavenly things and many other important subjects.

The Those brethren who were admitted members took their seats in order.

The title of the Council was read to the new members and unanimously accepted.

Er Hyrum Smith, asked some furthr information concerning brother [James] Emmetts mission and whether he should take with him anyone from Nauvoo.

Er James Emmett explained some of the difficulties and sufferings of such a mission and asked instruction.

The Chairman replied and gave the instructions.

On motion the committee appointed [p. [53]] at the last council to draught a memorial to send to congress made report and by their clerk W[illard] Richards read the said memorial to the council as follows.

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled.

Your memorialist, a free born citizen of these United States, respectfully sheweth, that, from his infancy his soul has been filled with the most intense and philanthropic interest for the welfare of his native country; and being fired with an ardor, which floods cannot quench, crowns cannot conquer, nor diplomatic intrigue corrupt, to see those principles, which emanated from the bosoms of [p. [54]] the fathers of seventy six; and which cost the noblest talents, and richest blood of the nation, maintained inviolate, and perpetuated to future generations; and the proud eagle of American freedom soar triumphant over every party prejudice, and local ministry; and spread her golden pinions over every member of the human family, who shall stretch forth their hands for succor from the Lions paw,168 or the oppressors grasp: and firmly trusting in the God of Liberty, that he has designed universal peace and good will, union and brotherly love to all the great family of man, Your memorialist asks your honorable body to pass the following, ordinance

An Ordinance for the protection [p. [55]] of the citizens of the United States emigrating to the adjoining territories, and for the extension of the principles of universal Liberty.


Whereas many of the citizens of these United States have migrated, and are migrating to Texas, Oregon and other lands contiguous to this nation; And whereas Texas has declared herself free and independant, without the necessary power to protect her rights and liberties: And whereas oregon is without any organized government, and those who emigrate thither are exposed to foreign invasion, and domestic feuds: And Whereas the Oregon, by geographic location, and discovery more right[p. [56]]fully belongs to these United States, than to any other general Government:

And Whereas it is necessary that the emigrants of that newly setling territory should receive protection: And whereas the Texian Government has petitioned the United States to be received into our union, but yet retains her national existance: And Whereas the United States remember with gratitude, the seasonable support they received, in a like situation from a La Fayette:

And whereas the United States desire to see the principles of her free institutions extended to all men; especially where it can be done without the loss of blood and treasure to the nation: And whereas there is an almost boundless extent of territory on the west and south [p. [57]] of these United States, where exists little or no organization of protective government: And Whereas the lands thus unknown, unowned, or unoccupied, are among some of the richest and most fertile of the continent; And whereas many of the inhabitants of the union would gladly embrace the opportunity of extending their researches, and acquirements, so soon as they can receive protection in their enterprize; thereby adding strength, durability and wealth to the nation: And Whereas the red man, the robber, and the desparado have frequently interrupted such research and acquisition without justifiable cause; And whereas Joseph Smith has offered, and does [p. [58]] hereby offer these United States: To show his loyalty to our confederate Union, and the constitution of our Republic: To prevent quarrel and bloodshed on our frontiers: To extend the arm of deliverance to Texas: To protect the inhabitants of Oregon from foreign aggression, and domestic broils: To prevent the crowned nations from encircleing us as a nation on our western and Southern borders and save the Eagle’s talon from the Lions paw:

To still the tongue of slander, and show the world that a Republic can be, and not be ungrateful: To open the vast regions of the unpeopled west and South to our enlightened and enterprising yeomanry: To protect [p. [59]] them in their researches; To secure them in their locations, and thus strengthen the government and enlarge her borders; To extend her influence: To inspire the nations with the spirit of freedom, and win them to her standard: To promote inteligence; To cultivate and establish peace among all with whom we may have intercourse as neighbors: To settle all existing difficulties among those not organized into an acknowledged government, bordering upon the United States and territories: To save the national revenue in the nations coffers; To supercede the necessity of a standing army on our western and Southern frontier: To create and maintain the prin[p. [60]]ciples of peace, and suppress mobs, insurrections, and oppression in oregon, and all lands bordering upon the United States, and not incorporated into any acknowledged national government: To explore the unexplored regions of our continent: To open new fields for enterprize to our citizens, and protect them therein: To search out the antiquities of the land, and thereby promote the arts, and sciences, and general information: To amalgamate the feelings of all with whom he may have intercourse, on the principles of equity, liberty, justice, humanity and benevolence: To break down tyranny and oppression, and exalt the standard [p. [61]] of universal peace;— Provided he shall be protected in those rights and privileges which constitutionally belong to every citizen of this Republic:— Therefore that the said memorialist may have the privilege; and that no citizen of these United States shall obstruct, or attempt to obstruct or hinder, so good, so great, so noble an enterprize, to carry out those plans and principles, as set forth in this preamble; and be shielded from every opposition by evil and designing men:—

Sec 1. Be it ordained by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that Joseph Smith, of the City of Nauvoo, in the State of Illinois [p. [62]] is hereby authorised and empowered to raise a company of one hundred thousand armed volunteers, in the United States and Territories, at such times and places, and in such numbers, as he shall find necessary and convenient for the purposes specified in the foregoing preamble; and to execute the same.

Sec. 2. And be it further ordained that if any person or persons shall hinder or attempt to hinder or molest the said Joseph Smith, from executing his designs in raising said volunteers, and marching or transporting the same to the borders of the United States and [p. [63]] territories, he or they so hindering, molesting or offending, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars each, for every offence; or by hard labor on some public work not exceeding two years, or both, at the discretion of the nearest District court of the United States, where the hindrance or offence shall be committed, having jurisdiction.

Sec. 3. And be it further ordained the more fully to remove all obstructions and hindrances to the raising, enlisting, and marching the volunteers as aforesaid, the said Joseph Smith is hereby constituted a member of the army of the United States, and is authorised to act as [p. [64]] such in the United States and Territories and on all lands bordering upon the United States and territories for the purposes specified in the foregoing preamble, provided said land shall not be within the acknowledged jurisdiction of any acknowledged national government.

Sec. 4. And be it further ordained that nothing in this ordinance shall be so construed by any individual or nation, as to consider the volunteers aforesaid, as constituting any part of the army of the United States; neither shall the said Joseph Smith, as a member of the United States Army disturb the peace of any nation or [p. [65]] government acknowledged as such, break the faith of treaties between the United States and any other nation, or violate any known law of nations, thereby endangering the peace of the Union States.

Sec 5. And be it further ordained, that the said Joseph Smith shall confine his operations to those principles of action specified in the preamble to this ordinance, the perpetuity of which shall be commensurate with the circumstances and specifications which have originated it

And your memorialist will ever pray &c Joseph Smith

City of Nauvoo Illinois March 26— 1844

Council adjourned till 2 o clock [p. [66]]

Mch 26— 2 o clock P.M.

Council met pursuant to adjournment

Uriah Brown in the chair.

On motion the minutes of this mornings council were read and on motion of Er [Sidney] Rigdon amended by adding a Resolution relative to laying a report of the committee on the table to be taken up after adjournment.

On motion the “Memorial” which was laid on the table this A.M. was taken up for reconsideration and read a second time.

Er Rigdon offered a Resolution to amend said memorial by striking out the word “ordained” and adding the word “enacted” instead thereof which was seconded. [p. [67]]

Er Richards of the committee explained the reason why the word “ordained” was adopted.

Prest. Jh. Smith made some remarks in favor of sustaining the word “ordained” as it now stands.
Er O[rson] Hyde asked a question on that portion of the Memorial which asks Congress to acknowledge prest. Smith a member of the United States Army, which was answered and explained by prest. Joseph Smith.

Er Richards also explained.

Er Alman Babbit believed that the word “ordained” was more proper than the word “enact” and was in favor of sustaining it in the memorial

The question was then called for, [p. [68]] and the Resolution was put and carried by unanimous vote in favor of sustaining the word ordained.

Er Hyrum Smith motioned that the memorial be received which was secd by Er B[righam] Young.

Er A. Babbit asked a question on that clause relative to raising volunteers which was answered by explanation from President Joseph Smith, whereupon the question was called for, and the motion unanimously received.

Prest. Joseph Smith motioned that a memorial be likewise sent to the Prest. of the United States with a similar request, which was seconded by Er [p. [69]] Hyrum Smith & carried unanimously.
Er B Young motioned that a committee of three be appointed to draught & revise a memorial to the prest. of U.S. which was secd. by prest. J. Smith

Er H. Smith was of the opinion that one was sufficient to draught said memorial.

Er B. Young withdrew his motion.

Er H. Smith moved that a committee of one be appointed for the purpose of preparing the memorial to the prest which was seconded & carried unanimouly

On motion it was Resolved that the Recorder revise said memorial

Prest. Joseph Smith arose to suggest the idea of sending an Elder to France to preach the gospel of liberty and [p. [70]] Salvation to that nation inasmuch as he believed they were ripe to receive the truth.

Er Orson Hyde addressed the council on the subject before them and also on the present prospects of the kingdom. He felt as though he could prophecy that Congress would grant our memorial. He spake much on the subject of sending a proclamation to the kings of the earth

Er [William] Clayton spake of the building up of the kingdom and his delight in the work Also the glorious prospect of deliverance to the poor and oppressed of his native country through the influence of the gospel, the ensign of liberty. [p. [71]]

Er O[rson] Spencer followed with remarks on the subjects touched upon by preceeding speakers & referred particularly to the image spoken of by Daniel.

Er Rigdon addressed the council on the subject of the kingdom of God. inasmuch as there was no business before the house. He entered into the subject in a most spirited & animated manner, showing the glory and joy which will exist when God reigns over the nation, when oppression shall cease, and the righteous enjoy the blessings of the kingdom.

Er O. Hyde spake of the fulfilment of prophecies and illustrated the establishment of the kingdom of God in a pleasing manner. [p. [72]]

Er A. Babbit asked some questions pertaining to the kingdom of God for information, which was answered by explanation from Pres J. Smith

The letters from Black River were called for and read.

Er John M. Bernhisel made some remarks on the present appearances of things as they exist between Texas and Mexico.

Prest. J. Smith did not doubt but the matters stated by the last speaker are true & assigned some reasons.

On motion the council adjourned untill next thursday week at 9 o clock A.M.—— [p. [73]]

On this date, it is being claimed that Joseph speaking about "heavenly things" is where he gave the "last charge" to the Twelve. There is absolutely no evidence to support this, and Orson Hyde didn't mention anything about this until almost 8 months later when they were writing things against Rigdon. And in that November High Council Meeting, Hyde says the "Last Charge" took place on the 23rd of March, not the 26th. There is absolutely no contemporary evidence that this "last charge" ever took place where Joseph claimed to give the Twelve some new authority. Orson Hyde was one of the worst liars of that Quorum. He lied about Nancy Rigdon, Sidney Rigdon, that he was there when Brigham Young was "transformed" into Joseph, etc., etc.


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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Thursday, March 7th 1844 9 A.M. [rest of page blank] {page 9} I /Joseph/ presented to the meeting the proceedings of O. F. Bostwick and the Lawyers &c. [in which Bostwick was fined for saying that Hyrum Smith and the leading women of Nauvoo were promiscuous, and asked] for the people to speak out, say[ing] whether such men should be tolerated and supported in our midst. "From this time I design to bring such characters before the committee of the whole and if these things cannot be put a stop to, I will give them in to the hands of the mob. The hands of the officers of the /city/ falter, and are palsied by the conduct of such men.

"There is another I will speak about. He is a Mormon. A certain man who lived here before we come here. The two first letters of his {page 10} name are Hiram Kimball. When the city had passed an ordinance to tax steam boats, he goes and tells the captains of the steam boats that he owned the landing and they need not to pay tax and I am determined to use up such men if they will not stop their efforts. If this is not true, let him come forward and throw of[f] the imputation. When they appeal to Carthage I will appeal to this people, the highest court. I despise the Lawyers who lag on their Law suits. Kimball and Morrison say they own the wharfs, but the city own[s] the wharf, 64 feet from high water mark from printing office to the northern limits of the city. {page 11}

"Another thing I want to speak about the Lawyers of this city. I have good feelings and I will reprove them and the prophets always did say wo unto you ye lawyers. The Maratim[e] laws of the U[nited] S[tates] have ced[ed] up the tolls, wharfage, &c. to the respective corporation[s] who have jurisdiction &c.

"Shallow drafts intoxicate the brain &c. Look at the [p.453] reason. No vessel could land any where if subject to individual[s'] laws. [The] Corporation owns the streets of the city and have a right to tax the Boats to make wharfs. The same as to tax citizens to make roads. [I] Want every man in this city to stay at home and let the Boat Captains, {page 12} peace officers, and every body alone. [several lines left blank]

"Ho[w] are we to keep peace in this city, and defend our selves against mobs, [unless I] disgrace every man by preaching him on the house top, who will not be still, and mind their own business. Let them alone to use themselves up.

"A couple of [dishonest] merchants in this city. I was told by an old gentleman this morning /who told me/ that the spirit of Mobocracy was almost subsiding. [But] These [local] mobocrats have as the people abroad say, told the people that they need not bring butter, eggs &c. /to Nauvoo/ [I] will not tell their names. If they will not let the people bring in their produce, the people will not buy their [the merchants'] goods. {page 13}

"Another man, [I] will not call his name, has been writing to New York Tribune some of the most disgraceful things possible to name. He has stated in that article that there are a great many appropriations to the Temple applied some where else &c. To stigmatize the Trustees and turn prejudice against us abroad. If any man who has appointed any thing [to be applied to the construction of the temple—an] old harness horses waggon &c. /let him come forward [and I will show that there is not]/ the first farthing and we cannot show where it has been appropriated, [or] I will give him my head for a foot ball.

"He also states that the Temple cannot be built [because] it costs so {page 14} much. Who don't know that we can put the roof on this building this season? By turning all the means of the N[auvoo] House and doubling our diligence we can do it.

"The best way for such men is to be still. If I did not love men I would not reprove them, but [would] work in the dark as they do. Read the Tribune and you see for yourself.

"[I will not say who wrote the article, but I will say that] He is not a lawyer, he is nearer related to a Doctor, a small man—'Mr. McNiel—enquired if he was the man.' No did not know you. You are a stranger." Joseph rested.

Pres[iden]t Hyrum spoke saying he wanted to make some observations of a romantic turn. The character of such men {page [p.454] 15} ought to be noted by every man[. If he] had a[n] old country [gift for metaphor, he would say he would] ferret them out like rats &c. You could describe them as you would a Hedgehog, in every hedge [you find them. An ambitious man is always] turning /himself/ [around, changing colors like a tree toad and stinking] like the skunk, like pollywogs running about with tail[s], drop[ping them] off [to become] toads &c. [A] soul [worth] $5.00 [is cheaper than a] gizzard.

Cha[rle]s Foster asked if Joseph meant him. Joseph said I will ask you a question[. Foster:] that is no way [to answer]. [Smith:] Yes, that is this way the Quakers do. Why did you denominate yourself. Jesus said whose image and superscription is it. [Foster:] Did you mean me. [Smith:] Why did you denominate yourself. [Foster:] /Then I understand/ you meant me. [Smith:] You said it. [Foster:] You shall hear from me. [Smith: As] Mayor I fine you $10.00 for that threat and disturbing the meeting. Doctor Foster[, his brother,] spoke to palliate and exhort him to await &c. {page 16} Doctor said he has not threatened you. Joseph says he has. Doctor[:] no one has heard him threaten you, and hundreds cried I have. Doctor continued to speak and Mayor said stop /order/ or I will fine you [as well].

W[illiam] W. Phelps read Gen[eral] Smith's views of the powers and policies of the Gen[eral] Government, after which it was voted unanimously with one exception, to uphold Gen[eral] Smith for the Presidency.

"A voice of Innocence from Nauvoo" [in response to Bostwick's allegations] was then read by W[illiam] W. Phelps and all the people [in the] assembly said Amen. Twice.

Doctor Foster read a letter from Thomas Ford Governor. {page 17} 30 minutes past 12. Adjourned till 2 P.M.

2 P.M. assembled according to adjournment. Singing and Prayer by O[rson] Pratt. Singing.

President B[righam] Young addressed the congregation to give his views on the Lawyers who first arose among the children of Israel to explain [God's law] to the common people. I am a Lawyer in Israel. My business is to make peace among the people, and men who takes any other course is out of the line of his duty. A Lawyer's duty is [to] tell what the Law is and then let the people go and act upon it and let them receive pay like any laboring man.

[p.455] It is desirable for justices of the peace, when men call for writs to inquire into the case {page 18} and tell them how to settle, and thus put down law suits. To cure lawing, let us pay attention to our own business, when we hear a story never tell it again and it will be a perfect cure.

If your bro[ther] mistreats you let him alone. If your enemy cheats you let it go. Cease to deal with men who abuse. If all men had taken the course that some have we should not have such men in our midst. I have no objections to any mans coming here, but then I will have nothing to do with men who will stone me at midnight and at noon day &c.

Our difficulties and persecutions have always arisen from men right in our midst. It is the lust of individuals to rob us of every thing and build themselves up in our division.

I feel that I want that every man should stay and lift holy hands without wrath or dubiety {page 19} to the men who own land here, do not think you can sell your lands here and then go off and spend it in abusing the Mormons. Israel is the head and not the tale.

I expect the saints are so anxious to work and so ready to do right that God has whispered to the prophet, build the temple, and let the N[auvoo] House alone at present. I would not sue a man if he owed me 500 [dollars] or a thousand $ [dollars] and he come to me and told me he would not pay. [I would simply not do business with him again until he paid me.]

Bro[ther] Taylor said that it was said by some that the Municipal offices of the city were acting in an arbitrary manner, and which was false &c. and went on to explain the principles of democracy.

Stopped a while for a contribution to get {page 20} fuse and powder. A boat was coming down and the messenger was waiting to go to St. Louis. Collected 50 or 60 dollars.

Bro[ther] Taylor continued his speech. When society was first organized they found themselves without Legislature Congress House of Lord or anything of the kind, every man was Lord over his own house.

Difficulties began to contend and combine together in governments bye and bye. Soon 2 or three requested they might return to their original customs and the government said they [p.456] might. This is the situation of this city, in the main, [and why we] worked for a charter &c.

Of Gen[eral] Smith some are afraid. Think it doubtful about his election and like the ostrich stick their heads under a bush and leave their bodies out, and we can all see them and after this it will [be] a bye word that [that] man is an Ostrich who hides his head in this corner. {page 21} Spoke also on the going on with the Temple.

Pres[iden]t Young spoke. Men who have not paid their property tithing [should know] we shall call on them and take dinner and we had rather be saved that trouble and have them come up and pay.

Elder Cahoon said if any one had any doubt about the state of the temple, let them call and see the Books and where they have paid their tithing show it entered on the book paid in full for /the/ year &c.

Joseph said in relation to those who give property on the Temple, be careful into /whose/ hands it come into that it may be entered into the Church books. That those whose names are found in the Church books shall have the first claim in that house. "I intend to keep the door at dedication myself and not a man {page 22} shall pass who had not paid his bonus.

"I do not care 1/2 so much about the Pres[idential] election as I do the office I have got. We have as good a right to make political party to gain power to defend ourselves as for demagogues to make use of our religion to get power to destroy ourselves. We will whip the mob by getting up a President. When I look into the Eastern papers and see how popular I am I am afraid I shall be President.

"On the annexation of Texas, some object. The anti-Mormons are good fellows. I say it in anticipation they will repent. {page 23} Object to Texas on account of slavery. Tis the very reason why she should be received.

"Houston says, 'Gentleman, if you refuse to receive us we must go to the British' and the first thing they will do will be to set the negroes and indians [against us] and they will use us up. British officers running all over Texas to pick a quarrel with us[. It would be] more honorable for us [as a nation] to receive them and set the negroes free and use the negro and indians against our foes.

[p.457] "Don't let Texas go lest our Mother and the daughters of the land will laugh us {page 24} in the teeth. If these things are not so God never spoke by any prophet since the world began. I have been [... [discreet about what I know]] [several lines left blank] [ . . . [In the struggle between the north and the]] south, [if the south] held the balance of power &c. by annexing Texas[, this could still be remedied]. I can do away [with] this evil [and] liberate [the slaves in] 2 or 3 states and if that was not sufficient, call in Canada [to be annexed].

Send the negroes to Texas [and] from Texas to Mexico where all colors are alike. Notice was given for the Relief Society to meet Saturday 2 P.M. to adopt "the voice of Innocence from Nauvoo"

/Joseph stated the Mormon Zion has endured all animus.[- - - - - - - - - -]/

Singing and prayer by B[righam] Young. {page 25}

March 8th 1844 Bishop Miller arrived from the Pinery this morning. At 10 A.M. my scribe, W[illard] Richards, called to see me and told me James Arlington Bennet was a native of Ireland and could not be Vice President and wanted to know who should be the candidate. I told him he [should] council with others on that point. Said he, "I will call a council this evening." [several lines left blank]

7 eve [the] First Presidency, Twelve [Apostles], Bishop Miller, L[evi] Richards, W[illiam] Phelps, [and] Woodworth assembled in the Mayor's {page 26} office and W[illiam] W. Phelps read a pacific communication I had instructed him to write to U[nited] S[tates] Called "A Friendly hint to Missouri."

I[t] was said by Geo[rge] A. Smith that Bro[ther] Farnham had just returned from St. Louis and said the people in St. Louis were saying things have come to a strange pass. If Jo Smith is elected Pres[iden]t he will raise the devil with M[iss]o[uri] and [if] he is not elected he will raise the devil.

