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was Jesus a Hungarian, or ...

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:34 am
by ludwigm
... was Tiro an escaped refugee from New World
... there was an United States of America in 1st century
... book of Mormon imagined world was existed

The length of title is limited.

Please compare...

Mary, mother of Jesus, was a Parthian princess called Maria of Adiabene and that Jesus was "the Jesus of the Hungarians." From here it was an easy step to claim that Hungarian was the original language of Europe and that all other Western languages derive from it. ... n-hungary/
. (this period is necessary, Shades, and the space before the link...)

Most civilisations originate from Sumer, also the Hungarian. Even the family tree of Man, of Cosmic Adam, existed as early as in Sumer, together with the family tree of the deities. Thus, the origin of the Hungarians was there, at the centre. Note that I, in this context, use available material, also private documents, which I interpret according to my knowledge. After the visit to the solar system by the neutron star.....
I don't continue. Isn't this clear enough? The neutron star wins.

I am as humble as having a nationality same as Jesus Christ can be.