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Re: Breast is Best>

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More time wasting troll fodder from subgenius. Not worth more than the attention it takes to skim it once.
I did not have a faith crisis. I discovered that the Church was having a truth crisis.
That's the problem with this supernatural stuff, it doesn't really solve anything. It's a placeholder for ignorance.

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Re: Breast is Best>

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If a Republican wants to discourage breast feeding, it's likely because he/she has a blanket objection to it happening in public, and they can't stand anyone receiving anything free off a public teat.

GOP slogan: pay limited taxes, get nothing in return!
God belief is for people who don't want to live life on the universe's terms.

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Re: Breast is Best>

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subgenius wrote:Um, none of these articles addressed the notion that a "mother is hauling in her daily supply of water by jug and on foot over a few miles" is being victimized by an advert campaign that would otherwise be thwarted by the WHO resolution - in fact, one article suggests that a lack of knowledge about formula is a problem (but the bias conclusion of using contaminated water in formula=bad while ignoring that breastfeeding mother drinking same contaminated water=good?...geez), "do research" is great advice, but perhaps you should also heed it..

You asked me to find you evidence on an activity that I never mentioned or suggested, then get your britches tangled in a wad because I won’t dig up evidence of your imaginings for you?

Are you getting enough sleep these days?

subgenius wrote:...and just so i am clear, the science behind baby formula, is that good science or bad science?

It’s probably as good as the science behind bourbon distilling and firearms manufacturing. Why do you ask?

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