I[t] was agreed that Col[onel] Solomon Copeland, Parris, Henry co[unty], Term should be written to on the Vice Pres[iden]cy and that W[ilford] Woodruff should write. [rest of page blank] {page 27}

Saturday, March 9[th] 1844 In City Council. [several lines left blank] The Female Relief Society Met twice in the assembly room and sanctioned the voice of Innocence from Nauvoo and [p.458] adjourned 1 week to accomodate Members who could not get in. [rest of page blank] {page 28}

[page left blank] {page 29}

Sunday, March 10th 1844 /A.M./ I attended meeting at the Stand by the Temple and preached on the subject of the spirit of /Elias/ Elijah, and Mesiah clearly defining the offices of the 3 personages. The Savior will not come this year /nor 40 years to come/. The bow has been seen in the cloud and in that year that the bow is seen seed time and harvest will be, but when the bow ceases to be seen look out for a famine. [rest of page blank] {page 30}

4 1/2 P.M. I met the 12 [Apostles] Bishop [George] Miller Temple Committee at Nauvoo Mansion. Letter was read from Lyman Wight and others Dated Feb[ruary] 15[th] 1844 to B[righam] Young, W[illard] Richards, &c. about removing to the table lands of Texas /Saxet [Texas]/&c. &c. Also a letter to Joseph Smith &c. from Lyman Wight and others a committee of the branch at the pinery, Black River Falls, Feb[ruary] 15[th] 1844, on the [ . . . [same issue]]

Joseph asked, can this council keep what I say, not make it public, all held up their hands. [several lines left blank [Joseph then proceeded to organize the Council of Fifty to oversee the settlement of Texas and eventually to rule over the political Kingdom of God on earth.]]

Copy the Constitution of the U[nited] S[tates], [several lines left blank [placed in the]] hands of a select committee [as a guide in drafting a constitution for the council]. {page 31}

No laws can be enacted but what every man can be protected [from?]. [several lines left blank] Grant their petition, go ahead concerning the Indians and Southern states &c. [several lines left blank]

Send 25 men by /the yrenip [Pinery]/ through to Santa Fee /Atnas Eef[Santa Fe]/ &c, and if Houston /Notsuoh[Houston]/ will embrace the gospel [ . . . ] [several lines left blank [We]] can amend that constitution and make it the voice of Jehovah and shame the U[nited] S[tates.] {page 32} Parley Pratt in favor. Hyrum concured. Said Joseph, "Let us adjourn till after supper to the school room."

7 Eve assembled at the assembly room over the store, Joseph, Hyrum, Brigham, 12 [Apostles], Temple committee, [p.459] Phelps, A. Fielding, J. Phelps, Wasson. Joseph required perfect accrecy of them

Evening in council over the store. [rest of page blank] {page

Monday, 11 March 1844 At home. 9 A.M. in council [with Council of Fifty] in Lodge room. Henry Miller's. P.M. in council same place. [rest of page blank] {page 34}

Tuesday, 12 March 1844 At Home. 11 A.M. told Bro[ther] Cole I wanted the room over the store for more important purposes, not to break up the school and wished him to dismiss immediately which he did and called the council of the previous day which assembled in the P.M. and evening. Cole procured Henry Miller's brick house for his school. [rest of page blank] {page 35}

March 13[th] 1844, Wednesday In council 9 to 12 A.M. [several lines left blank] Joseph and Hiram Smith gave Amos Fielding a letter of Attorney to transact business in England.

In council on the "The Kingdom of God" [rest of page blank] {page 36}

Thursday, March 14[th] In council over the store from nine [A.M.] to one A.M. [P.M.]

2 to four P.M. went to see Bro[ther] [John] Wilkie. He had sent to me to come and see him. He wanted to know what he should do. I told him of the order of 1/10 [tithing] &c. Wanted I should come again.

4 to 7 P.M. in council. Adjourned till Tuesday 19[th] 9 A.M. Lucien Woodworth sent out on a mission [to Texas to negotiate a treaty in behalf of the Council of Fifty]. [rest of page blank] {page 37}

Friday, March 15[th] [entry left blank] {page 38}

Saturday, March 16[th] 1844 At home. [several lines left blank] Female Relief Society continued their meeting twice this day in assembly room to sanction the voice of "Innocence from Nauvoo" [several lines left blank]

1 P.M. Held a council with Bishop Miller, W[illard] Richards and Porter Rockwell. [several lines left blank] Very pleasant and warm for over 3 weeks. {page 39}

Sunday, March 17[th] At home. Last night was extreme strong wind from the west. Blew down the new house of the 70's [building project] just raised to the roof on Bain St. Very windy [p.460] this day. [several lines left blank] Prayer Meeting adjourned 1 week. [several lines left blank] Some snow this evening. {page 40}

Monday, March 18[th] 1844 At home reciting German with [Alexander] Neibaur. Last night froze in the house. Considerable snow.

2 P.M. Secretary Richards called and gave me letter from [blank] and &c. which I read. [several lines left blank]

5 1/2 P.M. W[illiam] W. Phelps went past the office on the [way to board the] Leboner for St. Louis. [rest of page blank] {page 41}

Tuesday, March 19[th] 1844 9 A.M. in council [with Council of Fifty] in assembly room. [rest of page blank] {page 42}

[page left blank] {page 43}

Wednesday, [March] 20th 1844 A.M. and P.M. in assembly room studying the languages. [several lines left blank] Elder Woodruff read me a letter to Col[onel] Copeland (in my office) concerning his being Vice Pres[iden]t. [several lines left blank] "Voice of Innocence" [was published] in this days Neighbor. [rest of page blank] {page 44}

Thursday, [March] 21[st] 1844 In council [with Council of Fifty] over the store. [rest of page blank] {page 45}

Friday, March 22[nd] 1844 At home. [several lines left blank] 10 A.M. Held court in my office. [several lines left blank] Read German in the reading room. [several lines left blank] Cold and windy for some days. {page 46}

Saturday, March 23[rd] At home. Rode out and spent the day in councilling. [several lines left blank] Warmer. {page 47}

Sunday, March 24[th] 1844 10 A.M. I preached at the Temple stand followed by O[rson] Spencer, and Pres[iden]t Rigdon.

On the stand I related what was told me yesterday by Mr. Eaton that W[illia]m Law, Wilson Law, R[obert] D. Foster, Chaunc[e]y L. Higbee and Joseph Jackson had held a caucus designing to destroy all the Smith family in a few weeks [by revealing details of Nauvoo polygamy]. [several lines left blank]

After meeting I rode out with Emma and [upon return] held conversation with a large company at my door. [rest of page blank] {page 48}

Monday, March 25[th] At home in the morning. Rode out A.M. After dinner rode up to the upper landing to see the [p.461] "St. Louis Oak" steamer. Emigrants from England are expected soon. Called at my office on my return and read Memorial to Congress [requesting authorization to raise an army of 100,000 to explore and protect settlers in Oregon and Texas,] which my clerk had been writing as committee of council [of Fifty] of Thursday last. Was pleased with the instrument. [rest of page blank] {page 49}

Tuesday, March 26[th] 1844 From 9 to 12 in council [with Council of Fifty]. [several lines left blank] From 2 to 5 P.M. in council. [several lines left blank] Warm, some wet. {page 50}

Wednesday, March 27[th] 1844 This morning started to go to Ramus in co[mpany] with Bro[ther] Amasa Lyman but found it so muddy [we] turned back. [We] rode up as far as the Temple. [several lines left blank]

Issued warrant for Ianthus Rolf for stealing 2 stone cutter's tools on complaint [of] Vernon H. Bruce. [several lines left blank] This evening Dr. Reynolds of Iowa City lectured on Astronomy in my study. [rest of page blank] {page 51}

Thursday, March 28[th] 1844 [several lines left blank] Transferred Rolls trial to Aaron Johnson Justice [of the] Peace. This afternoon had my study plastered where the same had been knocked of[f] &c. [rest of page blank] {page 52}

Friday, March 29[th] 1844 At home. [several lines left blank] This P.M. Mr. and Miss Cole had a public exhibition of their school in my reading room, which closed their 2d quarter. [rest of page blank] {page 53}

Saturday, March 30[th] 1844 This morning I heard there was some disturbance on the hill. Rode up and found it reported a robbery had been committed at the Key Stone Store. Mr Rollosson [had been robbed] of some $14100] or [$] 1,500 and some goods and they were suspicious of a certain black man. I issued a general search warrant and returned to my office where I found the black man Chism [was in distress] with his back lacerated from his shoulders to his hips with 20 or more lashes. My clerk, Dr. Richards, kept him secreted and called Aaron Johnson a justice who issued his warrant for [blank] a Missourian who had boardered at my house a few days and on testimony fined him five dollars and cost for whipping Chism. One Easton a witness said he could not testify without implicating himself and he was [p.462] apprehended and held in custody. Marr Esq[ui]r[e] refused to testify because he was counsel. [rest of page blank] {page 54}

Sunday, March 31st 1844 At home this morning. At 9 [A.M.] went to my reading room and signed a Memorial to Congress for the privilege of raising 100,000 volunteers to protect the Texas, Oregon, &c. dated 26th. Also a Memorial to the Presi[dent] for the same purpose if the other fail and an introductory letter to Orson Hyde who was going to car[r]y the Memorials to Washington.

About noon the funeral of Gen[eral] Wilson Law's wife was attended.

About this time Bro[ther] Mills, one of the police, informed me that [blank [Chauncey]] Higby /&c/ drew a pistol on him the night before &c. I instructed him to make complaint to Esqu[ire] Wells and have him apprehended. [several lines left blank] A very cold time for a week past. {page 55}

Monday, April 1[st] 1844 Easton was brought up as being accessory to whipping Chism. I referred the case to Alderman Wells. On investigations, it appeared to the satisfaction of the court that he had been on trial for the same offence before Robert D. Foster and acquitted. It was evident to all present that it was a mock trial and so conducted designedly to frustrate the ends of justice, but it was thought best to acquit Easton and appeal from /to/ county court.

Francis L. Higby was fined $10.00 by Alderman Wells for abusive language to the Marshal. Francis L. Higby and Chaunc[e]y L. Higby were brought up for assualting the police before Wells and acquitted. [several lines left blank] Cool and windy. {page 56}

Tuesday, April 2d 1844 At home. Somewhat unwell and kept my house this day. John P. Green, Marshal and Andrew and John Lytle police force arrested by warrant of R[obert] D. Foster on complaint of F. M. Higby for false imprisonment. As case was going to trial the prisoners were taken by Habeus Corpus before Municipal court and tomorrow P.M. 1 o'clock set for trial. [several lines left blank] Strong wind. Warm this eve[ning]. {page 57}

April 3rd 1844, Wednesday [several lines left blank] 1 P.M. I presided in the municipal court. J[ohn] P. Green, Andrew Lytle and John Lytle on Habeus Corpus, taken away from R[obert] D. [p.463] Foster's court, where they had been arrained on complaint of Chaunc[e]y L. Higbee for false imprisonment. Prayer of Petitions [were] granted and court decided that Chaunc[e]y L. Higby was a very disorderly person. [rest of page blank] {page 58}

Thursday, April 4[th] 1844 In council [with Council of Fifty] in reading Room from 9 to 12 A.M. and from 1 to 4 P.M. O[rson] Hyde was at council and left for Washington immediately after council [to present Joseph Smith's memorial to Congress]. [rest of page blank] {page 59} (Scott H. Faulring, An American Prophet's Record, p. 452-463).


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
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Thursday April 4th. 1844

9 o clock A.M. Council met pursuant to adjournment Prest. Joseph Smith in the chair

The chairman introduced Edward Bonney & Elias Smith to the council.

The minutes of the last meeting was read and accepted after which Prest. J. Smith arose to explain the object of the council to those who had not been previous. He also stated the principles on which the council was organized

They cheerfully conceded to the order whereupon on motion of E[lde]r W[illard] Richards they were admitted members by the unanimous vote of the council and took their seats in proper order [p. [74]]

On motion, Er W[illiam] W. Phelps read a communication from the Washington Globe on the subject of General Joseph Smiths views of the powers & policy of the government of the United States

A letter by J[ohn] J. Hardin U. S. representative was also read by the chairman

Er [Sidney] Rigdon arose to make a few remarks on general subjects. He referred largely to the anticipations of the Ancients respecting the glories of the days in which we live, showing that the Angels had joy in heaven when before the creation they looked down and saw the privileges we enjoy in this organization.
During the time Er Rigdon was speaking eleven of the Potawottamie [p. [75]] tribe of Indians attended by a French Interpreter appeared & were admitted into the council. They made known that they were friendly to the Mormon people, and wanted their influence They had been oppressed by the U. S. government and did not want to sell them any more land. Prest J. and others told them that we were doing all we could for them and that God would be pleased if they would cease their wars with each other & be at peace

They tarried only a short season and then withdrew evidently well pleased with their interview after which Prest. J. Smith made some remarks on the spread of the principles of eternal [p. [76]] truth in the nations of Indians

Er Richards motioned to adjourn 2 hours which was over-ruled by prest J. Smith. He was opposed to adjourning more than one hour. He would rather continue together, and wanted to see men take an interest in what they do.

He then again referred to the magnitude and importance of this work, He also referred to a document relating to the Texas, in which she had petitioned Congress to protect her from destruction by foreign marauders.

Er John Taylor referred to the designs and purposes of God in the last days, of restoring righteous principles for the government of his people, and rejoiced that we have the honor to be called to [p. [77]] the glorious privilege of sharing a part in this work.


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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Prest. Joseph Smith read from a Congress Document some remarks by Senator [Sidney] Breese in relation to the Oregon.
On motion the council adjourned 1 hour

Thursday April 4—1844

1 o clock P.M. Council met pursuant to adjornmt

The minutes of this mornings meeting were read, after which the chairman enquired whether the committee appointed to draught a constitution be ready to report.

Er Water Dog Richards said the committee were not yet ready inasmuch as Er P[arley] P. Pratt was gone away & they had not [p. [78]] done anything since.

Er Taylor also gave some reasons why the committee had not prosecuted their labors.

Er Hyrum Smith made some remarks on the proposed constitution He was in favor of having a constitution as consice as possible to embrace all that was necessary for our guidance.

The chairman vacated his seat and called Uncle John Smith to the chair

Er Erastus Snow said he was in favor of forming a document which would cover and meet every case. He wished it broad enough to be benificial yet as concise and limited in substance as possible.

He was followed by Er O[rson] Hyde on [p. [79]] the same subject, who was also in favor of a condensed document, believing that God would write his laws on our hearts &c

Er Amasa Lyman gave an address on the character of the kingdom of God, its powers, organization &c

Er Taylor explained further in relation to the constitution. He referred to the form of church government in this church. He was followed by Er Hyrum Smith on the same subject.

Er Alman [Almon] Babbit differed in some respects from some of the preceeding speakers. He explained his views on laws in general (i.e.) the laws of the land. He referred to the apostacy of the children of Israel in choosing a king [p. [80]]

Prest. Joseph Smith arose to give some instructions to the council & especially to the committee. He commenced by showing, that the reason why men always failed to establish important measures was, because in their organization they never could agree to disagree long enough to select the pure gold from the dross by the process of investigation. He said that it was right always to judge in favor of the innocent, and it was wrong always, to judge in favor of the guilty He wanted to see a constitution that would compel a man to execute justice in favor of the innocent.

Er O. Hyde asked how he should reply if he should be questioned at Washington in relation to our designs and future [p. [81]] intentions. Prest. J. Smith explained.

Er A. Babbit asked a question which was answered by the Prest.

Prest. J. Smith also gave the committee some further instructions relative to the course they should pursue.
The chairman offered remarks on the same subject.

Motioned by Er B[righam] Young & seconded by Er A[lpheus] Cutler that the remaining three committee draught the constitution and report tomorrow evening at 5 o clock— carried

The council then adjourned untill tomorrow evening at 5 o clock. [p. [82]]


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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Friday April 5th. 1844 5 o clock P.M.

Council met pursuant to adjournt.

Prest. Joseph Smith in the chair The chairman introduced E[lde]r G[eorge] J. Adams to the council, and for brother Adams benifit explained the order and object of the organization.

On motion Er G. J. Adams was admitted a member by unanimous vote

On motion the reading of the minutes was dispensed with and the report of the committee called for.

Er John Taylor reported progress & asked for more time. He called upon Er Water Dog [Willard] Richards to read the portion of the document ready, which was done [p. [83]] Er W[illiam] W. Phelps gave some further reasons why the document had been delayed and the course the committee had pursued since their reappointment yesterday.

On motion it was resolved that the committee have further time allowed to prepare the document.

Er John Taylor explained further the views of—and the course pursued by the committee. He referred to the lack of power and correct principles in the various governments of the earth.

The chairman explained the meaning of the word “Ahman” which signifies the first man or first God, and “Ahman Christ” signifies the first mans [p. [84]] son. He then referred to the labors of the committee and said that the council could not decide as to their labors untill they had completed their work. They could only sanction what been done and the committee must continue untill they had completed the document.

Er Hyrum Smith said that the course which the committee had pursued was the very course, suggested to him before they commenced their labors

Er L[orenzo] D. Wasson made some remarks on government in general.

Er Wilford Woodruff wished to speak some of the feelings of his heart. He referred to the intelligence and power he had realized while sitting [p. [85]] in this council. He was favorable to the document already presented and considered it good. Our proceedings are not designed to gratify the gentile world, but they are dignified and honorable. He rejoiced at the privilege of sitting in this council. He recommeded that the council hold up the committee by their prayers and hoped the council would all do so.

Er P[eter] Haws rejoiced to be associated with this council. He was pleased to see the spirit of union which prevails amongst the members. He referred to the few who were organized some 14 years ago and how they had prevailed He next referred to the three that bear re[p. [86]]cord in heaven and three that bear witness on earth, as a principle connected with the government of God’s kingdom on the earth.

Er R[eynolds] Cahoon considered the subject before the council ahead of every thing presented to his view ever before; that we were preparing a foundation for the fulfilment of the prophets; that the constitutions of the nations of the earth compared to the constitutions of Gods kingdom is like the skeleton of a horse head, compared to the head itself (Here Er W[illiam] Clayton was sick and had leave of absence). We want a permanent rock to place our feet upon, a foundation laid by God himself, calculated for our [p. [87]] peace and happiness and for our children, and childrens children and our fathers &c, that would circumscribe the salvation of the human family.

Er Adams said this was the happiest hour of his life. He did not believe there was another government under heaven that would suffer so much persecution to the saints as this government and not redress their greivances. He wanted a perfect code of laws right from the throne of God. He closed his remarks by shouting hosanna to God &c.

Er Levi Richards has been extremely interested in the contemplations [p. [88]] of the evening. Never had felt those lofty songs of freedom burn within him as on this evening. We want laws to govern us, which are, “thus saith the Lord. God has said of the last days that he would rule all nations with a rod of Iron which is the word of God.

Er. C[harles] C. Rich said that Governments must have originated from some place—if from heaven they ought to pattern after heaven, and we discover that when God gives laws they do not agree with the laws of men. If we had not the oracles of God, and power to commune with the heavens it would be impossible for us to obtain the object we are [p. [89]] seeking after. He would not exchange his seat in this council for any seat on the earth, nor any crown.

Er H[eber] C. Kimball said he had sweat an hour, and wanted to say a few words. The spirit had been like fire in his bones, He said we must lay a foundation broad enough to reinstate all things which have not been made perfect. We must swallow the whole stream and then will have all power.

Er [Brigham] Young. said spirits had been more susceptible these few councils than ever before. He thought when he came in this church he should never want to keep book accounts again, Why? he thought the law [p. [90]] would be written in every mans heart, and there would be that perfection in our lives, nothing further would be needed. He then referred to the imperfection and corruption of the governments of the earth. No line can be drawn between the church and other governments, of the spritual and temporal affairs of the church. Revelations must govern. The voice of God, shall be the voice of the people. We want to build up the whole church, in all longsuffering &c. Republicanism is, to enjoy every thing there is in heaven, earth or hell to be enjoyed, and not infringe upon the rights of another, and many great things which could not be written [p. [91]]

Er E[rastus] Snow spake in favor of Moses’ government.

Er A. Babbit [Almon Babbitt] referred to A[lexander] Campbells views of Mormonism. That there is a spirit in it that will convince the learned, wanted to go up stream as fast as possible.

Er J. P. Green [John P. Greene] had never felt much interest in political government, but much in the government of heaven

Er D[avid] D. Yearsley spoke of his experience He had found since he had come into this church that we had got to be men. Never considered himself decently whip’t until he was whipt with a rod taken out of his own hand, and many other good things. [p. [92]]

Er A. Babbit gave his assent to Er Adams admission to the council, inasmuch as he was absent when the vote was taken.

The chairman spake of his observations on the constitution the previous evening. He approved of the observations of Er Yearsley. We have a right to complain of the government untill they redress our wrongs.

Er [Sidney] Rigdon entertained no fears that legal exceptions to this council could or would be taken. There was nothing done here but he was willing should be proclaimed on the house tops

On motion the council adjourned untill next thursday at 9 A.M. [p. [93]]

Thursday April 11th. 1844 9 o clock A.M.

Council met pursuant to adjournment in the Masonic Hall, Prest. J. Smith in the chair.

The chairman read the following letter from Alman Babbit [Almon Babbitt], viz.

Macedonia April 10th. 1844. To the Honorable president and councillors of the kingdom of God, Sirs, Circumstances that is not in my power to controll prevent me from meeting with you on the 11 Inst. I will therefore say from the confidence which I have in your deliberation, I will most cheerfully give my sanction to all measures which may receive your sanction.

