"For the power is in them."

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Re: "For the power is in them."

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Amen to the OP.
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Re: "For the power is in them."

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Analytics wrote:
Every year the church spends billions of dollars of money and volunteer time trying to convince others that their church is "the only true and living church upon the earth in which God is pleased," and telling them that they have to leave their former churches, join Mormonism,

That wasn't my experience as a convert, and it wasn't my experience as a missionary. I initially had four discussions with the missionaries in late 1974, then told the missionaries, basically, "don't call me, I'll call you". They fully respected my wish. In early 1975, after some further reflection, I decided to call them.

While I certainly had a few "pushy" missionary companions, I don't believe this reflected the mission overall.

Analytics wrote:As long as the Church places such unhealthy demands on its members and has such an aggresive proselytizing mission, there is nothing wrong with people who have been there and done that to put their candles on a hill and tell the world the truth about that church.

I don't think "aggressive" is the correct word. I would certainly agree that the Sydney Mission (in the late '70s) under Loren Dunn was aggressive, and it brought a lot of negative public responses. Long story short, Orson Wright continued that, until Salt Lake City put a stop to it. The leaders were very uncomfortable with "shotgun baptisms", or people being baptised sometimes only after six hours contact with the missionaries. The vast majority of them never stayed in the Church. Later there was an emphasis on teaching all the discussions, and I think there could in fact be a lot more substance to the discussions themselves, but that's for another thread.

Mormons in Australia today are barely noticeable, thoroughgoing pagans that we are (I kid you not), except as "young men with white shirts, ties and name-tags on bikes". They are, for me anyway, a refreshing and clean-cut sight, but I've become biased, I suppose, because of my experiences as a cab driver, but that could be the subject of a whole book.

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