Yours very respectfully

A.W. Babbitt [p. [94]]

On motion E[lde]r Babbat was excused.

Er G[eorge] A. Smith said Uncle John Smith was detained by sickness.

On motion he was also excused.

Some members yet being absent, a messenger was sent to request their immediate attendance, inasmuch as no motion could become a law without the vote of all the members of the Council, except they were sent away on business for the council.

The chairman vacated his seat and called Er [Sidney] Rigdon to the chair.

The absent members arrived & was seated.

On motion the minutes of the last meeting was read and accepted, after which

Prest J. Smith introduced Ezra Thayer [p. [95]] Joseph Fielding222 and Mr Merinus G. Eaton to the council and requested the chairman pro. Tem to give a history of the nature of the council.

The chairman pro Tem said “he arose with pleasure to explain the nature & object of the council. The design was to form a Theocracy according to the will of Heaven, planted without any intention to interfere with any government of the world. We wish to have nothing to do with them. We have no violence to offer to governments, no rights to infringe. The object is to live so far above their laws that they cannot interfere with us, unless by violence. We will hunt a spot somewhere on the earth where no other government has jurisdiction and cannot [p. [96]] interfere with us and there plant our standard. You need not fear that we design to trample on the rights of any man or set of men, only to seek the enjoyment of our own rights. It is nevertheless necessary to be careful and prudent inasmuch as there is so much disposition in the minds of men to cry treason at every thing we do. We may expect to have every specie of iniquity and mobocracy practised upon us that can be; hence the necessity of the utmost confidence & integrity amongst ourselves”. He then referred to the rule that was adopted in the organization of the council respecting those who might turn traitor. He continued and said “We have been betrayed in times [p. [97]] past, and we consider it wisdom to be careful, lest some pervert the truth and make trouble. We do not intend to make fools of ourselves, of each other or of our God, but when we make a covenant we intend to keep it”.

Those brethren were called upon to say if they assented to the regulations of the council. They answered in the affirmative.

Prest. J. Smith followed Er Rigdon on the same subject. He said there was nothing to require a man to submit to the order of the council unless he was so disposed. Any man who did not acquiesce with our regulations could withdraw & say nothing about it. He could either go or tarry as he saw proper.

The brethren further signified their [p. [98]] entire assent separately

The chairman pro. tem. said further that we had chosen our beloved Prest. Joseph Smith as our standing chairman, and our mouth between us and our God

On motion the candidates were received by unanimous vote and were seated in order.

On motion of Er Wm. Marks it was Resolved, that whenever convenient, our councils shall be opened by prayer, beginning at the oldest and down through the council in order to the youngest.

Prest. J. Smith further suggested the propriety of reading a chapter on opening our councils—agreed to unanimously

Er Rigdon the chairman pro. tem. [p. [99]] read Isaiah chap 40 & offered prayer.

On motion the name of the council was read for the benifit of the new members & cheerfully accepted by them.

Er B[righam] Young called for the report of the Committee.

Prest. J. Smith offered some remarks of a political character and referred to a discourse between him & Dr [William] Goforth in relation to our political name. He said that Dr Goforth had asked the question as to our political title and he had told him it should be, “Jeffersonianism, Jeffersonian Democracy, free trade and Sailors rights, protection of person & property[”]

On motion the name was unanimously adopted [p. [100]]

Er W[illard] Richards arose to say that the first edition of “General Smiths views of the powers and policy of the Government of the U.S.” was near all sold and he motioned that a new edition be published with the foregoing “name” for its caption

Er Levi Richards asked whether “Jeffersonian” or “Jefferson” Democracy was most proper.

Prest. J. Smith said one was proper as the other.

The question was called for and the motion adopted unanimously

The call for the report of the Committee was renewed, whereupon Er [John] Taylor arose and said that in consequence [p. [101]] of public engagements during conference which was indispensible they had had no opportunity to meet since last council and on behalf of the committee requested further time

On motion further time was given

Er W[illiam] W. Phelps of the committee arose to say that probably the document in progress was the most important ever undertaken by any committee and required time; and as the conference was important, they had considered it wisdom to give all the impetus they could to the conference. He said that inasmuch as we have a lawgiver appointed of heaven he was anxious that the committee could have his assistance to prepare the document. [p. [102]]

Er C[ornelius] P. Lott said that he had learned that inasmuch as we had a man appointed to guide us, that no undertaking seems to go right without his assistance, and they would finally have to call his assistance after all. The savior said without me ye can do nothing. He thinks the shortest way is to have the prest. come to it first as last

Er W.W. Phelps motioned that Prest. J. Smith be added to the Committee which was seconded by Er W. Richards

Prest. J. Smith arose and said that the committee were first appointed to bring forth all the intelligence they could, and when their productions were presented to him he could correct the [p. [103]] errors and fill the interstices where it was lacking. He had considered that a Theocracy consisted in our exercising all the intelligence of the council, and bringing forth all the light which dwells in the breast of every man, and then let God approve of the document & receiveing the sanction of the council it becomes a law. Theocracy as he understands it is, for the people to get the voice of God and then acknowledge it, and see it executed. It is necessary for the council to exhaust their wisdom, and except they do they will never know but they are as wise as God himself, and ambitious men will, like Lucifer think they are as wise as God and will try to lift themselves up and put their foot [p. [104]] on the necks of others. There has always been some man to put himself forward and say I am the great I &c. I want the council to exert all their wisdom in this thing, and when they see that they cannot get a perfect law themselves, and I can, then, they will see from whence wisdom flows. I know I can get the voice of God on the subject. Vox populi, Vox Dei. The voice of the people assenting to the voice of God. There never has been a man in this age who could tell the people what the true principles of liberty was. Washington did not do it. I don't want to be ranked with that committee I am a committee of myself, and cannot mingle with any committee in such [p. [105]] matters. The station which I hold is an independant one and ought not to be mingled with any thing else. Let the Committee get all the droppings they can from the presence of God and bring it to me, and if it needs correction or enlargement I am ready to give it. The principles by which the world can be governed is the principle of two or three being united. Faith cannot exist without a concentration of two or three. The sun, moon and planets roll on that principle. If God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost were to disagree, the worlds would clash together in an instant. He referred to brother Lot [Cornelius P. Lott] and his farming & said God would prosper him because he gets [p. [106]] his mind right. When I get any thing from God I shall be alone. I understand the principles of liberty we want. I have had the instructions It is necessary that this council should abide by their instructions. From henceforth let it be understood that I shall not associate with any committee I want every man to get knowledge, search the laws of nations and get all the information they can. There can be no exceptions taken to any thing that any man can say in this council. I don't want any man ever to assent to any thing in this council and then find fault with it.

don't decide in favor of any thing untill you know it. Every man ought to study Geography, [p. [107]] Governments and languages, so that he may be able to go forth to any nation and before any multitude with eloquence

Er Hyrum Smith said the observations by our Prest. so well accorded with his own feelings that he wanted to say a few words. When Moses was appointed to lead the people, God gave him Aaron to speak for him. When God called Enoch he wanted to know why God had done so inasmuch as he was an illiterate man &c. God told him to go forth and he would justify his words. Enoch went forth in the exercise of faith, not in the exercise of great words. God walked with him 300 years. Moses had power. before him Mount Sinai trembled and shook to the centre. Had Moses [p. [108]] not gone forth in the exercise of faith he would not have accomplished the work which God sent him to do. We stand in the same light. We have greater power and are called to do a greater work. We have more power than Enoch and have a greater work to do than Enoch had and we shall accomplish it.” He then referred to the principles of a Theocracy and hopes every man will get into the spirit of his calling.

Dr W. Richards said he had thought there was a motion before the house & consequently had seconded it. He did it that we might get instruction on the subject. He knew that Prest. J. Smith would not mingle with the committee

Er W.W. Phelps arose to explain [p. [109]] the reason why he offered the resolution. He compared the work of Prest. J. Smith with the work of the saviour & showed the importance of his undertaking. He will stand by the Prest. and support him. If a man fall into the mud he wants every man to be willing to lift him up. In the committee he would do every thing he could to accomplish the thing he was appointed to accomplish”. He went on to prove from the scriptures that Prest. Joseph is the man chosen of God to bring to pass the establishment of the kingdom of God. If after all our labors we should not be able to get what we want we will then call upon our head. He next referred [p. [110]] to the constitution of the U.S. and the declaration of Independance. In that there are a few pearls but a tremendous sight of chaff. Our spirits are eternal in the shape of God Almighty, and was put into this body which is like unto an earthen vessel. There was then another spirit which was the breath of life breathed into me. The framers of the constitution had the spirits God gave them. He next referred to the Missouri persecution The saints remain driven & exiled holding their hands to heaven for redress. The boasted freedom of these U. States is gone, gone to hell, where the〈y〉 (the mobbers) will all go if they do not repent. Our women have been abused [p. [111]] by them, some of whom have the name of being religious. He next referred to the Red men of the forrest and how the citizens of the U.S. had used them &c. The times of the gentiles are fulfilled and God will convert their riches for the use of his people. He asked the prayers of the council on behalf of the committe that they might be enabled to do the best they could at the document. He will put in every mans hands a whip to lass [lash?] the rascals naked through the world and then as Mc Duff says cursed be he that says he has enough He then referred to the earth being divided and mans life shortened, and said that inasmuch as there was a promise to restore the earth, why ought we not [p. [112]] to look for our lives to be lengthened.

Er G. A. Smith offered a motion to adjourn which was over-ruled.

Er Erastus Snow arose to repeat the expression of Er [George J.] Adams the other evening for he feels this to be the happiest moment he ever enjoyed. He feels as though his soul expanded every time we meet. We have never realized the strength and power of the simple expressions in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants—“Be patient for I am laying the foundation of a great work”. It may yet be said that we are still laying the foundation of a great work, and I am happy that I have the privilege of associating with our beloved prophet and the members of this council, and [p. [113]] prays that I may live as long as Moses” He said he never rejoiced as much as he did to day when Prest. Joseph was making his remarks. He concluded by offering a motion that this honorable assembly receive from this time henceforth and forever, Joseph Smith, as our Prophet, Priest & King, and uphold him in that capacity in which God has anointed him.

The motion was seconded and accepted unanimously.

A motion was offered to take a second expression on Er Snows motion.

The chairman pro. tem wishing to make a remark on the subject Er Samuel Bent was called to the chair [p. [114]] Er Rigdon then offered as an amendment that the above expression be received with Hossannas to God and the Lamb and motioned that we adjourn at the same time.

Er E. Snow said that was his original motion.

A motion was offered to adjourn and discussed.

The vote was then taken on the resolution offered by E. Snow, the amendment by Er Rigdon, coupled with an adjournment for one hour.

Whereupon the council adjourned agreeable to E. Snows motion with shouts of Hossanna to God and the Lamb Amen and Amen [p. [115]]

Thursday April 11th. 1844 2 o clock P.M.

Council met pursuant to adjournment and opened by singing two Hymns

The chairman made some remarks on the absence of brother Edward Bonney the cause of absence, and his good feelings towards the council &c
He then went on to say that for the benifit of mankind and succeeding generations he wished it to be recorded that there are men admitted members of this honorable council, who are not members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, neither profess any creed or religious sentiment whatever, to show that in the organization of this [p. [116]] kingdom men are not consulted as to their religious opinions or notions in any shape or form whatever and that we act upon the broad and liberal principal that all men have equal rights, and ought to be respected, and that every man has a privilege in this organization of choosing for himself voluntarily his God, and what he pleases for his religion, inasmuch as there is no danger but that every man will embrace the greatest light. God cannot save or damn a man only on the principle that every man acts, chooses and worships for himself; hence the importance of thrusting from us every spirit of bigotry and intollerance towards [p. [117]] a mans religious sentiments, that spirit which has drenched the earth with blood— When a man feels the least temptation to such intollerance he ought to spurn it from him. It becomes our duty on account of this intollerance and corruption—the inalienable right of man being to think as he pleases—worship as he pleases &c being the first law of every thing that is sacred—to guard every ground all the days of our lives. I will appeal to every man in this council beginning at the youngest that when he arrives to the years of Hoary age he will have to say that the principles of intollerance and bigotry never had a place in this [p. [118]] kingdom, nor in my breast, and that he is even then ready to die rather than yeild to such things. Nothing can reclaim the human mind from its ignorance, bigotry, superstition &c but those grand and sublime principles of equal rights and universal freedom to all men. We must not despise a man on account of infirmity. We ought to love a man more for his infirmity. Nothing is more congenial to my feelings and principles, than the principles of universal freedom and has been from the beginning. If I can know that a man is susceptible of good feelings & integrity and will stand by his friends, he is my friend. The only thing I am afraid of is, that I will not live long [p. [119]] enough to enjoy the society of these my friends as long as I want to. Let us from henceforth drive from us every species of intollerance. When a man is free from it he is capable of being a critic. When I have used every means in my power to exalt a mans mind, and have taught him righteous principles to no effect—he is still inclined in his darkness, yet the same principles of liberty and charity would ever be manifested by me as though he embraced it. Hence in all governments or political transactions a mans religious opinions should never be called in question. A man should be judged by the law independant of religious prejudice, hence we want in our [p. [120]] constitution those laws which would require all its officers to administer justice without any regard to his religious opinions, or thrust him from his office. There is only two or three things lacking in the constitution of the United States. If they had said all men all born equal, and not only that but they shall have their rights, they shall be free, or the armies of the government should be compelled to enforce those principles of liberty. And the President or Governor who does not do this, and who does not enforce those principles he shall lose his head. When a man is thus bound by a constitution he cannot refuse to protect his subjects, he dare not do it. And when a Governor [p. [121]] or president will not protect his subjects he ought to be put away from his office.

I can cloth the old skeleton (referring to a figure used by Er [Reynolds] Cahoon to shew his views of the present constitution) although it was an old dead horses head, but it is not necessary for it only requires two or three sentences in a constitution to govern the world. Only cloth the officers of government with the power of free tolerance and compel them to exercise and enforce those principles and we have what we want. Give our Marshal the power of free tolerance and see if he would not exercise it. Only think! When a man can enjoy his liberties and has the power of [p. [122]] civil officers to protect him, how happy he is”.

While the president was speaking on these subjects he felt animated and used a 24 inch gauge or rule pretty freely till finally he broke it in two in the middle.

Er B. Young said, that as the rule was broken in the hands of our chairman so might every tyrannical government be broken before us.

Mr Uriah Brown arose to thank the chair for the explanation given concerning himself and the two other gentlemen, who are admitted members of this council and are not members of the Church. He is not connected with any religious body. He has sought after [p. [123]] virtue and truth, but has seen mens practices so contrary to their preaching that he had turned his attention another way. He is most happy to day to see the liberality displayed by this body. He related an anecdote of an old Indian who visited Washington, when at supper the landlord had nothing but skunk to eat—it was skunk upon skunk and nothing but skunk—and he considered it was just so with the sectarian religion it was skunk upon skunk & nothing else. He concluded by illustrating his views of the situation of our government by relating an anecdote of a sick woman.

Er A[masa] Lyman said, “whilst he had been listening to the remarks made [p. [124]] he had been led to reflect whether he had ever heard of any thing in religion that was calculated to make a man happy except the principles enjoyed here. This is the happiest time he ever saw. He never has been very unhappy. At this time there are those things that create in him feelings of which he has only enjoyed a very small taste, and he now begins to feel the inconvenience of not having capacity to enjoy more. There is a spirit in it which demonstrates an eternal progress. It is like a fire in his bones, and he feels full and wants to enjoy more. he must know more. If he were to go according to his feelings he should be perfectly ridiculous. The feelings originate in his being pleased. [p. [125]] and as this thing pleases him better than anything else he ever knew before he feels more happy. He looks for a full and perfect emancipation of the whole human race, that the sound of oppression should be buried in eternal oblivion. The paltry considerations of earthly gain and glory falls into insignificance before the glories we now realize. The object we have in view is not to save a man alone or a nation, but to call down the power of God and let all be blessed, protected, saved and made happy—burst of the chains of oppression. This is a kingdom worth having. The political principals of this kingdom comes down from heaven and reaches down to the prisons of the dead. What we want of it is just [p. [126]] enough to protect a man in his rights. but we never read of a government that would do that. Reference had been made to the government of Enock, but it went away. It was so like God and so unlike man that they could not bear it. He referred to the kingdom spoken of by Daniel as a stone cut out of the mountain without hands which rolled untill it filled the whole earth. A stone does not roll up hill, but down. This stone was to roll, and expand, gather strength and gather force all the while, so the kingdom of God will begin to roll and continue to roll, and attract to itself all the purity, virtue and goodness out of every nation and kingdom wherever it exists. It is like the magnet, it will [p. [127]] attract every thing of similar properties to itself. This is the kind of a kingdom that pleases him. He is glad to live in this age, and is glad that he did not live sooner. He wants to live to see the rolling of the kingdom. The assurance of the everlasting and eternal duration of the kingdom will cap the climax of our happiness and joy. If God has appointed a man to rise to immortal glory he will rise with him, for he will hold on to the skirts of his garments. He has not reflected on the sacrifice we may have to make, for he does not think any sacrifice to great to make for the glories of this kingdom, even if it requires us to leave father, mother, wives & children. He that will not leave that these, cannot enjoy the kingdom, because he cannot [p. [128]] attend to it. He referred to the excuses made at the marriage supper spoken of in a parable by the Saviour. It proves to us, that there is nothing so dear, no ties so great that we cannot part with for the kingdom even if the ties be as strong as existed in the bosom of Abraham towards Isaac. If a man will not sacrifice, the principle of a God is not in him. When a man is tried in every point, then nothing is left but the will of God, and he will then be clothed with the power of God, and it brings him peace and eternal happiness.

Er Rigdon arose to give some reasons for the course he had taken [p. [129]] in relation to this last kingdom—this last order of Heaven—this last order of Government &c that will ever take place. He is well aware that there are some things necessary to enable any man, however competent, to realize the importance of this subject. There are certain things necessary to be observed to uphold any reflecting mind in this thing. He can see that according to the highest light and evidence that we have, one question is settled, that is, that the earth is fast approaching its dissolution. There were things in relation to this world that must approximate to the crisis now approaching. There never has been an organization, no odds by whom or [p[130]] ganized, of a government whether monarchial, aristocratic or Republic that was adapted to the wants of the community at large. If there ever had been such it would have been on the earth at this day. The organization of this government is an anomaly, brought into existence to accomplish a something which no other government ever did. He understood the great Jehovah to be the God of the whole earth, its founder & author &c, and he never would rest untill he had accomplished his purposes in relation to it. God looked down upon the nations of the earth as a father looks upon his children. He saw one of his children trying to rule another, [p. [131]] inventing systems of religious government &c., trying to gain power and ascendency over one another, but he had decreed that he would put an end to such an order, because he loved them, and establish a government so exalted in its principles as not to permit of corruption. However the world may have looked upon us, they will view us in a very different light. They will view us as the only persons in possession of the pure principles of wisdom and intelligence God designed that we should give our assent to the appointment of a King in the last days; and our religious, civil and political salvation depends on that thing. [p. [132]]

The nations of the are earth are very fast approximating to an utter ruin and overthrow. All the efforts the nations are making will only tend to hasten on the final doom of the world and bring it to its final issue. All the various inventions and specimens of the ingenuity of man, although calculated to increase the happiness of man, will tend to hasten on the approaching dissolution of the earth.

God looked through the vista of unborn time, and saw the history of unborn nations from the beginning” The speaker then glanced at the character of the various nations and kingdoms of the earth from Moses to Nebuchadnezar. He said “It is arts and sciences [p. [133]] that makes a nation terrible in war, Antiquity shows us that those nations never ceased their civilizations and overthrows of each other. Civilization was a curse, and the efforts men made was only preparing them for destruction. The nations now have no better understanding, nor are they better calculated to govern than they were then. Death and desolation will come next. Wars the most terrible. The destruction of Jerusalem was but a small circumstance compared to that which will follow the work of the last days. Well might the great father say, that he will cut the work short in righteousness. He looks at the present state of things. He contemplates [p. [134]] the approaching dissolution when men will be ruined by their own inventions He referred to the blessings God would bestow upon his people when he had established his kingdom. The toil of man and the sweat of his brow would cease. Every thing would be fruitful and happy.—

Er Orson Spencer said he felt like a person who enters a vineyard where there is an abundance of every good thing but is careful which to touch. He refferred to the glorious instructions and intelligence which had dropped from the lips of the preceeding speakers. He said the principle of free toleration is noble and endearing. It is only the guilty mind that is intolerant: they are afraid of Exposure. [p. [135]] He felt that we are certain of success in the accomplishment of our purposes, viewing the union which exists in our midst. He referred to the contrast between this council and the situations of the nations of the earth. He concluded his remarks by expressing his grateful feelings for the principles inculcated by the members of this council.

Er G.J. Adams spoke of some things he had thought of during the day. He would like to have a king to reign in righteousness, and inasmuch as our president is proclaimed prophet, priest and king. He is ready when the time comes to go and tell the news to 10000 people. The people will be for war when [p. [136]] we have grown, yet they will say let us not go to war against Zion for the inhabitants thereof are terrible. He referred to the remarks made by Catlin [Catiline] to the Roman Senate and compared them to our governors and statesmen.

Er D[avid] D. Yearsley expressed his satisfaction for the principles of liberality so nobly displayed during the day. He then referred to the principles afloat in the world, especially those of infidelity. He spake on the constitution of the U.S. its liberality &c He referred especially to the liberal (Ironical) principle which requires a foreigner to serve seven years before he can become a government officer. He also referred to the situation [p. [137]] of the sectarian world, showing that their progress had been by bloodshed and oppression, and to the principle of slavery being cherished in the United States. He hinted at an expression in Volneys ruins of Empires. He thought if Volney had lived he would have been a Mormon. He wished the day would soon come when he could have the privilege of proclaiming to the heads at Washington that the kingdom of God was set up.

Er R. Cahoon thinks that although much has been said there are many things which have not been hinted at. He was comforted at the sound of the word liberty, but never felt as though he fully realised it. He expressed his gratification for the privilege of being [p. [138]] a member of this council, and his delight at the displays of the principles of freedom and liberality as they exist amongst us. He looked back to the expressions of his father, and related a dream which his father dreamed before he died. He considered that whatever we can get that is good and benificial for ourselves, it is good for our neighbors. He spake of the kingdom of God in the last days, and did not expect that it would ever be thrown down, but that the standard would be exalted and all nations flow unto it. He considers that his life is but a trifle compared with the glory which surrounds us. He feels much interested for the salvation of his family. He feels grateful for the power [p. [139]] and blessings which God has poured on him. He realizes the glory of it. He referred to the persecution in Missouri. that there was no patriot to take their part. Also that they had appealed to Congress for redress but they would do nothing for us. He signified his determination to use his endeavors to carry on this work if it took all he had. He referred to the time when every man would sit under his own vine and fig tree and there would be none to make them afraid

A motion to adjourn was heard from several members.

Er John M. Bernhisel wished before adjournment to make a few remarks on the present290 prospects of Texas being annexed as stated in the public papers. [p. [140]] He thinks there is no doubt but it will be annexed if it is not already done.

The chairman said we need have no apprehensions on the subject inasmuch as God has the matter in his own hands.

The motion to adjourn was renewed whereupon the council adjourned till next thursday at 9 o clock to meet in the council Room.—— [6 lines blank] [p. [141]]


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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Thursday April 18th. 1844

9 o clock A.M. Council met pursuant to adjournment. Prest. J. Smith in the chair

The chairman introduced E[lde]r J[oseph] W. Coolidge and D.S. Holister [David S. Hollister] to the council and requested Er [Sidney] Rigdon to explain to them the nature of this organization upon which Er Rigdon arose & stated at some length the nature of the council proving its importance and glory by many passages of scripture. He called upon them to say if they would willingly comply with the rules of the council.

They signified their full assent

Whereupon on motion they were received as members by unanimous vote and [p. [142]] took their seats in order.

The chairman then arose and said that the council was full. He called upon the clerk to read over the names of the members which was doned, during which time the chairman stated the reasons why some of the members were absent and where they were gone.

On motion the name of the council was read and followed by explanation from the chair.

The clerk read the minutes of the last council which were accepted

Er D. S. Hollister then arose and said he could not express the satisfaction he felt at the privilege he enjoyed. He now understands the nature of the meeting & has no doubt with regard to the results. [p. [143]] He believes our deliverance is nearer than anticipated by many—when the stone cut out of the mountain without hands will fill the whole earth. He considers this the greatest events of his life.

Er E[zra] Thayer considers this the greatest day of his life. He feels happy for the privilege and for the instructions given. He had come for instruction that he might be happy with the rest of his brethren.

The chairman called upon Er [Samuel] Bent to open the council by prayer which was done.

The chairman went out a few minutes during which time Er B[righam] Young sung some verse composed [p. [144]] by Er W[illiam] W. Phelps.

The chairman returned and requested Er Young to repeat the song, which was done, after which the house was called to order and the chairman requested Er W.W. Phelps to read an article from the Nauvoo Neighbor in reply to an article from the Washington Globe of M[ar]ch 14.

Er W.W. Phelps, after reading the above article requested permission to withdraw, in order to correct the typographical errors in the document. Leave was given Before leaving he observed that the committee had done something preparatory for report and hoped in a little while they would be able to present something worth having.

The chair called upon the committee [p. [145]] for report whereupon Er [Willard] Richards of the Committee arose and read so much of the document as was prepared as follows,—

[Constitution of the Council of Fifty]

We, the people of the Kingdom of God, knowing that all power emanates from God, that the earth is his possession, and he alone has the right to govern the nations and set in order the kingdoms of this world; that he only has a right to institute laws and establish decrees for the government of the human family; that he is our Father in heaven; and we, his legitimate children, inhabiting his footstool, and that no rule, law, government, dominion or power, unless instituted by him, can be productive [p. [146]] of the greatest happiness, prosperity, exaltation and glory of his subjects:— And knowing also that none of the nations, kingdoms or governments of the earth do acknowledge the creator of the Universe as their Priest, Lawgiver, King and Sovereign, neither have they sought unto him for laws by which to govern themselves;— And knowing also, that there is not an original kingdom on the earth that holds the rightful authority from the king of Kings and Lord of Lords, to govern his subjects: but that all the nations have obtained their power, rule and authority by usurpation, rebellion, bloodshed, tyranny and fraud:—

And knowing also, [p. [147]] that no government, which has thus originated, has the disposition and power to grant that protection to the persons and rights of man, viz. life, liberty, possession of property, and pursuit of happiness, which was designed by their creator to all men; but that the cruelty, oppression, bondage, slavery, rapine, bloodshed, murder, carnage, desolation, and all the evils that blast the peace, exaltation, and glory of the universe, exist in consequence of unrighteous rule, and unlawful dominion, by which the pure, the patriotic, the noble, the virtuous, the philanthropic, the righteous and wise servants of God have [p. [148]] been persecuted, hunted, whipped, scourged, exiled, massacreed, sawn asunder, crucified and slain in all ages of the world, under all earthly authorities, and by every form of government, from the days of murderous Cain, to the days of the exterminating Boggs of Missouri; And that all the pride, corruption, impurity, intrigue, spiritual wickedness in high places, party spirit, faction, perplexity and distress of nations, are the natural results of these illegitimate governments:— And knowing that God hath created all men free and equal:— And having sought in vain among all the nations of the earth, to [p. [149]] find a government instituted by heaven; an assylum for the opprest; a protector of the innocent, and a shield for the defenceless:— an impenetrable Aegis for the honorable of all nations; uncorrupted by the usurpations of designing men, the contaminating influence of the love of Gold, and the lawless intrigues of aspiring demagogues:— unfettered by unrighteous legislation, and untrammelled by the mandates of an unjust judiciary; not degraded by a superstitious or religious influence: A Realm where liberty spreads undivided and operates unspent; and where truth and virtue are the centre and circumference [p. [150]] of the nation; are as enduring as the hills of eternity, and as omnipotent as the voice of Jehovah:— To hasten the accomplishment of his purposes: To fulfil the predictions of the prophets to establish a pure government; to lift up an ensign to the nations, and establish a standard for all people, that the strength, and the power, and the glory, and the exaltation, and the kingdom, and the dominion under the whole heavens, may become the kingdom of our God and of his Christ, as has been predicted by all the holy prophets since the world began, to be brought to pass on the earth in the last days; where peace, union, harmony, fellowship, phi[p. [151]]lanthropy, benevolence, virtue, and brotherly love shall reign triumphantly together in the bosom of every subject and where the elements, the light, the air, the water and the land shall be as free as the gift of their creator; where we can rest under the shadow of his wing, and where the supreme law of the land shall be the word of Jehovah:—

We have supplicated the great I am, that he would make known his will unto his servants, concerning this, his last kingdom, and the law, by which his people shall be governed: And the voice of the Lord unto us was,— Verily thus saith the Lord, this is the name by [p. [152]] which you shall be called, the kingdom of God and his Laws, with the keys and power thereof, and Judgement in the hands of his servants, Ahman Christ,

Art. 1st. I Am, the Lord thy God, ruleing the armies of heaven above, and among the nations of the earth beneath; I have created all men of one blood; I set up one, and I put down another, and to me alone belongs the right, the power, the majesty, the glory, and the dominion; I alone am King of Kings, and Lord of Lords; I alone am the rightful lawgiver to man; I alone have a right to judge the inhabitants of the earth, which is my footstool; [p. [153]] and I will acknowledge no other law, rule, power, Authority or dominion, than that which is instituted by me, the great I Am, And no other government, Kingdom, Dominion, authority, power, rule, or law, shall be acknowledged by my people.

Art. 2nd. I the Lord will do nothing but what I have revealed or shall reveal unto my servants the prophets and I have appointed one man, holding the keys and authority, pertaining to my holy priesthood, to whom I will reveal my laws, my statutes, my ordinances, my Judgements, my will and pleasure concerning my kingdom on the earth. [p. [154]]

Art. 3rd. And my Servant and Prophet whom I have called and chosen shall have power to appoint Judges and officers in my kingdom, And my people shall have the right to choose or refuse those officers and judges, by common consent: And the judges who shall be approved by my people shall condemn the guilty, and let the innocent go free! And shall have power to execute, and shall execute, justice and judgement in righteousness, and punish transgressors throughout all my kingdom on the earth; and if the judges or officers transgress, they shall be punished according to my laws.— [p. [155]]

After Er Richards got through Er Taylor arose and said that they found on entering on this subject they were treading of on holy ground. In contemplating the situation of nations and our situation, they feel placed in a delicate position. They can't refer to any constitution of the world because they are corrupt. He referred to the leading article in the document. He said that the chairman might well say that he had appointed them that work that they might learn that they were fools. He was willing to acknowledge himself a fool. He related an anecdote concerning a little child who was questioned on the works of creation. President Smith wants us to make oxen and he will make bulls of them. They are willing to do all they [p. [156]] can. They are satisfied there is no constitution or law calculated for the universal good of the universal world but those principles which emanate from God. If they can get intelligence from God they can write correct principles, if not, they cannot. He was always convinced that no power can guide us right but the wisdom of God. It needed a revelation from God to shew the very first principles of the kingdom of God. No one knew how to baptize <or> lay on hands untill it was revealed through our chairman. National affairs are equally as far fallen and degenerate as religious matters. This nation is as far fallen and degenerate as any nation under heaven. When [p. [157]] we were in the world, we were ignorant with regard to correct principles. We are now a little differently situated. We have a portion of the spirit, but if we get the document any where right it will be because God gives it; and if not, we know nothing but what either you [Joseph Smith] or God teaches us.

Er Water Dog Richards considered that Er Taylor had spoken the feelings of the committee in full.

On motion the committee had further time allowed

Er George A. Smith arose and said that when the council first assembled he took the liberty to lay out a preface to future remarks, but he did not [p. [158]] exactly follow the council of our deceased patriarch who recommeded him always to go into the little end of the horn, and he was sure to come out at the big end. He had gone into the big end at the commencement and had hurt his lungs and had to come out at the little end. He considers the appointment of the committee to be wisdom; that they might labor to bring forth what was in them. He feels that he will never be contented untill he sees an establishment in existence which will protect men in their rights. We want to continue our search untill we find those principles which will secure to every man his rights. [p. [159]]

If all the wisdom and knowledge of this council is exerted we can do something, and when we have done all we can we can come to the great God and obtain the perfect law. Our researches have done us good. By taking this course we gain wisdom & prudence much better than we would if we had set down like chickens to wait for the Lord to give it. We will know by this experience how to touch the hearts and feelings of men, because we have been in the mill ourselves. He feels this <these> to be the happiest day days of his life. He is willing to use what exertions he can, to roll on the work. He believes that by using [p. [160]] all our efforts, before we are aware, we will be governing the world. He compared the situation of the world to an old ship without a rudder on the midst of the sea. If our rudder is gone, we will endeavor to throw out our cable and try to bring the old ship to land. At the organization of this council he was in favor of the Texas question. He gave his reasons, but he considers that we are not tied to any country. The great God holds control of the universe. Let the nations go on and drive themselves to ruin. All men appear to be dissatisfied. If you ever make a corporal of a man he is ready to rise up and cut your throat, he is so much bigger than you. [p. [161]] He believes Nauvoo is as good a place to enjoy our liberty as any other place. There is as little corruption & wickedness here as any where else. If their are the remains of the Indians here, we did not slay them. Let it be to the disgrace of the government. We are free, and their is not the first tie to bind us to the constitution. As soon as a man, or set of men becomes unpopular they can be murdered, robbed, banished, and no power to protect them. It is a law of nations that protection binds a man to his sovereign, but as soon as the law ceases to protect a man in his rights he is free. We, as a people have not been protected, consequently we are free. [p. [162]]

He is for establishing a kingdom upon the principles of liberty and universal freedom. He wants to have the privilege of wearing his beard till it grows as long as his arm if he wants to, while it does not stick into another mans face. It is an acknowledged fact that in Washington or New York a man with $10.000 in his pocket can murder his friend or neighbor and walk off without molestation. In view of such a state of things he has long reflected that we ought to have a new government. He don't want any thing to do with the “old horse’s head,” or tail, nor the beast, nor the false prophet. One difficulty with the nations is that they have made so many rules, [p. [163]] that a man cannot go abroad without being jammed at. He referred to the mode of discussing large volumns of rules in Congress at eight dollars a day. Also the legislature of Missouri, legislating day after day to put down gambling and would gamble themselves all the night. He concluded by relating an anecdote of a legislator making a speech on lumbering.

Er Erastus Snow arose to refer to a certain item in the document which had forced itself on his mind. It was a matter which had been much harped on by the fathers, but which he considered was not correct. In hoisting a standard for the gaze of the world, [p. [164]] to have inscribed a statement which is not in accordance with our views. We do not want it. We do not want to inculcate principles which we will not carry into effect. We do not want those who are bigger fools than we are, to laugh at us. The item which I refer to is this. “All men are born free and equal”. Millions of our fellow men are born in bondage, they never enjoyed a breath of liberty. That all men should be free and should stand on equal grounds he believes, but they are now he don't believe. He knows that intelligence is power, that God manages and controls the affairs of the universe [p. [165]] as easy as we do a family. But are we equal with God? Was I born equal with your honor. I was born equally free, but I was not equal with you. The Lord told Abraham he was one of those master spirits from eternity, and because of this God chose him to be a father to the faithful. If you behold two spirits, or two planets, one greater than the other, is it not an evidence that there is yet another larger still. Every thing is independant in its own sphere, and as Dow used to say though we can't prevent the birds from flying over our heads, we can prevent them from building in our hair. He does not see that this idea [p. [166]] militates against the principle that all men should be born free, but is it possible that all should be born equal. Perhaps to change the expression a little we might convey a safer idea, that the world could not pick it. He wanted instruction on the subject.

On motion council adjourned till 2 o clock.

2 o clock P.M. Council met pursuant to adjournment Prest. J. Smith in the chair.

The council was opened by prayer by Uncle John Smith, after which Er B. Young sung the verses by W.W. Phelps as published in to days neighbor.

The subject touched upon this A.M. by Er Snow was resumed,

Prest. J. [p. [167]] Smith said, all men were in the designs of God created equal, and inasmuch as some had greater capacities than others, it was required of them to possess the greater philanthropy. The constitution gives the lie to itself. Instead of reading “all men are born free and equal”, it ought to read, “all men ought to be"

Er Taylor said the subject introduced by Er Snow had pleased him. If there were any flows, he wanted them picking out, before it comes into the hands of the chairman. He wants the council to find all the cracks they can and expose them, and if they don't do it, they will tell them of it afterwards.

The chairman said he did not intend [p. [168]] to tear the thing to pieces, untill he had got the whole of it.

Er B. Young felt disposed to make a few remarks on the subject of the organization of the kingdom of God. Much has been said on the subject in this council, and a great many good things has been said. We are in perfect safety inasmuch as we are in the midst of such council. He had no fears but God would organize the kingdom right, and what he has seen in this assembly was nothing more than what he had looked for. At the first meeting, when the president stated that this was the commencement of the organization of the kingdom of God. He then felt as exalted views [p. [169]] as he could do. He contemplated kings, governments as they are. They sunk into oblivion when he compared them with this kingdom, which was only in embryo, and it would soon send forth its influence throughout the nations. There will no doubt be a regular organization. He has heard much said on the subject of bringing forth a constitution, but he considered himself highly honored to have this privilege of being accounted a fool, that when we had done all we were capable to do, we could have the Lord speak and tell us what is right. There is a great deal allready written We can form to ourselves independant of the word of the Lord the best system [p. [170]] of government on the earth; but after all this, when we have done all the Lord will make it just right. He can form a constitution by which he is willing to be governed. He is willing to be ruled by the means which God will appoint. He don't believe we can adopt laws for the government of people in futurity. We can, for the time being, point out laws for present necessities. He supposed there has not yet been a perfect revelation given, because we cannot understand it, yet we receive a little here and a little there. He should not be stumbled if the prophet should translate the bible forty thousand times over and yet it should be different in some places every time, because when God [p. [171]] speake, he always speaks according to the capacity of the people. The starting point for the government of the kingdom is in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, but he does not know how much more there is in the bosom of the Almighty. When he God sees that his people have enlarged upon what he has given us he will give us more. The sta[r]ting point is here, but God has not come here, He has sent his agent, his minister to act in his name. And if he has got an agent to dictate to us here the organization is here. When a man is clothed with authority to do all business for those who sent him, what he does [is?] right, and this is the kind of agent [p. [172]] we have got, and God appointed him We did not appoint him. If the Lord Almighty calls upon one of his servants as a minister, the nation to whom he is sent has no control over him whatever. If the Latter Day Saints believe that our prophet is fallen what are they going to do? How will they help themselves? It is the prerogative of the Almighty to differ from his subjects in what he pleases, or how, or when he pleases, and what will they do; they must bow to it, or kick themselves to death, or to hell. He [Joseph Smith] can disagree with the whole church as he has a mind, and how? Because he is a perfect committee of himself. [p. [173]] We have elected our prophet to be our Prophet, Priest and King, but did we choose him? Or, did he choose us? Jeses said, ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you. Our prophet has chosen us, and what this people receives through him is law. He believes that if God was to speak to day he would say that our prophet should be appointed Prophet, Priest & King, and let him appoint what council he pleases. He cannot see the difference between a religious or political government, Suppose we take our families and go where there is no other inhabitants, and begin to govern ourselves. There is provisions for every character. If he do not do right he shall be tried by the author[p. [174]]ities &c and what would be the necessity to get up a constitution to govern us when we have all the revelations and laws to govern us, and punish us according to our crimes, We may say we will have a constitution because it is fashionable, but he would rather have the revelations to form a constitution from, than any thing else we can get. What the brethren have written is good, and he wished they could do the thing just right. And what if they should? Why by and by, they would probably take a kick and think they could do so and so independant of the prophet. He would rather have the pure revelations of [p. [175]] Jesus Christ as they now stand, to carry to the nations, than any thing else. He don't want the legs, nor the head, nor the back bones, nor any thing else of the old horse. We don't 〈want〉 to be like the sectarian churches, who, when they have seen errors would turn and run from the truth and run into deeper mud than before. Let our president be elected, and let the people say amen to it. He don't see any necessity of getting the constitution only just as far as we need it. There is not a man in this council but who, when he goes before the Lord remembers that we have a prophet between us and the Lord. If it was necessary, and we were where we could not get at the prophet, we could get [p. [176]] the revelations of the Lord straight.

Er Water Dog Richards wished to make a few suggestions and ask a few questions for the benifit of the council. It has been suggested that the kingdom of God and the church of God are one and the same thing. And it has been suggested that the church is one thing and the kingdom another. He wishes this council to shew, where is the dividing line, between the “kingdom of God,” and “the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”? and what laws will apply to the church and what laws to the kingdom. He does not want the chairman to tell it. He wants the council to tell it. And when this is done the [p. [177]] committee will be able to bring out something more next council.

Er [Reynolds] Cahoon remarked that the subject introduced by Er Richards appeared to be new. His idea was, that there is to be a government formed that will establish a kingdom, that will shew itself in the form as spoken by the prophets. God has said he would set up a kingdom in the last days that should subdue, or swallow up all other kingdoms. This is what we are trying for. We want to bring about this government. We don't want a methodist, nor a baptist, nor presbyterian government, but we want that government that God has pointed out. The people will leave all other nations and [p. [178]] flow unto this government. As the committee have requested to have the line drawn to distinguish between the church of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God. He does not think there is any dividing line about it. It is the kingdom of God and the church of God. At present he does not see any difference between them.

Er Richards arose again to explain further. If the kingdom of God and the church are one, and the same, why this organization. If a man cannot belong to the church without the ordinances, how can they be members of the kingdom of God without the ordinances.

Er Amasa Lyman did not know [p. [179]] that he had much choice whether he should become a fool in the committee of three, or a committee of the whole. He thinks there is a difference exists in relation to the kingdom and the church He referred to Isaiahs words—“The kingdom and nation that will not serve thee shall perish &c.” If he is not mistaken in the principles of this government it is to secure the right of liberty in matters of conscience to men of every character, creed and condition in life. In it the Latter Day Saints might believe his peculiar doctrines and search as high and dig as deep as his capacity would allow. If a man wanted to make an idol and worship it without meddling [p. [180]] with his neighbor he should be protected. So that a man should be protected in his rights whether he choose to make a profession of religion or not. There is a plain difference. “The kingdom and the nation that will not serve thee,” What? Thee—that kingdom that God should set up; not the kingdom that will not serve God. It should combine to break to peices all other kingdoms. He does not want the committee to be proved fools more than himself, He wants to bear a part in the folly. What jurisdiction has the church over the kingdoms of the world? All who will obey the doctrines of the church, throw themselves under the [p. [181]] jurisdiction of its laws. The church has only jurisdiction over its members but the kingdom of God has jurisdiction over all the world.

Er [Peter] Haws said that while he had been listening to the remarks made he had had many thoughts of a variety of character roll through his mind. He referred to the feelings he had when he first embraced the gospel also when he left his native country to dwell in this land. He had then some idea that God would set up a kingdom but did not think it would present itself in the form in which he now sees it. He hardly expected to live to see it, but thought his children would, and felt to rejoice at his situation to [p. [182]] day. He dwelt considerable on the principle of Agency.

Er Water Dog Richards offered another item for consideration, which is this; Some had suggested that the constitution in view was to be unchangeable; others that it would be changed according to the circumstances of the people. Now, will the “kingdom of God” become perfected as the legitimate results of the operation of the constitution now to be adopted, or will it be perfected through the alterations of the constitution which may take place hereafter to suit the situation of the earth and kingdom? When all the nations are [p. [183]] gathered and all know the Lord will they be governed by the same constitution.

Er John P. Green[e] said the kingdom of God had been a subject which had long occupied his attention. In regard to the church and kingdom of God there appeared to be in some instances a difference and in other places they appeared to be the same. In order to draw the distinction he must have refference to the name of the kingdom. He can't conceive wherein there should exist a difference between them other than that God had gathered together a large people which was called the church, and from the midst of them he would organize his kingdom. He is still led to believe the [p. [184]] two terms mean the same thing. The kingdom don't consist in meat and drink, but in righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. If this be the case how can a man be a member of the kingdom of God and not enjoy its blessings. There are members of this council who are not members of the church, but they have subscribed to the motion that your honor should be their prophet, priest & king. How then can men be members of this body and not be members of the body of Christ. He referred to the supper of the rich man as spoken of by the Saviour, concerning the wedding garment. He next referred to the church being only [p. [185]] 14 years old, and at that age God says, now I must have a kingdom, legislators &c. He feels that he is surrounded with friends of the finest feelings and sensations, and the strongest ties of any other men upon the earth.

Er C[ornelius] P. Lott thought it did not make any odds to him whether a man belonged to the church or whether he made no profession, but was a member of this kingdom. He rejoiced to see things as they now present themselves, to see the abundance of light manifest. He don't believe that we should always be doing things over and over, but we must do as we are taught, when we shall be ruled by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. As to [p. [186]] a man not being a member of the church it made him think of the net spoken of by the Saviour which gathered both good and bad, or it would not have gathered him. He wants to see the day when we shall drink new wine in the kingdom and none to make them afraid.

Er E. Snow felt to differ with some of the preceeding speakers, but inasmuch as we had liberty to speak what was in us whether sense or nonsense he wanted to enjoy the privilege. He thinks there is a distinction between the church of God and the kingdom of God in one sense any way. He believes that there is an organization which is called a [p. [187]] church and a kingdom, and in this there different offices &c. There are certain ordinances whereby we become members of the church. We may advance and by means of ordinances we may obtain to the priesthood, and in that there are different grades. They are distinct, one from the other, and yet all identified in one. So with the kingdom of God, we may embrace all the vast creations of God. His government extends over them all, even the Hades of the Hebrews is a part of the kingdom of our heavenly father, or in other words the Van Diemans land of the British Empire, where those who have transgressed are sent to atone for their crimes. Under this [p. [188]] view, the whole form a part of the kingdom of God, but there are different grades. Different laws regulate the celestial, to what regulates the terrestrial globe, also the c[t]elestial. With all the different grades, laws &c, yet all are subject to general laws in the government of Jehovah. He does this to illustrate his views in regard to the kingdom on the earth. To be organized so as to extend its benign influence over the whole family of man, for the time is coming when a king shall execute justice in all the earth. At the same time that his people are worshiping in his temple, he will cause the nations to beat their swords into ploughshares [p. [189]] and their spears into pruning hooks. The object is to ameliorate the condition of the human family. Get them so that you can preach the gospel to them, and get them to be baptized for the remission of sins; the influence of Gods kingdom is thereby exerted over them. They have been rebuked by this means; they acknowledge the government of Jehovah and submit to its laws, and yeild obedience to its officers. He has been led to think that this work is not to be the work of a moment. After the Jews have come to Jerusalem &c then shall the heathen begin to learn of Jehovah, and the principles which have actuated us in the organization [p. [190]] of this kingdom. When they have obeyed the first principles of the gospel they rise one step higher and then receive the order of the priesthood and go on from step to step.

Er George J. Adams wished to make a few remarks on two or three subjects if he could get awake. He believes that the kingdom of God that has here been organized will hold jurisdiction over fifty times as far as the church, so far as this world is concerned. He considers that this organization is designed to break down tyranny and oppression all over the world. He related an anecdote concerning his being shipwrecked. The establishment of the Church of God [p. [191]] was the stepping stone to the establishment of the kingdom of God and in its organization individuals had been called who were not members of the church, and he considered this a great argument in favor of the kingdom having influence over the nations of the earth. He believes that as soon as we get through with our deliberations we will have to drive a stake down here. Rome whipped Carthage all out and was but a small city. We have a strong host and we can swallow Carthage all up, and he wants to go on and proclaim free trade and tailors or rather sailors rights even in this place. He believes this is the place [p. [192]] where we should establish the government, and let this be the grand rallying point; and if the enemies come upon us, let us stand, every man in defence of the laws of the kingdom. He referred to the Missourians and the feelings of the public in regard to them. This is a good place to set the kingdom up and believes it is the place where it will be set up.

Er D[avid] D. Yearsley was of the same opinion in regard to setting up the kingdom here. We can try to elect our president for a scare crow, but how can a man be elected president when he is already proclaimed king. Can he give up [p. [193]] his office for a smaller one. He is perfectly willing to go and electioneer, to blind the eyes of the people, but he wants to see our king upheld in his office here. He does not view the church and kingdom of God as one and the same thing. If it requires one man to do a certain thing to obtain salvation, the same will be required of all others. He referred to the order of the planets and compared them to the Twelve apostles. He reffered to the law which governed the eclipses and the heavenly bodies. He compared the kingdom of God to a ring, but does not consider that the ring has been welded yet. It is drawn out, and when it gets welded will form a perfect [p. [194]] kingdom. He compared the members of the kingdom and their manner of received receiving light and intelligence to the sun and minor planets. He don't believe that any law under heaven has any right to react the heads of the church. The kingdom of God must have a law as perfect as itself. 500 nothings make but nothing still, which is admitted by all men except the methodist clergy. His brethren have been oppressed and they want to get from under it. We have as good a right as any other kingdom to form a constition, if we are literal born subjects of this country. He believes [p. [195]] every man will be required to bind himself to his covenants by an oath He wont go in for this kingdom being a kingdom of slaves. If they are slaves let them be slaves to the king.

Er L[orenzo] D. Wasson said he understood that the committee wanted the feelings of the council on the subject of the document, but he considered the subject had been left. There appeared to be a difference of opinion in regard to the church and kingdom. He referred to the officers required in the organization of both. He considers that the kingdom is something more important than the church and is approximating nearer to God. We are inviting all men to come in. People ask universally do we [p. [196]] admit any other people only those of our faith, to associate with us. He believes that the laws instituted for the government of the kingdom will govern the church also. A man may become a member of this kingdom and not obey the ordinance through which we have the promise of remission of sins and the gift of the Holy Ghost. He is in favor of having something hoisted to the nations to let them know what we are going to do, to shew the world that their wisdom is foolishness with God. He don't think that God will give any law that will circumscribe us more than our own conscience. He is not in favor of a multiplicity of laws. By multiplicity of laws a man may [p. [197]] get clear of transgression, and is made an offender for a small matter. He feels willing to subscribe to any laws that God will give. He don't hardly believe that the standard will be exalted here. He don't believe we have room. He don't consider that what we have done is childs play. We have a man delegated by this council, now offering to buy Texas. No doubt he is there, endeavoring to negotiate for Texas and are we going to desert him? No. We have sent to Congress, and no doubt our petition will be granted, to raise 10000 troops. He don't think we are playing childs play. He is in favor of moving the seat of government to Nauvoo. Our president don't care to [p. [198]] go to Washington. We come here to establish such a kingdom as never was established. Our Elders are considered as the most ignorant men in the world, but when they open their mouths, they silence the multitudes. We calculate to revolutionize the world by intelligence. The feelings of men are blunted by ignorance. War has on all occasions made men savage.
The chairman said in relation to Nauvoo, that if we can accomplish our object it places us on a firm and strong footing, because if we have the sanction of Congress to our Charter it will make us an independant government. It will set us everlastingly free, and give us the United States [p. [199]] troops to guard us and protect us from any invasion. Perhaps it is not necessary that we should go to Texas, it is necessary that we should establish independant governments there. We consider ourselves the head, and Washington the tail. We can make laws and send them abroad and not say anything to them about it, untill we get ourselves firmly set beyond their power. I have no disposition to go to Texas, but here is Lyman Wight wants to go; and if we can get our petition granted he will go and raise volunteers, and go and protect Texas. We must use policy. We can go on and have our laws and call it a part of our religion and they [p. [200]] cannot interfere untill we get strong enough to protect ourselves. It is not wisdom to use the term “king” all the while. Let us use the term “proper source” instead of “king” and it will be all understood and no person can take advantage. A man can preach through all the world and use words which the devil cannot detect.

There is a distinction between the Church of God and kingdom of God. The laws of the kingdom are not designed to effect our salvation hereafter. It is an entire, distinct and separate government. The church is a spiritual matter and a spiritual kingdom; but the kingdom which Daniel saw was not a spiritual kingdom, but was designed [p. [201]] to be got up for the safety and salvation of the saints by protecting them in their religious rights and worship. Any thing that would tolerate man in the worship of his God under his own vine and fig-tree would be tolerated of God. The literal kingdom of God, and the church of God are two distinct things. The gifts of prophets, evangelists &c never were designed to govern men in civil matters. The kingdom of God has nothing to do with giving commandments to damn a man spiritually. It only has power to make a man amenable to his fellow man. God gave commandments that if a man killed &c he should be killed himself, but it did not damn [p. [202]] him. In relation to the constitution of the United States, there is but one difficulty, and that is, the constitution provides the things which we want but lacks the power to carry the laws into effect. We want to alter it so as to make it imperative on the officers to enforce the protection of all men in their rights

He then shewed how the constitution ought to be amended.

Men are complaining all over the United States, and we have the most reason to complain.

The committee must go to work and accomplish the amendment.

Er W. W. Phelps said that the items referred to by our chairman were not in the constitution but in the de[p. [203]]claration of Independance.
Er Rigdon offered a motion to adjourn untill next thursday at 10 o clock.

Er B[enjamin] F. Johnson wished to say that the chairman had given his ideas on the subjects last before the house. He also wished to lodge an excuse for not being present at the last meeting and also requested an indulgence, providing he could not be here at our next meeting. He feels proud of the privilege of being with us, and considers that the things in which we are engaged are of the greatest importance.

Er J. W. Coolidge arose arise to express his gratitude for being admitted to the council and to the president for proposing his name [p. [204]]
Er Haws wished to retain his standing in the council. He had been solicited to go to Black River and would like to go, but if the council were not willing he did not feel disposed to lose his standing for any other consideration.

On motion Er Haws had leave to go to Black River.

Er B. F. Johnsons excuse was received.

Er Levi Richards wished the chair to instruct the new members, relative to the importance of all the members being present.

The chairman gave the necessary instruction, and said some things relative to men being disposed to hearken &c.

Er Haws said that during his [p. [205]] absence he should hold himself bound to all that was done by the council.

The question to adjourn was recalled and agreed to, whereupon the council adjourned untill next thursday at 10 o clock.— [12 lines blank] [p. [206]]


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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Joseph Smith Diary, April 5-April 18, 1844

Friday, April 5[th] 1844 [entry left blank] {page 60}

Saturday, April 6[th] 1844 I made a few introductory remarks to an immense number of the saints assembled on the 14th anniversary of Church in the grove 1/4 miles east of the Temple on Young St. [at] 10 A.M. Weather warm. Brisk air from the South.

Prayer by W[illiam] W. Phelps. Singing. Pres[iden]t Sidney Rigdon arose and said it is 5 years to day since I met the saints on such an occasion on account of ill health and named for his text "The Church of Jesus Christ in the Last Days." Gave a brief history of the origin and progress of the Church. We know this is the Church of God.

/4 Lamanites [Indians] and interpreter came in and took a seat on the stand/ {page 61} [Rigdon] Referred to the wondrous wise men who had been in the Church [who] knew more than God himself. To those among us [who think they are wiser than the church, salvation requires subordination to the Kingdom of God. There are men who have] studied how to be [exempt] and know how far they could go and not get punished by the law.

12 [o'clock noon] Pres[iden]t Rigdon gave way and after singing Elder J[ohn] Taylor spoke. I/4 to 1 [P.M.] Elder Taylor gave way for singing The Red Man ["O, Stop and Tell Me, Red Man"].

P.M. 1/4 to 3 Commenced by singing. Prayer by J[ohn] P. Green. Singing. President Rigdon resumed his subject of the morning, "The Church of Christ" [and how it will continue to] rise [because of its] authenticity. Light to those concerned. Those who have turned away and say they did not believe it like the adversary. Reasons of our secret {page 62} associations at the commencement nothing but what will become public property at [p.464] the proper time. Sat with the President[, and others] before him [on the stand, in shackles in the Richmond Jail]. Before God under lock and keys for weeks. 30 men come upon them [shouting] God dam[n] you to hell /&c. &c/ [wrenched emotion] from every heart. While we were thus shut up the heaven's opens opened to us.

A gentleman from Mexico come and spent some days with us. He slipt out some dark night[. We] saw some armed men come in, armed themselves and chased them [him] 1/2 a mile, [and] after[wards] the mob tarred and feathered him &c. Mob us into the secret place and then say why don't you work in public. Men in your [ . . . ] {page 63} The kingdom of God is at the defiance of all earthly laws and yet breaks none.

A little before 5 o'clock the assembly were dismissed without ceremony /till 10 next morning/ on the appearance of a shower. The people had scarce time to retire before a heavy shower of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning followed. [several lines left blank] Leaves began to show themselves on the trees. {page 64}

Sunday, April 7[th] 1844 A very pleasant morning. The people began to assemble and by 10 o'clock there was the largest congregation ever seen in Nauvoo and the choir sang an hymn "Ye Slumbering Nation that have Slept a Long Night" when the meeting was called to order by the Marshal, and the choir sung "The Spirit of God &c".

President Rigdon presented the request of 3 or 4 sick and offered a prayer in their behalf /and all the congregation said Amen/ followed by G[eorge]. J. Adams in prayer and singing by the choir.

President Joseph Smith requested that the congregation would keep good order and in the name of the constitution, continental congress, and God Almighty I command the police to keep good order. {page 65}

President Rigdon arose and continued his subject "The Church of Christ." The kingdom of heaven is a government that enters into every principle of government. God has set up his kingdom to restore the power of salvation to the world. Salvation is a complete victory over every thing. The Gospel is to prepare the way for the kingdom of God. The salvation /of any man/ turns upon the si/m/ple act of the mind.

/After notice of attention of baptism during intermission [p.465] at the front of Main St. and singing/ [expression of] Faith, 12 o'clock, adjourned till 2 o'clock. [rest of page blank] {page 66}

3 1/4 P.M. Joseph commenced speaking on the subject of the Dead relative to the death of Elder King Follet who was crushed in a well by the falling of a tub of rock on him.

If men do not comprehend the character of God they do not comprehend themselves. What kind of a being is God? Eternal life [is] to know God. If man does not know God, [he] has not Eternal life. If I am so fortunate as to comprehend and explain the [blank [concept]] let every one sit in silence and never lift your voice against the servants of God again.

Every man has a right to be a false prophet as well as a true prophet. In the beginning before the world was Is a man like one of yourselves. Should you see him to day, you would see a man in fashion and in form. Adam was formed in his likeness.

Refute the Idea that God was God from all Eternity. Jesus said as the Father had power in himself even so hath the Son power to do what the Father did. Lay down his body, take it up again. You have got to learn how to make yourselves God, Kings, Priests, &c. by going from a small to a great capacity till they are able to dwell in everlasting burning and everlasting power.

How consoling when called to part with a dear friend to know their very being will rise to dwell in everlasting burning, heirs of God {page 67} and ascend [to] a throne as those who have gone before. I saw the Father work out his kingdom with fear and trembling. God is glorified in /salvation/ Exhaltation of his ancestors &c. Not all to be comprehended in this world. The head, as the head one, the head one of the Gods, brought forth the Gods. D[octo]rs and Lawyers that have persecuted [us should know that the Holy Ghost knows something about the topic]. The head one called the Gods together in grand council to bring forth the world. Example of error as [[follows] . . . ]

Yacobam /Jacob/ the son of Zebedee [is transliterated in the King James Bible] to form James the son of Zebedee, 4 Mat[thew] 21. Greek, Hebrew, German, and Latin [all say Jacob]. In the beginning the head of the Gods called a council of the Gods and concocted a scheme to create the world. Soon as we begin to understand the character of the Gods he begins to unfold the heavens to us. Doctors say, [God] created the Earth out of nothing. [The Hebrew word] Borau [is said to mean that God] [p.466] creates it [when it] means to [be] organized. God has materials to organize the world. Element[s], [that] nothing can destroy. No beginning, no end.

The soul, [according to] doctors of Divinity, [is part of what] God created in the beginning[. I think this] lessens the character of man. Don't {page 68} believe it. Who told you God was self existent? Correct enough, in Hebrew [God created man and] put into him his spirit which was created before. Mind of man coequal with God himself. Friends separated for a small moment from their spirits coequal with God and hold converse when they are one with another [as we do on earth].

If man had a beginning he must have an end. Might proclaim [annihilation]. God revealed [that he did not have] power to create the spirit of man at all.

Inteligence exist[s] upon a self existent principle, no creation about it. All minds and spirit[s] God ever sent into the world are susceptible of enlargement. All things God has seen fit proper[ly] to reveal while dwelling in mortality are revealed. Precisely the same as though we were destitute of bodies[, these things are revealed to our spirits].

What will save our spirits will save our bodies. Our [actions in our earthly] tabernacles [will determine the future] for our spirits. All spirits who have not obeyed the Gospel must be damned[, all those] who have not obeyed the decrees of [the] Son of Man.

We are looked upon by God as though we were in Eternity. The greatest responsibility resting upon us is to look after our dead. They without us cannot be made perfect without us. Meet Paul 1/2 way. Hence the saying of Elijah. {page 69} God made provisions before the world was for every creature [to be saved;] in all sin[s] shall [man] be forgiven in this word or world to come, except one.

Salvation for all men who have not committed a certain sin[. God] can save any man who has not committed the unpardonable sin. Cannot commit the unpardonable sin after the dissolution of the body. Knowledge save[s] a man. [If one consents to obey the gospel, one is saved, otherwise one must be punished for sin.]

No way for a man to come to understanding but [to] give his consent to the commandment[s]. Damned by mortification. A [p.467] lake as of fire of brimstone as exquisite [as] the dissappointment of the mind of man.

Why? Must commit the unpardonable sin in this world, [because a man] will suffer in the Eternal world until he will be exalted. [Jesus is the savior of all men who will obey him.]

Work of the Devil [is coercion]. The plans of the Devil laid to save the world [by force]. Devil said he could save them all. Lot fell on Jesus. All sin &c. forgiven except the sin against the Holy Ghost. [A man has] Got to deny the plan of salvation &c. with his eyes open. Like many of the apostates of Christ of the Church of Jesus Christ of [the] last Days.

Let all be careful, lest you be deceived. Best man brings forth best works. {page 70}

To the Mourners your friend has gone to wait the perfection of the reunion. The resurrection of your friend in felicity while [those of some] worlds must wait myriads of years before they can receive the like blessings. Leave the subject bless those who have lost friends, [they are] only gone for a few moments.

Shall mothers have their children? Yes. They shall have it without price. Redemption is paid[. The children who die will never grow but will be resurrected] possessing all the intelligence of a God. The child [will be] as it was before it died out of your arms. Thrones upon thrones. Dominion upon dominion just as you.

Baptism of water, fire, and Holy Ghost are inseparably connected. [I have] Found in the German Bible to prove what I have taught for 14 years about baptism. I baptize you with water, but when Jesus comes having the keys, he shall baptize you with the baptism of fire and Holy Ghost.

Leaving the principles of [the] doctrine of baptism &c. one God, one baptism, and one baptism i.e. all three.

Called upon all men Priests and all [men] to repent and obey the gospel. If they do not they will be damned. Those who commit the unpardonable sin are doomed to Gnolom without end. God dwells in everlasting burnings. Love all men but hate your [sinful] deeds.

You don't know me. You never will. I don't blame you for not believing my history had I not experienced it [I] could not believe it myself.

5 1/2 [P.M.] closed. Sang. {page 71}

[p.468] [Evening of] 7 April [page left blank] {page 72}

Monday, April 8[th] 1844 10 A.M. Pres[iden]t Jos[eph] Smith called the congregation to order. Bro[ther] B[righam] Young, /W[illiam] W. Phelps/ read 15 chap[ter] 1st Corinthians from an old translation. Prayer for some 1/2 Doz[en] sick and opening [of the] meeting by B[righam] Young.

Pres[iden]t J[oseph] Smith said he must give up the subject of yesterday. Made a proclamation. "I have another great and grand Revelation. Great discussion [about] where Zion is. The whole America is Zion that is the Zion where the mountain of the Lord's House shall be, about the central part of N[orth] and South America soon as the Temple is finished. Lord hath ordained where these last and most important ordinances must be in a house, provided for the purpose when we can get a house built first there is the place[, then one can be] {page 73} Bap[tized,] washed, annointed, sealed &c. for the dead the same as for themselves.

"From henceforth the elders shall build churches where ever the people recieve the gospel[. If there are] sufficient ]numbers] then build stakes to this place. I verily believe that God will establish this place for the salvation of the dead. Those who want to save their dead can come hither. Those who do not wish to come hither to live can bring their families and attend the ordinances and return." [several lines left blank]

20 mi[nutes to] 11 Elder G[eorge] J. Adams read /17th/ Obadiah "but upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance" Micah 3 chap[ter] latter part fore part [of chapter] 4" chap[ter] Gen[esis] 48 and 49 about to gather up his feet. Deut 33 chap[ter] {page 74} Isa[iah] 46:12, 13 Paul says as it is written deliverance shall come out of Zion.

Isa[iah] 17 [at the] close. Rushing of the nation [-] to the com[man]d &c. 48 Ps[alms,] 102d P.S.[alms] not give sleep to mine eyes &c. in the fields of the woods 1 Pet[er] 3 and 4 chap[ter]s 24 Isa[iah,] 2d Par[t] Cor[inthians] 15. I declare unto you I bless God for a prophet to tell us what the old Bible means where it don't tell what it means. Hosea [wrote,] "Ephraim what shall I do," quot[e]s him—Jer[emiah] 31 chap[ter] 1 /o'clock/ 16 mi[nutes] closed by A blessing from President Jos[eph] Smith through G[eorge] J. Adams and the conference referred to the Twelve [Apostles] and the Elders notified to meet in 2 hours. Baptism to be attended at 2 1/2 o'clock. {page 75}

[p.469] Conference of the Twelve [Apostles] April 8, 1844

15 4 P.M. A large collection of Elders assembled at the stand. Addressed by Patriarch Hyrum Smith on Spiritual wife system. The first one we heard reporting such stories we will report him in the Time[s] and Seasons to come and give up his licence. He was decided against it in every form and spoke at length. President Rigdon Concurred in his remarks following Hyrum. 12 mi[nutes to] 6 adjourned to 8 A.M. tomorrow. [rest of page blank] {page 76}

April 9[th] 1844, Tuesday 8 A.M. The Elders assembled at the stand and Amasa Lyman addressed the Elders. After which President Young spoke at conciderable length on Elders preaching 1st principles alone when they go out.

Said the Prophet's declaration that all America was Zion was a perfect sweep stakes.

Referred to the building of the Temple and the branches around to send teams and provisions and work continually drawing stone and [seeing] to the election of Joseph.

11 mi[nutes to] 10 [A.M.] Hyrum referred to Joseph's proclamation concerning building up churches all over the land, also to the rights of franchise and the correct principles of electing good men for offices, especially [a] President[, we] want a Pres[iden]t of the U[nited] S[tates].

Pres[iden]t Young requested all who were in favor of electing Joseph to the Presidency to raise both hands which they [did] say 1,100 Elders and commenced clapping their hand[s] and gave many loud cheers. The opposite was called for and only one hand raised.
Elder Kimball spoke of a figure of the threshing flour mill, smut machine, grain heads &c. &c. never preached mysteries &c.

President Young corrected Bro[ther] Kimball and told about the mystery of Amasa Lyman [and Joseph's] breeches. Must al[1] take thought for thy brother. {page 77}

20 mi[nutes to] 11 [A.M.] A call was made for those who would volunteer to go preaching to pass out on[to] the green. A great company walked out then returned to their seats on the right of the stand and the names of those who could go 6 months were first taken /then 3 months/ viz. &c. 244 which were read [p.470] and corrected. After which W[illiam] W. Phelps made a few remarks in relation to principles.

20 mi[nutes] before 1 [P.M.] adjourned for 1 hour.

P.M. Met according to adjournment. Names of volunteers called and places assigned for their mission.

Pres[iden]t Young gave the brethren some good instruction to behave themselves and not come back crying can't you do something for me because they have been guilty of iniquity {page 78} and related several instances where God has heard the prayer of the brethren to defend us from our enemies [such] as Carlin, Reynolds, John C. Bennet[t].

Elder G[eorge] J. Adams said Lieut[enant] Smith had to raise $1750.00 this month and called on all who could give 5.00 each 1.00 each &c. and more than 50.00 were paid down 100.00 offered to be lent and the Elders agreed to sustain the President with uplifted hand. [rest of page blank] {page 79}

Wednesday, April 10[th] 1844 [several lines left blank] The Twelve [Apostles] were in council arranging for conference. [rest of page blank] {page 80}

Thursday, 11 April 1844 In council [with Council of Fifty] in the Masonic Hall A.M. and P.M. [rest of page blank] {page 81}

12[th], Friday [entry left blank] {page 82}

Saturday, 13 April 1844 [several lines left blank] 1 P.M. Assembled in municipal Court in assembly Room. Joseph asked Dr. R[obert] D. Foster if he bore his [Joseph's] expence to Washington or any part thereof. Foster said he did not. Joseph said Dr. Goforth said that he was taken in a secret council and you [Foster] told him you had paid my expence &c. Dr. Foster said he never had a secret interview with Dr. Goforth and stated what he knew[?] {page 83} Joseph[:] have I ever misused you any way? Foster said I do not feel at liberty to answer this question under existing circumstances. Did I ever misuse you? [Foster: I] Do not feel at liberty to answer under existing circumstances.

Did I ever wrong you in deal personally [or] misused you in any shape? Foster[:] I do not feel at liberty to answer. I have treated you Christianly and friendly too, so far as I have had ability. Jo[seph:] tell me where I have done wrong and I will ask your forgiveness. I want to prove to this company by your own testimony that {page 84} I have treated you honorably. Foster[:] I shall testify no further at present.

[p.471] Joseph[:] Justice Aaron Johnson did I ever make oath before you against Simpson[? Johnson:] not before the prosecution.

Joseph told the whole story.

A. Colton come up on Habeus Corpus and was discharged on the insufficiency of the papers. After which Joseph preferred the following charge against Bro[ther] R[obert] D. Foster "for unchristian like conduct in general for abusing my character privately, for throwing out slanderous insinuation against {page 85} me, for conspiring against my peace and Safety, for conspiring against my life, for conspiring against the peace of my family" and "for lying." Joseph Smith [several lines left blank]

About 5 P.M. the "Maid of Iowa" Steamer arrived at the N[auvoo] House Wharf filled with passengers from England led by El[der] W[illia]m Kay. They started from Liverpool, 210 souls and nearly all arrived in good health and spirits. One smaller company arrived about one week before from Liverpool. {page 86}

Sunday, April 14[th] 1844 Rainy day. No meeting at the stand. [several lines left blank] Committee of the council [of Fifty] met in the P.M. at my office. [rest of page blank] {page 87}

Monday, April 15[th] 1844 At home. [several lines left blank] Rode out in the P.M. [rest of page blank] {page 88}

Tuesday, April 16[th] 1844 At home. [several lines left blank] 5 P.M. Had a long talk with Chaunc[e]y L. Higbee and Esq[ui]r[e] Marr in front of my house. Read to them Dr. Williams and Mr. Eatons affidavits before E[s]q[ui]r[e] Wells. [rest of page blank] {page 89}

Wednesday, [April] 17[th] 1844 P.M. Rode out. [several lines left blank] This days Nauvoo Neighbor printed Williams and Eatons affidavit about Jackson, Foster, Laws &c. and my reply to the Washington Globe. [rest of page blank] {page 90}

Thursday, [April] 18th 1844 9 A.M. Council [of Fifty] till 12 noon. At dinner made mention of the report that Foster, Higbee, &c. were paying some one's board at my table to catch something against me, so that if true they might have some thing to carry back.

2 P.M. to 5 1/2 in council [again]. 6 [P.M.] B[righam]Young, W[illard] Richards, J[ohn] Taylor, G[eorge] A. Smith, H[eber] C. Kimball, W[ilford] Woodruff of the 12 [and] A[lpheus]. Cutler, S[amuel] Bent, G[eorge] W. Harris, A. Johnson, [p.472] Willliam]. Marks, C[harles] C. Rich, A[masa] Lyman of the High Council, [and] W[illiam] W. Phelps, N[ewel] K. Whitney, Jno [John] Smith, J[ohn] M. Bernhisel, Jos[eph] Fielding, G[eorge] J. Adams, E[rastus]. Snow, R[eynolds] Cahoon, J. W. Coolidge, Jno [John] Scott, J[ohn]. D. Lee, L[evi]. W. Hancock, S. Williams, Jos[eph] Young, J[ohn] P. Green, J[ohn]. D. Parker, A[lexander]. McRae, Geo[rge] Watt, W[illiam] Clayton held council and unanimous cut off ananimously R[obert] D. Foster, Wilson Law, W[illia]m Law, Jane Law, and Howard Smith of Scott Co[unty], Ill[inois,] from the Church for unchristian like conduct. [rest of page blank] {page 91} (Scott H. Faulring, An American Prophet's Record, p. 463-471)


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
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William Clayton Journal March 3-April 18, 1844

[March 3, 1844. Sunday.]…Evening attended [Anointed] Q[uorum].

[March 10, 1844. Sunday.]…Evening attended Council with the First Presidency and the Twelve on important business arising from a letter from the Pine Country.70 Brother W. Richards was appointed Chairman and myself, was appointed Clerk.

[March 11, 1844. Monday.] In Council again all day, as last night many great and glorious ideas were advanced, we had a very profitable time. We organized into a Council and I was admitted a member. I will here name whose names were put on the list of members of this important organization: Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, W[illard] Richards, P[arley] P. Pratt, O[rson] Pratt, J[ohn] Taylor, H[eber] C. Kimball, G[eorge] A. Smith, W[illiam] W. Phelps, L[ucien] Woodworth, G[eorge] Miller, A[lex] Badham, P[eter] Haws, Erastus Snow, Reynolds Cahoon, Amos Fielding, A[lpheus] [p.127] Cutler, Levi Richards, N[ewel] K. Whitney, J[ohn] M. Bernhisel, L[orenzo] D. Was[s]on, myself…

[March 13, 1844. Wednesday.]…At 11 the Council was called together…P.M. in council again, also in the evening O. Hyde, W. Woodruff, and James Emmett were admitted members. The President appointed W. Richards Recorder, and me the Clerk of the Kingdom.

[March 14, 1844. Thursday.] In Council all day again.

[March 19, 1844. Tuesday.] At the Council meeting. S[amuel] Bent, Uriah Brown, Samuel James, John D. Parker, O[rrin] [Porter] Rockwell, Sidney Rigdon, W[illia]m Marks and O[rson] Spencer were admitted members.

[March 22, 1844. Friday.] P.M. Met with the Twelve in prayer at B. Youngs.

[March 23, 1844. Saturday.] A.M. rode with President Joseph and brother Neibaur to Doctor [Robert] Fosters. He was gone to appanose and his wife was at Mr. Gilmans. We went down there and saw her. President Joseph asked Sister Foster if she ever in her life knew him guilty of an immoral or indecent act. She answered no. He then explained his reasons for asking and then asked if ever he had used any indecent or insulting language to her, she answered, never. He further asked if he ever preached any thing like the spiritual wife doctrine to her only what he had preached in public. She said no! He asked her if he ever proposed to have illicit intercourse with her and especially when he took dinner during the Doctors absence. She said no. After some further conversation on the subject we left. Mrs. Gilman was present all the time.

[p.128] [March 24, 1844. Sunday.]…A.M …. went to the Temple heard President Joseph speak a little also O. Spencer and S. Rigdon.

[March 26, 1844. Tuesday.] In Council through the day…

[March 29, 1844. Friday.]…night clothed and offered up prayer for W[illiam] Heber [Clayton].

[April 4, 1844. Thursday.] In Council of the Kingdom. Eleven Lamanites appeared and wanted council. We had a very pleasant and impressive interview.

[April 7, 1844. Sunday.] At the conference all day A.M. Elder Rigdon preached. P.M. President Hyrum talked on spiritual wives and after Joseph discoursed on the dead.

[p.129] [April 8, 1844. Monday.] Elder G[eorge] J. Adams preached P.M. attended Elders conference.

[April 11, 1844. Thursday.]…Afterwards in the Council. We had a glorious interview. President Joseph was voted our P[rophet] P[riest] and K[ing] with loud Hosannas.

[April 13, 1844. Saturday.] A.M. at President Joseph's recording Deeds. He prophecied the entire overthrow of this nation in a few years.

[April 18, 1844. Thursday.]…Sarah Cook has been at my house to day and before she left again she shewed her enmity to Joseph and others in full. She has got a wicked spirit in her and will be cursed if she do not repent.

I also attended in council with the Twelve and High Council on cases of the Laws and R[obert] D. Foster, when W[illia]m Law and his wife Jane Law, Wilson Law and R[obert] D. Foster were cut off from the church by unanimous vote.

At 9 met in Council. This day President Joseph introduced J[oseph] W. Coolidge and D[avid] S. Hollister and added L[yman] Wights name, and then declared the council full. The names as they now stand of those who have been called upon to form the grand Kingdom of God by revelation are as follows:

1. President J. Smith, Standing Chairman
2. Samuel Bent 65
3. John Smith 62
4. Alpheus Cutler 60
5. Uriah Brown 59
6. Reynolds Cahoon 54 [p.130]
7. Ezra Thayre 53
8. W[illiam] W. Phelps 52
9. Amos Fielding 51
10. William Marks 51
11. Sidney Rigdon 51
12. John P. Green 51
13. Geo[rge] Miller 50
14. N[ewel] K. Whitney 49
15. Peter Haws 48
16. Jos[eph] Fielding 46
17. C[ornelius] P. Lott 44
18. Levi Richards 44
19. J[ohn] M. Bernhisel 44
20. J[ohn] D. Parker 44
21. H[yrum] Smith 44
22. L[evi] Woodworth 44
23. B[righam] Young 42
24. H[eber] C. Kimball 42
25. O[rson] Spencer 42
26. J[ames] Emmett 41
27. P[hilip] B. Lewis 40
28. Elias Smith 39
29. O[rson] Hyde 39
30. Sam[uel] James 38
31. W[ilford] Woodruff 37
32. P[arley] P. Pratt 36
33. Edw[ar]d Bonny 36
34. D[avid] D. Yearsley 36
35. D[avid] S. Hollister 35
36. John Taylor 35
37. Alex Badham 35
38. C[harles] C. Rich 34
39. G[eorge] J. Adams 33
40. Orson Pratt 33
41. M. G. Eaton 32
42. A[lmon] Babb[itt] 31
43. A[masa] Lyman 30
44. J[oseph] W. Coolidge 30
45. O[rrin] P. Rockwell 29
46. G[eorge] A. Smith 26 [p.131]
47. E[rastus] Snow 25
48. L[orenzo] D. Was[s]on 24
49. B[enjamin] F. Johnson 24
50. W[illiam] Clayton Clerk
51. W[illard] Richards Recorder
52. L[yman] Wight

During the day much precious instructions were given and it seems like heaven began on earth and the power of God is with us. (George D. Smith, An Intimate Chronicle; The Journals of William Clayton, p. 126-131).


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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Wilford Woodruff's Journal March 8-April 18, 1844

March 8th I laboured in the garden or banking up my house. I met in council in the evening with the presidency & twelve. Spoke concerning a candidate for the vice Presidency. They had nominated Gen Arlington Bennet not knowing that he was a native of Ireland. The final decision was for me to write to Col Solomon Copeland to invite him to visit us & see if he would suffer his name to run for the vice Presidency.

9th I spent the day in plowing & making some garding. I planted & sowed onions potatoes set out straw buries & raspburies. This is the earliest time I ever undertook to make a garding.

March 10th 1844 Sunday I mailed a letter to Sister Sarah B. Foss & wrote one letter to Col Solomon Copeland. Brother King Follet was buried this day under Masonic honors. He was killed while in a well by having a bucket of stone fall onto him.

A large assembly of the Saints met at the temple & was Addressed by President Joseph Smith upon one of the most important & interesting subjects ever presented to the saints & the principles presented were of the greatest importance to be understood. It was as follows: the work & Calling & spirit Elias, Elijah, & Mesiah. The following is a synopsis of the discourse:

Their is a differance between the spirit & office of Elias & Eligah. It is the spirit of Elias I wish first to speak of. And in order to Come at the subject I will bring some of the testimony from the scripture & give my own. In the first place suffice it to say I went into the woods to inquire of the Lord by prayer his will concerning me, & I saw an angel & he laid his hands upon my head & ordained me to be a priest after the order of Aaron & to hold the keys of this priesthood which office was to preach repentance & Baptism for the remission of sins & also to baptise. But [I] was informed that this office did not extend to the laying on of hands for the giving of the Holy Ghost that that office was a greater work & was to be given afterwards. But that my ordination was a preparetory work or a going before which was the spirit of Elias for the spirit of Elias was a going before to prepare the way for the greater, which was the case with John the Baptist.

He came bailing through the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord & make his paths strait & they were informed if they could receive it it was the spirit of Elias & John was vary particular to tell the people He was not that light but was sent to bear witness of that light. He told the people that his mission was to preach repentance & baptize with water, but it was he that Should Come after him that should baptise with fire & the Holy Ghost. If he had been an imposture he might have gone to work beyound his bounds & undertook to have performed ordinances that did not belong to that office & calling under the spirit of Elias.

The spirit of Elias is to prepare the way for a greater revelation of God which is the priesthood of Elias or the Priesthood that Aaron was ordained unto. And when God sends a man into the world to prepare for a greater work [he] holds the keys of the power of Elias. It was called the doctrin of Elias even from the early ages of the world. John's mission was limited to preaching & Baptizing but what he done was legal & when Jesus Christ Came to any of John's deciples He baptized them with fire & the Holy Ghost.

We find the Apostles endowed with greater power than John. Their office was more under the spirit & power of Elijah than Elias. In the Case of Philip when he went down to Samaria [he] was under the spirit of Elias. He baptised both men & women. When Peter & John herd of it they went down & lade hands on them & they received the Holy Ghost. This shows the distinction between the two powers. When Paul came to certain deciples He asked if they had received the Holy Ghost. They said no. Who baptized you then? We were Baptized unto Johns Baptism. No John did not baptized you for he did his work right, & so Paul went & baptized them for He knew what the true doctrin was & he knew that John Had not Baptised them & these principles and [it] is strange to me that men who have red the scriptures of the New Testament are so far from it.

What I want to impress upon your minds is the difference of power in the different parts of the Priesthood, so that when any man comes among you saying I have the spirit of Elias you can know whether he be true or fals. For any man that comes having the spirit & power of Elias he will not transend his bounds. John did not transend his bound but faithfully performed that part belonging to his office, and evry portion of the great building should be prepared right & assigned to its proper place, & it is necessary to know who holds the keys of power & who don't or we may be likely to be decieved. That person who holds the keys of Elias hath a preparitory work.

But if I spend much more time in conversing about the spirit of Elias I shall not have time to do justice to the spirit & power of Elijah. This is the Elias spoken of in the last days & here is the rock upon which many split thinking the time was past in the days of John & Christ & no more to be. But the spirit of Elias was revealed to me & I know it is true. Therefore I speak with boldness for I know varily my doctrin is true. Now for Elijah, the spirit power & Calling of Elijah is that ye have power to hold the keys of the revelations ordinances, oricles powers & endowments of the fulness of the Melchezedek Priesthood & of the kingdom of God on the Earth & to recieve, obtain & perform all the ordinances belonging to the kingdom of God even unto the sealing of the hearts of the fathers unto the Children & the hearts of the Children unto the fathers even those who are in heaven. Malachi says I will send Elijah befor the great and dredful day of the Lord come & He shall turn the hearts of the Fathers to the Children and the hearts of the Children to the Fathers lest I come & smite the earth with a curse.

Now what I am after is the knowledge of God & I take my own Course to obtain it. What are we to understand by this in the last days? In the days of Noah God destroyed the world by a flood & has promised to destroy it by fire in the last days. But before it took place Elijah should first Come & turn the hearts of the Fathers to the Children &c.

Now comes the point. What is this office & work of Elijah? It is one of the greatest & most important subjects that God has revealed. He should send Elijah to seal the Children to the fathers & fathers to the Children. Now was this merely confined to the living to settle difficulties with families on earth? By no means. It was a far greater work. Elijah what would you do if you was here? Would you confine your work to the living alone? No. I would refer you to the scriptures whare the subject is manifest. Ie without us they could not be made perfect nor we without them, the fathers without the Children nor the Children without the fathers. I wish you to understand this subject for it is important & if you will recieve it this is the spirit of Elijah that we redeem our dead & connect ourselves with our fathers which are in heaven & seal up our dead to come forth in the first resurrection & here we want the power of Elijah to seal those who dwell on earth to those which dwell in heaven. This is the power of Elijah & the keys of the kingdom of Jehovah.

Let us suppose a case. Suppose the great God who dwells in heaven should reveal himself to Father Cutler here by the opening heavens and tell him I offer up a decree that whatsoever you seal on earth with your decree I will seal it in heaven. You have power then. Can it be taken of? No. Then what you seal on earth by the keys of Elijah is sealed in heaven & this is the power of Elijah, & this is the difference between the spirit & power of Elias and Elijah. For while the spirit of Elias is a fore runner the power of Elijah is sufficient to make our Calling & Election sure & the same doctrin whare we are exhorted to go on to perfection not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works but of laying on of hands resurrection of the dead &c. We cannot be perfect without the fathers, &c.

We must have revelations then & we can see that the doctrin of revelation as far transcends the doctrin of no revelation as knowledge is above ignorance. For one truth revealed from heaven is worth all the sectarian notions in exhistance.

This spirit of Elijah was manifest in the days of the Apostles in delivering certain ones to the buffitings of Satan that they may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. They were sealed by the spirit of Elijah unto the damnation of Hell untill the day of the Lord or revelation of Jesus Christ.

Here is the doctrin of Election that the world have quarreled so much about but they do not know any thing about it. The doctrin that the Prysbeter-ians & Methodist have quarreled so much about once in grace always in grace, or falling away from Grace I will say a word about. They are both wrong. Truth takes a road between them both. For while the Presbyterian Says once in grace you cannot fall the Methodist says you can have grace to day, fall from it to morrow, next day have grace again & so follow it. But the doctrin of the scriptures & the spirit of Elijah would show them both fals & take a road between them both. For according to the scriptures if a man has receive the good word of God & tasted of the powers of the world to come if they shall fall away it is impossible to renew them again seeing they have Crucified the son of God afresh & put him to an open shame. So their is a possibility of falling away. Y[ee/ou?] could not be renewed again, & the power of Elijah Cannot seal against this sin for this is a reserve made in the seals & power of the priesthood.

I will make evry doctrin plain that I present & it shall stand upon a firm bases. And I am at the defiance of the world for I will take shelter under the broad shelter cover of the wings of the work in which I am ingaged. It matters not to me if all hell boils over. I regard it ownly as I would the Crackling of thorns under a pot.

A murderer, for instance one that sheds innocent Blood cannot have forgiveness. David sought repentance at the hand of God Carefully with tears but he could ownly get it through Hell. He got a promise that his soul should not be left in Hell. Although David was a king he never did obtain the spirit & power of Elijah & the fulness of the Priesthood, and the priesthood that he received & the throne & kingdom of David is to be taken from him & given to another by the name of David in the last days raised up out of his linage.

Peter refered to the same subject on the day of pentecost, but the multitude did not get the endowment that Peter had. But several days after the people asked what shall we do? Peter says I would ye had done it ignorantly speaking of crucifying the Lord &c. He did not say to them repent & be baptized for the remission of your sins but he said repent therefore & be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. Acts III 19. This is the case with murderers. They could not be baptized for the remission of sins for they had shed innocent Blood.

Again the doctrin or sealing power of Elijah is as follows: If you have power to seal on earth & in heaven then we should be crafty. The first thing you do go & seal on earth your sons & daughters unto yourself & yourself unto your fathers in eternal glory & go ahead and not go back but use a little Craftiness & seal all you can & when you get to heaven tell your father that what you seal on earth should be sealed in heaven. I will walk through the gate of heaven and Claim what I seal & those that follow me & my Council.

The Lord once told me that what I asked for I should have. I have been afraid to ask God to kill my enemies lest some of them should peradventure repent. I asked a short time since for the Lord to deliver me out of the hands of the govornor of Missouri & if it must needs be to accomplish it to take him away & the next news that came pouring down from their was Govornor Reynolds had shot himself. And I would now say beware O earth how you fight against the saints of God & shed innocent Blood, for in the days of Elijah his enemies came upon him & fire was called down from heaven & destroyed them.

The spirit of Elias is first, Elijah second, & Mesiah last. Elias is a fore runner to prepare the way, & the spirit & power of Elijah is to come after holding the keys of power building the Temple to the cap stone placing the seals of the Melchezedeck priesthood up on the house of Israel & making all things ready. Then Mesiah comes to his Temple which is last of all. Mesiah is above the spirit & power of Elijah for he made the world & was that spiritual rock unto Moses in the wilderness. Elijah was to come & prepare the way & build up the kingdom before the coming of the great day of the Lord.

Although the spirit of Elias might begin it, I have asked of the Lord concerning his Coming & while asking, the Lord gave me a sign & said in the days of Noah I set a bow in the heavens as a sign & token that in any year that the bow should be seen the Lord would not come, but their should be seed time -harvest during that year. But whenever you see the bow withdraw it shall be a token that their shall be famin pestilence & great distress among the nations.

But I take the responsibility upon myself to prophesy in the name of the Lord, that Christ will not come this year as Miller has prophecyed, for we have seen the bow. And I also Prophecy in the name of the Lord that Christ will not Come in forty years & if God ever spake by my mouth he will not come in that length of time, & Jesus Christ never did reveal to any man the precise time that he would Come. Go & read the scriptures & you cannot find any thing that specifies the exact [time] he would come & all that say so are fals teachers.

Their are some important things concerning the office of the Mesiah in the organization of the world which I will speak of hereafter. May God Almighty bless you & pour out his spirit upon you is the prayer of your unworthy servant Amen.

At the close of the meeting I was informed my son Wilford that was out at Br Benbows was vary sick. I immediately in company with Mrs Woodruff went out to see him. We found him quite sick. We spent the night at Br Benbows. We had prayers and administered unto our son according to the order of the priesthood * & he revived in some measure.

/11th A Council of <fifty> Elders was organized to day or had it Commencement to further the interest of kingdom of God./

March 11 We spent the day and night at Br Ben-bows. Our son had a sick night. It was a cold rainy time.

12th A rainy day. I rode to Nauvoo & back to get some things for Wilford. Saw sever[al] brethren of our quorum. They informed me of an interesting meeting they had had sunday night & monday. In the evening Br Lot came to us & we had prayers in the evening together & administered to Wilford & he seemed to receive a blessing.

13 I spent part of the day in writing & returned to Nauvoo in the evening. I met in Council with the brethren for the first time during the week.

14 I was with the brethren today making some arangements Concerning our mission.

15 I was to work in my garding & met with some of the brethren in the evening at the store * for prayer exhortation &c.

/16 The female Relief Society met at the Assembly room./

17 Sunday I visited the Sick in the evening. Their was a snow storm yet I met with s[everal?] * * of the Saints & gave a lecture on experience.

March 18th I spent the day Choreing.

19th Wrote a letter to Col Solomon Copeland. I went to the printing office & made an arangment to take home 200 B[ound?] T & S.

20th (weather gage) Cold North wind. A snow & hail storm untill 10 oclok. Continued cloudy & Cold wind from the North untill 3 oclock. Was plesant during the remainder part of the day. As the 20th of September & March is considerd as the weather gage to govern the weather for the year by those who observe the weather we should calculate by this rule to have an exceding cold & dreary summer so that corn Could scarcely grow for this day is the Coldest we have had for near two months.

21st I received a letter from Br Dwight Webster and a paper from Ezra Carter. A cold snow storm. Our Cow brought forth a durham heifer Calf this morning. *

22d A cold day. I spent a part of the day settelling with Elder John Taylor. I met with the quorum of the Twelve at B. Youngs for Prayer. We united together to pray for the Presidency the Twelve the sick &c.

23d I spent the day drawing 100 rails from Mr Middletons to the Lot I bought of Hiram Kimball.

22d Friday Mrs Woodruff returned home from Br Benbows whare she had been taking Care of Wilford who had been vary sick. She had been there two weeks. We were both satisfied to be at home * with our Children. * * *

24th March Sunday I met with the saints at the Temple. When I arived President Joseph Smith was speaking. The following is the substance of what I herd him say:

I have been informed by two gentleman that a conspiricy is got up in this place for the purpose of taking the life of President Joseph Smith his family and all the Smith family & the heads of the Church. One of the gentleman will give his name to the public & the other wishes it to be hid for the present. They will both testify to it on oath & make an affidavit upon it. The names of the persons revealed at the head of the conspiracy are as follows: (Chancy Higby Dr Foster, Mr Jackson, Wm. & Wilson Law). And the lies that Higby has hatched up as a foundation to work upon is, he says that I had mens heads Cut off in Missouri & that I had a sword run through the hearts of the people that I wanted to kill & put out of the way. I wont sware out a warrent against them for I don't fear any of them. They would not scare of an old setting hen.

I intend to publish all the iniquity that I know of. If I am guilty I am ready to bear it. Their is honor among enemies. I am willing to do any thing for the good of the people.

I will give the names of one of the gentleman who have divulged the plot. His name is Eaton. He will sware to it. He is a bold fellow. Jackson said a Smith should not be alive 2 weeks not over two months any how. As concerning the Character of these men I will say nothing about it now but If I hear any thing more from them on this subject I will tell what I know about them.

Elder O. Spencer Addressed the people as follows: I thought of a figure ie. if a physician was going to dissect a body he would not begin at the limbs but cut the head of first. So the Adversary has laid a plan to cut off the head of the Church with the intention of scattering & destroying the whole body. It was so in the days of Jesus Christ. The enemies sought to kill him that the body might be destroyed, which was also the case in the days of Elijah, Daniel, & many of the ancients.

I once herd a man say who was opposed to this work that it might be true but it gave Jo Smith Power. True said I. But if his power be subordinate to the power of God it is right. If a man set up a kingdom by the power of God then let others seek power from the same source. God sets up kingdoms & pulls down kingdoms. This makes men mad that will not submit to the kingdom of God.

We all know the result of the power of Moses who was the representative of God. Judging from what is past how will it be when God sets up his kingdom in the last days? Whether their is a conspiracy now or not I don't know, but no doubt their will be if not know for it has always been so. In the days of the Nephites they had their Gadianton robers. I have not any doubt but that the Apostates will Join with the others wicked powers to try to put down the power of God. And I am glad to have the power of the kingdom of God tested & when it is fully tried it will stand.

I care not what sacrifice I am Called to make for such a kingdom, if its friends, welth or even life at the purchase of such a kingdom it is Cheap. Did the ancient Apostles, Prophets or Saints who died pay two much for that kingdom? They did not. It is necessary that men be put in possession of the knowledge & mysteries of the kingdom of God in order to sin as far as they wish that they may go to the highest pitch. How often men lay down their lives for their country & other purposes. Much better then to die for the cause of God.

Good and righteous men will administer Justice & rebuke evil & the Church should be Clensed from bad men & the Lord will take his own way to Clens the Church. We should lift up our voice against wickedness of all kinds.

But will the rulers of our land do it? No they will not. They will be Cowards untill their is no man to fight & then be brave. When goverment will not do it some man should take the helm of government that will do it. Will it be called treason if the God of heaven should set up a kingdom? May the Lord give you more & more of his spirit light & intelligence untill you are cemented together in union & love. Amen.

President S Rigdon arose & addressed the assembly in an interesting manner for a length of time. The following are a few Items of his remarks:

If according to the remarks in the morning A conspiracy does exhist with the persons that have been named, It is one of those kind of associations that Could not exhist in any thing except against the kingdom of God.

A word Concerning power. History refers us back beyound Civilization in treating upon this subject. In consequence of power, their is strength & glory. Whare their is no power it is like flies without any order or rule. I have viewed the nations of the earth & the way they are relaxing in power & the course they are persuing. One hundred years will not pass away till there would not be a man or woman on the earth, and nothing but the hand of God can save it, & this is why God would send Elijah to do his work, for all the power the nations will soon have is to destroy each other. For soon nation will be against nation party against party the rich against the poor & the poor against the rich untill they are destroyed from under heaven.

Tradition says the pope destroyed the Church of God. Rome followed the Church as long as their was a saint & now you say the pope killed fifty millions of Christians. You lie sir. Their was not a Christian on Earth, for when rome killed the Christians & would not have God rule they wanted a pope & God gave them one or permitting them to have one & he killed fifty millions, its true. But they were not Christians for they wer already dead, but it was of their own number ownly differed from them in sentiment. Here was power with a vengance.

But as soon as God sends a man to use the power of God then they are afraid of power. Now the world says the religion of Jesus shed this blood & the bible &c but men must be vary ignorant of the bible & the religion of Jesus Christ to, to say such things. For it was for the want of religion & the bible that Caused the blood to be shed. For God Jesus Christ nor religion had any more hand in it than you had. The power of God & Jesus Christ & religion would have saved if they had had it.

(President Joseph Smith again arose & said In relation to the power over the minds of mankind which I hold, I would say it is in consequence of the power of truth in the doctrins which I have been an instrument in the hands of God of presenting unto them & not because of any compulsion on my part. I will ask if I ever got any of it unfair. If I have not reproved you in the gate. I ask did I ever exercise any compulsion over any man? Did I not give him the liberty of disbelieveing any doctrin I have preached if he saw fit? Why do not my enemies strike a blow at the doctrin? They cannot do it, it is truth. And I am as the voice of one crying in the wilderness repent of your sins & prepare the way for the coming of the son of Man, for the kingdom of God has come unto you and henceforth the ax is laid unto the root of the tree and evry tree that bring-eth not forth good fruit, God Almighty (and not Jo Smith) shall hew down & cast it into the fire.)

25th I went on to the prairie with Br Hale & Bullock to Br Pulsiphers & commenced plowing & sowing spring wheat. We sowed about 1 1/2 bushels & harrowed it in.

26th A rainey day. I met in council with the brethren. *

27th Still rainey. I Settelled all accounts with Elder John Taylor & passed receipts on Settlement.

I wrote a Letter to Br Dwight Webster. Advised him to come via Albany, Cleaveland Beaver St Louis.

28th I spent part of the day at the Printing Office. We counted out all the Times & Season & the List on the following Page is an account of the IVth vol of the Times & Seasons which I have on hand for binding.

The following list of 4th vol Times & Seasons is on hand:

No 1 - 500
" 2 - 500
3 - 500
4 - 500
5 - 500
6 - 500
7 - 500
8 - 500
9 - 500
10 - 500
11 - 500
12 - 500
13 - 500
14 - 500
15 - 500
16 - 482 Lacks 18 numbers
17 - 500
18 - 500
19 - 480 " 20 numbers
20 - 480 " 20 "
21 - 493 " 7 "
22 - 481 " 19 "
23 - 493 " 7 "
24 - 498 " 2 (whole volums 480)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The following list is surplus numbers of vol 4.

No 1 - 3 No 16 1
2 - 6 520 Title page & contents
3 - 56
5 - 27
6 - 8
7 - 10
8 - 34
9 - 74
10 - 40
11 43
12 - 37
13 - 3
14 - 44
15 - 6

29th A sever Cold. Hail, rain & freezing day. Ground froze hard.

30 A little more mild.

31 Sunday Spent the day at home.


April 1st I went out onto the praire & I finished sowing my spring wheat. I put in four acres in all.

2d I worked in the garden & made some beds.

3d I worked in the garden.

4th * I met in Council with the quorum & others.

5th * * I attended the dedication of the Nauvoo Masonic Hall which was truly grand and interesting the first dedication of the kind I ever attended. The procession was grand being Composed of about 500 members.

In the fore part of the day President Joseph Smith was to have preached the fun[er]al sermon of King Follet but in consequence of Ill health He omitted it & called upon Elder A. Lyman to take the stand & he arose & gave an interesting address to the vast multitude who had assembled for the purpose of hearing a discourse from President Smith.

[6] A Special Conference held at Nauvoo April 6th AD 1844.

Conference assembled at 10 oclock AM April 6. President B. Young called the conference to order. President Joseph Smith said He should not occupy time in speaking of any difficulties that might have occured in our midst. Said He was not a fallen prophet, & never in any nearer relationship to God than at the present time, & would show before the conferen[ce] closed that God was with him.

Prayer by W. W. Phelps, after which Sidney Rigdon arose & said it was with no ordinary feelings He arose to speak, A privilege which he had not before enjoyed in the same capacity for five years. And the circumstances of the occasion points out to me my text which is the saints of the last Days. I remember in 1830 All the church met in a log cabin, whare we conversed extensively about laying the foundation of this kingdom. Our minds expanded far & wide while contemplating this subject even in that day we talked as large then as now. We spoke of Great things that the world Could not bear & that is the reason why we were in secret. The world would laugh & consider us fools & even mob us because we talked about things that were true & have and will come to pass yet things that looked impossible to them because they did not view them by faith as we do. And if we should still convers about things in secret it would be upon the same principle for we are not willing to bear the scoffs of the world any longer unnessarily. Had we told openly & talked openly of the things of God that have & will come to pass our Blood would have been shed. We should not have been here this day. But we hid ourselves up in secret. There we talked wept, & prayed & the Angels Administered unto us & the spirit of God was with us & the heavens opened unto us. But we should now have been in our grave had we proclaimed unto the world what God showed unto us, notwithstanding it was for the benefit of man, & for his salvation, & not for evil.

The appearance of this congregation this day shows the fulfillment of the revelations of Jesus Christ given in those days. No incident has taken place in this day but what we spoke of at that early period. All those things were deeply impressed upon the mind by the God of Heaven. How Could you be made to believe that you did not live in Nauvoo & have not got habitations? Neither Could we disbelieve this to be the Church of God. We cannot disbelieve it for we see hear & feel. I have always known it to be. I Cannot see otherwise. Have I not seen Gods glory by the visions of Heaven? Yea I have. Then what have we to do with the little difficulties on earth? Nothing.

Those were the beginning of Good days shut up in a little shop with nothing to eat but a little Jonny Cake & milk & water ownly as we would occa-sionlly shoot a squirrel & we lived in an old smokey house. Still we rejoiced in the things God was revealing unto us.

Many think it hard to live in Nauvoo but we counted those good days. God had given us great things. don't think [it] strange if men don't think of great things. When I obtained a great & glorious principle I felt like locking it up lest the people would laugh at me. And while we were together & telling one thing we would learn another; I speak of these things to do away with the notion or feelings about our secret meetings. Was their any thing wrong then? No, neither will their be now. No, I have no fear of it. What God does is for my salvation & the salvation of man, & I say go ahead.

I have spoken of the grand principle of the beginning, & I have marvelled at one thing ie after the foundation of the church men crept in that were vary wise. More so than God. Professed to know more some of them. It has kept the Church in a continual broil. It was so in the days of Moses but he disposed of them. He killed them or the Lord destroyed them.

I will leave this subject & show why Salvation belongs to the Priesthood of God & why it belongs to us as a people. Men labor under a mistake ie Salvation is distinct from goverment. Salvation is always the result of goverment. Evry man has a right to govern himself in a goverment. As evry good is a part of the goverment & the laws is for the defence of a man, we see the need of laws in this city for their is evil dispose of here. I have seen some trials in this city whar some persons were tried for insulting the Marshall. But any other man is as good as the Marshall. Many other usful remarks were made by the speaker when he gave way untill the Afternoon.

Was followed with many usful remarks from Elder Taylor. The stand was occupied with with eleven Lamanites chiefs braves &c.

At 2 oclok the conference Assembled & [Sidney Rigdon] resumed his subject. Said we were discusing in the morning service upon the History of the Church of Jesus Christ. Its a miserable man that Could not manufactor his own tex. I have known many a sermon spoiled by a bad tex. The Church of Jesus Christ then. The Hights of testimony, & amount of evidence that many of those have had that have fallen away has been of such a nature that when they say they don't believe this work to be true they lie. The things that were done in secret in the begining are now seen openly and their is nothing secret now but what all will know in time to come.

I am aware their is many things I did not Hint at. I will speak of them now. I have seen the time when the Presidency of the Church Sitting now before me, were locked up with me in secret places waiting upon God. We did not go out at all but to eat &c. But it was soon found out, & a mob Came saying God damn you to Hell, & threatend our lives. It was at this time we sat for hours in the Visions of heaven around the throne of God & gazed upon the seenes of Eternity.

One evening a Mexican called upon us & he went out armed to see a dozen armed men in the cornor of the fence. He wanted to shoot them. Afterwards the mob came in & broke the door, took me & dragd me out through the streets by my heels with my head pounding over the frozen ground. Another company took president Smith, & tar & featherd him. They tried to tar and turn Aquiphertos down our our throats. This is the reason why we were in secret under lock & key.

Now if you will let us work openly we will not work in secret. We will work openly as much as you want. I think I have said enough already to show that the Church has Come up through great tribulation. Let this suffice then upon this subject.

Their is men Standing in your midst who are not afraid of men or devels & men whos mouths cannot be stoped unless you take their lives. For they will speak in defence of the innocent of virtue & truth while they live.

Their is men in your midst who have learned their is a great God who can do as he pleases take up the Hills as a little thing, & such men do not fear death. They know about Heaven. They have seen it & know all about it.

Their is men in your midst which you must Sustain or go to Hell. Save them & you save yourselves. Reject them & you go to Hell. We are 14 years of age now. Chuse your guardeen and when you get to be 21 then do business for youselves. You can save yourselves or Damn yourselves.

You have just men among you & the reason is because God has taught them chose & ordained them & this is the reason why they are so.

You have men in your midst who will not turn to the right hand or left. If you are in their path you must get out. You cannot Cort by favor or welth or any thing els. They do not ask Poleticians kings or people for favor. They ask God for it alone. If the world make them rich or poor they never ask for it. The man whom God has raised up to lay the foundation of this work is placed in such a situation that He cannot fall and He is so lovely that I cannot get mad at him.

This is an important part in the History of the Church. The cry of some is I shall not get office if these men are not put down. Well God intended to keep them fearing. When God sets up his kingdom He will sustain it above all laws & kingdoms of the world & the world has no power over the kingdom of God. The laws will be so strict that the world will make to try to ketch the saints that it will hang themselves by the wholesale. We want to build up the Laws of God in Hancock Co. I don't care anything about all the laws in the world for I will live above them. God teaches his servants to respects kings Gov[ernors] Presidents, & men in authority. But I have a right to proclaim myself a king and priest unto the most High God. Yet I will not transgresss your laws. But don't do as they did in Missouri kill people because they would not have break the law.

I don't want any office in this goverment for I am determined to be a king in the kingdom of God. What be king in heaven and quarrel about the office of constable on earth?

The kingdom of God may rise up in the midst of the kingdoms of the world and live above all laws, and not be a law abiding man. I will live above all law. I will pay my taxes & obey all requirments that the goverment has upon me. The reason we was mob in Mo was because we would not have any thing to do with the laws. We did not break any. We lived above them so they sent a mob. upon us. The kingdom of God to the world would be a light in a dark place. The kingdom of God Could be set up in any kingdom or country & not Break the law but live above it. Conference Adjourned till tomorrow morning.

April 7th Sunday The sun plesent air calm & serene & a vast multitude of about twenty thousand souls assembled together. After singing and prayers President Rigdon arose & Said, our borders are enlarged this morning. I shall preach from the same tex we preached from yesterday The Church of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God, the leven, the little stone spoken of by Daniel &c. The testimony given would let the kingdom of God exhist in any goverment Monarchiel or Republican. We intend to show why salvation belongs to this Church ownly.

The kingdom of God is a goverment that exer-ciseing its ownly power in evry respect it holds a place on the mind, not by force of Arms but by free will because they want to do the will of God & it is accomplished by truth itself that is manifest from Heaven by intelligence that He sees in heaven and it is power in itself. It is on this principle that power rests. The Lord begins to teach a man what he can do and if he never would know what he was taught he never would know what he could do. No people can comprehend it but the Church of God. Then one of the main things in the kingdom of God is to let a man know what to do, what glory kingdom & power he can gain. Man is taught a principle that when it enters the mind it has a power over death, plagues, sickness, the gift of miracles. This is one great evidence of the work the power of God. This then in the kingdom of God.

All religions then that there is in the world that has not these things has a tendency to do hurt instead of doing good for it teaches those things are done away. God has said he would take all the kingdoms of the world out of the way, he would Break in peases & subdue & he would teach the kings and all powers the way that they may have a chance.

We say then their is no power any whare els unto salvation. Isaiah said the wilderness should blossom as the rose the lame leap, the blind see. We have got this power here yet the world says it is an imposition. When He comes, He will save you. The lame shall leap, Deaf hear Blind see. He will come so you need not have sickness or lameness. But man has proclaimed salvation in the earth. When we exercise the keys of the kingdom of God who Can oppose it? Not war with the sword but with another power. The world has always been sheding Blood. I proclaim peace not war, & this is what he calls the kingdom. Has not the kingdom of God a right to extend in any part of the world to do good, Beat swords into plow shares & spears into pruning hooks, & it shall be a kingdom of glory, peace, & salvation.

Let no man be alarmed because the Lord said that the kingdom of God should swallow up all other kingdoms. What harm would it do? For all the world would have the same spirit. The Lord said He intended to do by the whole world the same as he has done by us, & this is the thing the world is afraid of. Reflect then. This is as far as I intended to go upon this subject.

A word then upon the Materials to carry on this kingdom. Any man Publicans, sinners, scoundrals or any body else could repent & receive the gospel & become a member of the kingdom as well as the good. For when Jesus came He came to call sinners & Harlots came into the kingdom. It don't requir much of an exhertion of the mind.

Much depends however upon the decision of the mind. It depends upon one action of the mind. A man remarked to me He did not belong to a Church. Was not worthy. But this is a mistake. Jesus Christ came to save sinners. He saves the unworthy. The Lord will offer a man salvation. He says he is not worth. But what would you want your son to do if he was unworthy? He should return to his father. So with God. He calls to the world to return by Baptism. He cannot make himself any better but decid with the mind today. Then the Lord begins to teach him the things of God & heaven & I will make you like myself. I will give you my spirit & make you feel like my family, & this is the pivot to A God. Then decide & go, be Baptized. Then you will be in the way of Salvation. If he decide otherwise he will not be any better.

A word upon the spirit. This noble decision of the mind causes Angels to rejoice in the Heavens for their is more joy over one sinner that repenteth than over ninety and nine just persons. Evry person can do this & no man can do a better work. Let no man say they are unworthy.

I wish all the teachers of the day Could hear me. I was a Baptist & preached their doctrin & was hampered, & hampered others in my teachings and all the teachers of the day do the same. They may be honest but they teach fals doctrins. They call people to the anxious bench & keep them down untill they will say they are willing to be damned. But I never was willing to be damned.

The doctrin Peter taught was different from sectarianisms. His doctrin was repent & be Baptized & you shall receive the Holy ghost. Take a view of this subject. Look at the spirit of promise. View the Congregation on that day. They were stranger not having a knowledge of salvation. They were strangers to the power of God & did not know that Jesus Christ was crusified & All they knew about it was what Peter told them on the day of Pentecost, 14 vrs of 2 ch. of Acts. The ownly knowledge they had about the Holy Spirit was what Peter taught them by quoting the prophet Joel 37 ver.

Now mark this. Peter had defined the spirit of God of the fruits of it be Prophecy, dreams, visions, revelations, &c. Yes this is the spirit of God the spirit of Prophecy, dreams, visions, heal the sick, & all the great things, & I will in the last days pour out my spirit upon all flesh. This is the definition of the Spirit. All were called to be baptized without any exceptions, villians Harlots Scoundral and all.

A question. How long would it take the sectarian religion before they would prophecy & have the gifts of the spirits of God? It would take seven eternities to do it for it is on a different scheme. I will come to an Anxious bench and get as good a convertion as can be got at an anxious bench.

Will I be converted to God? No I will be converted to an anxious bench.

If I had been converted to God I should have been Prophesying According to the words of Joel. For He said the spirit of God should be poured out upon all flesh & I believe I am flesh & I believe you are flesh & I believe we are in the last days.

I will now sum up the testimony. What is a man to preach when they go out? Tell the people to repent quit their iniquity be Baptized & you shall recieve the Holy ghost, dream dreams, see visions, & prophecy & if they don't tell them this they preach another gospel. [ ]

3 oclok PM April Sunday 7th 1844 The following important edefying & interesting discourse was deliverd by President Joseph Smith to about twenty thousand souls upon the subject of the death of Elder King Follet. [ ]

I now call the attention of this congregation while I addres you upon the subject of the dead The case of our Beloved Brother King Follet who was crushed to death in a well as well as many others who have lost friends will be had in mind this afternoon & [I] shall speak upon the subject in general as far as I shall be inspired by the Holy spirit to treat upon the subject. I want the Prayers & faith of the Saints that I may have the Holy Ghost that the testimony may carry conviction to your minds of the truth of what I shall say, & pray that the Lord may strengthen my lungs. There is strength here. Your prayers will be herd.

Before I enter upon an investigation of this subject, I wish to pave the way, and bring up the subject from the beginning that you may understand. I do not intend to please you with oritory but with the simple truths of heaven Edify you. Go to the morn of creation to understand the decrees of the Eloheem at the creation. It is necessary for us to have an understanding of God at the beginning. If we get a good start first we can go right, but if you start wrong you may go wrong. But few understand the Character of God. They do not know they do not understand their relationship to God. The world know no more than the brute beast, & they know no more than to eat drink and sleep & this is all man knows about God or his exhistance, except what is given by the inspiration of the Almighty. Go then to the beginning that you may understand.

I ask this congregation what kind of a being is God? Turn your thoughts in your hearts, & say have any of you seen or herd him or communed with him? This is a question that may occupy your attention. The scriptures inform us that this is eternal life to know the ownly wise God & Jesus Christ whome He has sent. If any inquire what kind of a being God is I would say If you don't know God you have not eternal life. Go back & find out what kind of a being God is.

If I am the man that shows you what kind of a being God is then let evry man & woman sit in silence and never lift up his hand against me again. If I do not do it, I will not make any further pretentions to inspiration or to be a prophet. I would be like the rest of the world, [world's] fals teachers & you would want to take my life. But you might just as well take the lives of other fals teachers as mine if I was fals. But meddle not with any man for his religion. Evry goverment ought to permit evry man to enjoy his religion. I will show the world is wrong by showing what God is. I am going to inquire after God so that you may know God, that persecution may cease concerning me.

I go back to the beginning to show what kind of a being God was. I will tell you & hear it O Earth! God who sits in yonder heavens is a man like yourselves. That GOD if you were to see him to day that holds the worlds you would see him like a man in form, like yourselves. Adam was made in his image and talked with him, walked with him. In order to understand the dead for the consolation of those that mourn, I want you to understand God and how he comes to be God. We suppose that God was God from eternity. I will refute that Idea, or I will do away or take away the veil so you may see.

It is the first principle to know that we may convers with him and that he once was man like us and the Father was once on an earth like us. And I wish I was in a suitable place to tell it. The scriptures inform us mark it that Jesus Christ Said As the Father hath power in himself so hath the son power in himself to do what the Father did even to lay down my body & take it up again. Do you believe it? If not don't believe the bible. I defy all Hell and earth to refute it.

And you have got to learn how to make yourselves God, king and priest, by going from a small Capacity to a great capacity to the resurrection of the dead to dwelling in everlasting burnings. I want you to know the first principle of this law. How consoling to the mourner when they part with a friend to know that though they lay down this body it will rise & dwell with everlasting burnings to be an heir of God & joint heir of Jesus Christ enjoying the same rise exhaltation & glory untill you arive at the station of a God. What did Jesus Christ do? The same thing as I see the Father do. See the father do what? Work out a kingdom. When I do so to I will give to the father which will add to his glory. He will take a Higher exhaltation & I will take his place and am also exhalted.

These are the first principles of the gospel. It will take a long time after the grave to understand the whole. If I should say any thing but what was in the bible the cry of treason would be herd. I will then go to the Bible.

Barasheet in the beginning. Analize the word in and through the head. An old Jew added the word Bath. It red the head one of the gods broat forth the gods. I will transpose it in the english language. I want you to know & learn that the Holy Ghost knows sumthing. The grand Council set at the head and contemplated the creation of the world. Some will say the scriptures say so & so, but I will show you a text out of an old book Containing the four languages. The German is here. What does this text say? Yoakabeam, the son of Zebedee. The bible says James the son of Zebedee, but this says Jacob son of jebedee 21 ch. 4th ver. Matthew.

The Dr says (I mean Dr of Law not of physic) If you say any thing not according to the Bible we will cry treason. But if ye are not led by revelation how can ye escape the damnation of Hell? Here we have the testimony of four. I have the oldest Book in the world & the Holy Ghost. I thank God for the old Book but more for the Holy Ghost.

The Gods came together & concocked the plan of making the world & the inhabitants. Having an knowledge of God we know how to Approach him & ask & he will answer.

An other thing. The Learned Dr says the Lords made the world out of nothing. You tell them that God made the world out of sumthing, & they think you are a fool. But I am learned & know more than the whole world. The Holy Ghost does any how, & I will associate myself with it. Beaureau to organize the world out of Chaotic matter, element. They are principles that Cannot be disolved. They may be reorganized.

Another subject which is Calculated to exhalt man I wish to speak of, The resurrection of the dead. The soul the mind of man, whare did it come from? The learned says God made it in the beginning, but it is not so. I know better. God has told me so. If you don't believe it, it wont make the truth without effect. God was a self exhisting being. Man exhist upon the same principle. God made a tabernacle & put a spirit in it and it became a Human soul. Man exhisted in spirit & mind coequal with God himself. You who mourn the loss of friends are ownly seperated for a moment. The spirit is seperated for a little time. They are now conversant with each other as we are on the earth.

I am dwelling on the immutibility of the spirit of man. Is it logic to say the spirit of man had a begining & yet had no end? It does not have a begining or end. My ring is like the exhistance of man. It has no begining or end. If [I] Cut in to their would be a begining & end. So with man. If it had a begining it will have an end.

If I am right I might say God never had power to create the spirit of man. God himself Could not create himself. Intelligence is eternal & it is self exhisting. All mind that is susseptible of improvement. The relationship we have with God places us in a situation to advance in knowledge. God has power to institute laws to instruct the weaker intelligences that they may be exhalted with himself. This is good doctrin. It taste good. I can taste the principles of eternal life. So can you. They are given to me by the revelations of Jesus Christ and I know you believe it. All things that God sees fit to reveal to us in relation to us, reveals his commandments to our spirits, and in saving our spirits we save the body, the same as though we had no Body.

How comes the awful responsibility if in relation to our dead, if they do not be baptized they must be damned? (I wish I had 40 days to talk.) What promises are made, what can be said if in the grave, God dwells in eternity, and he does not view things as we do? The greatest responsibility lade open us in this life is in relation to our dead. Paul cannot be made perfect without us. For it is necessary that the seals are in our hands to seal our Children & our dead for the fulness of the dispensation of times, A dispensation to meet the promises made by Jesus Christ befor the foundation of the world for the salvation of man. All sins and blasphemys were to be forgiven except the sin against the Holy Ghost. God has made provision for evry spirit in the eternal world, and the spirits of our friends should be searched out & saved. Any man that has a friend in eternity can save him if he has not commit the unpardonable sin. He cannot be damned through all eternity. Their is a possibility for his escape in a little time. If a man has knowledge he can be saved. If he has been guilty of great sins he is punished for it. When he Consents to obey the gospel whether Alive or dead, he is saved, his own mind damns him. I have no fear of hell fire that don't exhist. No man can Commit the unpardonable sin, untill He receives the Holy Ghost. All will suffer untill they obey Christ himself. Even the devil said I am a savior and can save all, rose up in rebelion against God and was cast down.

Jesus Christ will save all except the sons of perdition. What must a man do to commit the unpardonable sin? They must receive the Holy Ghost have the heavens opened unto them, & know God & then sin against him. This is the case with many apostates in this Church. They never scease to try to hurt me. They have got the same spirit the devil had. You cannot save them. They make open war like the devil.

Stay all that hear, don't make any hasty mooves. You may be saved. If a spirit of Bitterness is in you, don't be in haste. Say you that man is a sinner. Well if he repents he shall be forgiven.

I could go back and trace evry subject of interest concerning the relationship of man to God if I had time. Their is many mansions in my fathers Kingdom.

What have we to console us in relation to our dead? We have the greatest hope in relation to our dead of any people on earth. We have seen them walk worthy on earth and those who have died in the faith are now in the selestial kingdom of God. They have gone to await the resurrection of the dead, to go to the celestial glory while their is many who die who will have to wait many years. But I am authorized to say to you my friends in the name of the Lord that you may wait for your friends to come forth to meet you in eternity in the morn of the celestial world. Those Saints who have been murdered in the persecution shall triumph in the Celestial world while their murderers shall dwell in torment untill they pay the utmost farthing.

I have Fathers, Brothers, Children, that are gone to eternity soon to meet me. The time will soon be gone, the trump will soon be blown.

A question. Will Mothers have their Children in Eternity? Yes, yes, you will have the Children, /But/ as it falls so it will rise. It will never grow. It will be in its precise form as it fell in its mothers arms. Eternity is full of thrones upon which dwell thousands of Children reigning on thrones of glory not one cubit added to their stature.

I will leave this subject here and make a few remarks upon Baptism. I will read a tex in Jerman upon Baptism. John says I Baptise you with water But when Jesus Christ Comes He shall administer the baptism of fire & the Holy Ghost. John said his baptism was good for nothing without the Baptism of Jesus Christ. Many talk of any baptism not being essential to salvation but this would lay the foundation of their damnation. There has also been remarks made concerning all men being redeemed from Hell, But I say that any man who commits the unpardonable sin must dwell in hell worlds without end.
[ ]
Conference adjourned till tomorrow 10 oclock.

[8] Conference met at 10 oclok April 8th. President J Smith arose and said it is impossible to continue the subject that I spoke upon yesterday in consequence of the weekness of my lungs. Yet I have a proclamation to make to the Elders. You know the Lord has led the Church untill the present time. I have now a great proclamation for the Elders to teach the Church here after which is in relation to Zion. The whole of North and South America is Zion. The mountain of the Lords House is in the centre of North & South America.

When the House is done, Baptism font erected and finished & the worthy are washed, anointed, endowed & ordained kings & priests, which must be done in this life, when the place is prepared you must go through all the ordinances of the house of the Lord so that you who have any dead friends must go through all the ordinances for them the same as for yourselves; then the Elders are to go through all America & build up Churches until all Zion is built up, but not to commence to do this untill the Temple is built up here and the Elders endowed. Then go forth & accomplish the work & build up stakes in all North and South America. Their will be some place ordained for the redeeming of the dead. I think this place will be the one, so their will be gathering fast enough here.

President Smith lungs failed him and he appointed Elder G. J. Adams to occupy the time during the fournoon. He however remarked that his proclamation just made was the greatest ever made as all could not come here, but it was necessary that enough should come to build up the temple & get an endowment so that the work could spread abroad.

Elder Adams took a text in Obadiah 17 vers upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance &c. He spoke lengthy concerning Zion that was to be built up in the last days & pointed out Joseph from the scriptures and brought much testimony to prove the subject. At the Close of the discourse President Joseph Smith turned over the conference into the hands of the Twelve And Adjourned untill 2 oclok.

Met at 2 oclok & President Hiram Smith arose & spent most of the Afternoon in scoreing the Elders to try to teach them wisdom, that they might act in wisdom when they go out to preach. Conference Adjourned untill to morrow morning at 8 oclk.

April 9th Conference [met] persuant to adjournment at 8 oclok President B Young in the Chair. Elder Amasa Lyman made some appropriat remarks. Had followed men that done more hurt than good flung more obstructions in the way than they took out. Had taken half of his time to remove prejudice caused by unwise Elders. For God sake don't preach a thing you don't know. don't appear before the public in a capacity you cannot maintain. A man in Iowa Called a Congregation. The first thing he did was to read a Patriarchal blessing which had some strong meat in it. He would have done better to have preached the gospel. I had rather hear brethren appear small th[an] large. I had rather see a man hold his brother up than pull him down. Preach what will save men. The same that converted you will convert them.

Elder B Young arose and [said] the above doc-trin was true and I will add a remark to it. If man tries to rise by pulling another down he will sink as soon as a peace of pot mettle. Preach faith repentance & Baptism. Say nothing but repentance to this generation. Need not go into mysteries. Preach the same over again. When I heard Br Joseph make his proclamation yesterday I thought it was a sweepstakes when he said North & South America was Zion. Any Elder that will be wise when he gets his endowment can go into any city & build up the largest church in the city. This prooves the prophet true, that the priesthood is fitted for the Condition of evry man & woman that was on the earth. Will the elders go out this season & preach the things we tell them to & then stop? Build up churches in all the world is a perfect knock down to mobs. Now Mo Mob away and best let us alone and we will evangelize the world and not make much fuss about it. Mob us & we will do it sooner. We want the Elders to electioneer for President Smith and we want to build the temple this season and by the help of God you we will do it. Pay your tithing if you want a seat in that house. Many other usful remarks was made by Elder Young. Conference Adjourned untill 2 oclok.

Met according to adjournment and called to order by president Brigham Young. President Joseph Young proceded to ordain a number of Elders into the quorum of the Seventies.

B Young remarked O ye Elders of Israel you are the first fruits of the kingdom of God on the earth that is to swallow up all other kingdoms on earth. Now be wise and not fools like many smart young men who have sunk themselves in degradation & infamy, when you go out go before God in prayer and faith. Joseph said he was not known in our midst. He might live & die and not be fully known untill he was weighed in the balance in the eternal world. You do not fully know the day of your visitation. The work is beginning to be seen by the Saints. When J. C. Bennet went forth to try to destroy the Saints A little company of us went before God and asked him to take away his power, and it fell like lightning from Heaven. We asked for Duncan not to be Govor-nor. He was not but he is now dead and damned. We asked for Reynolds to be taken away. He soon shot himself & went to Hell. Carlin is dead and so our enemies have fallen on evry hand. Whare is the officers of Government in washington? Seven were hurled into eternity in an instant by the bursting of a big gun. The bitter branches are beginning to be cut off. Take care O man how you oppose this work for their is a God in Israel. Cannot you practice virtue & holiness in this Church? Yes and it is the corrupt & wicked that oppose the work. Go out & do good and work righteousness.

W. W. Phelps said we want to get up a general meeting in Nauvoo as a kind of convention and we want to do the same in all the states. He remarked that General Smith had undertaken a great work even unto the fulfilling of the Prophets relating to this dispensation.

A contribution was taken up for Joseph Smith to meet a debt. $100 dollars was donated another hundred loaned. Conference was Adjurned untill 2 oclok Saturday to hear a discourse from Elder Taylor on politicks. About three hundred Elders volunteered to go out preaching this season. Their names were taken to be published in the Times & Season.

April 10th Wendesday I spent the day at home to work in my garden.

11th I spent the day in council. Some remarks wer made upon the principle of toleration.

12th I spent the day at home.

13th A meeting assembled at 2 oclok & herd a discours deliverd by Elder Taylor upon politicks. 14th Sunday I spent the day at home.

15th Met in council with the twelve to arange the Appointments of the conferences for the season.

16th Met in Council with the Twelve.

17th Spent the day at home to work in my garden. I planted a quantity of Potatoes.

18th I met in council today I was quite unwell with a severe Cold. /R D Foster Wilson & Wm Law Jane Law & Howard Smith of scott Co were Cut off from Church & Council./ (Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 2, 1841–1845, p.359-392).


Riding on a speeding train;
trapped inside a revolving door;
Lost in the riddle of a quatrain;
Stuck in an elevator between floors.
One focal point in a random world
can change your direction:
One step where events converge
may alter your perception.

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